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The mainstream media has unquestionably become a propaganda machine for the Democrat party.  There is no denying it.  They openly display their bias every day.  That is an established fact.

Knowing the power of the press is incredibly effective in forming the social consciousness, we as American Patriots, must expose their misrepresentations at every instance.  We cannot be intimidated from speaking the truth for fear of the tech giants de-platforming our voices.  Censorship is fascism, PERIOD!

There is a consortium of tech giants, Twitter, Facebook, Google, and a few others, who control the narrative and regulate the public discourse through social media.  They are fully supported by the big networks and most major newspapers, and are collectively known as the “mainstream media” (or MSM).  Together, in complete collusion, they act as the Praetorian Guard of the DNC, offering protection from all dissenting opinion, criticism, and legal jeopardy.  They are bodyguards, promoters, and protectorates of the Marxist socialist movement.

The MSM operates under two underlying principles;

  1. “If you tell a big lie often enough, it will become the truth”

            —  Joseph Goebbels

The MSM, on a regular basis, disseminates information that has been     slanted to support the Marxist socialist agenda, combining deception and omission to portray the “story” the way they want you to perceive it.  The message could be partially true and partially false, or even a total lie, but they will repeat it ad nauseum until they are confident their audience believes it.  And they double down against any challenge, while ridiculing the opposition.

2. The MSM believes their viewers and listeners are fools. 

While the elite leftists run around crowing about how intelligent they are, their favorite media outlets give them no credit whatsoever.  They will beat a false narrative into the people, either knowingly, or in their own ignorance, expecting to win a numbers game.  They figure so many people are too stupid to do their own due diligence by researching anything, and those are the folks they are counting on to accept their portrayal of the message.  They don’t even care about push-back from their opposition.  They just call that racism, or right-wing conspiracy theories, knowing their loyalists will cheer along.  But it’s even worse than that.

Censorship is a huge element of classic fascism.  It’s not enough that the MSM is regularly distorting the facts, by misrepresentation, deception, and outright omissions with zero coverage of important events.  The big tech oligarchs have entire departments dedicated to monitoring the content of their users and filtering out opinions they disagree with.  All users, organizations, and individual posts are subject to the approval of their partisan “fact checkers”.  Almost everyone still reading this has been “incarcerated” (unfairly) in Facebook jail.  And the censorship movement is gaining momentum.

I just got this “fact checked” censorship notice this morning.

Here is the post they censored.Maybe Facebook did not announce their mistake. I don’t know. But the point of the meme is that HCQ actually could have saved lives and censorship is fascism.

Just over two years ago, The Atlantic published a piece titled, Instagram Is the Internet’s New Home for Hate. [1]

The author, Ms. Taylor Lorenz, now writing for that bastion of uber-liberalism, the Washington Post, hypothesizes that the popular social media platform Instagram is nothing more than a sounding board for right-wing conspiracy theories.  Her analysis consists of anecdotes “DM”ed to her by high school students and some of her own cursory research of the platform.  I don’t hold any financial interest in Instagram, or its’ parent organization, Meta, but this smacks of a generalized attempt to smear the credibility of the platform and all of its users because she doesn’t approve of some of the content.  According to her, most of the content is “TikTok videos and nostalgia memes with anti-vaccination rhetoric, conspiracy theories about George Soros and the Clinton family, and jokes about killing women, Jews, Muslims, and liberals.”

She must have “investigated” into this, citing an email she received from an Instagram spokesperson, who told her that the company and its parent, Facebook, “continue to study trends in organized hate and hate speech and work with partners to better understand hate organizations as they evolve.” The spokesperson added, “We ban these organizations and individuals from Instagram and also remove all praise and support when we become aware of it.”  She doesn’t reveal whether she was contacting Instagram to complain about any particular content and what they were doing about it, but we could consider that as part of her inquiry, playing more of an activist than a journalist.  The takeaway here is that she likely asked of the aforementioned jokes about killing people to spin the narrative into a more legitimate complaint because the first part of the response she writes about concerns “hate speech”, whatever that is.

What is “hate speech”, and what is not “hate speech”?  Is it legally defined by statute?  I consulted Google and found the following top results:

•  There is no legal definition of “hate speech” under U.S. law, just as there is no legal definition for evil ideas, rudeness, unpatriotic speech, or any other kind of speech that people might condemn.

•  the U.S. Supreme Court has repeatedly ruled that most of what would qualify as hate speech in other western countries is legally protected free speech under the First Amendment – see Matal v Tam (2017), whereby the Supreme Court unanimously reaffirmed that there is effectively no “hate speech” exception to the free speech rights protected by the First Amendment and that the U.S. government may not discriminate against speech on the basis of the speaker’s viewpoint.  [2]

•  There is no consensus on a definition for “hate speech” in International Human Rights Law.  Speech that is simply offensive but poses no risk to others is generally NOT considered a human rights violation. Hate Speech becomes a human rights violation if it incites discrimination, hostility or violence towards a person or a group defined by their race, religion, ethnicity or other factors. [3]

Who decides what is “hate speech”?  Apparently, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and any other public company that hosts social media platforms get to decide on their own what constitutes “hate speech”, making it a “fluid” term subject to their interpretation of anything they may dislike.  In other words, you may not think “anti-vaccination rhetoric, conspiracy theories about George Soros and the Clinton family” represent “hate speech”, and clearly it is not, but the tech giants could censor your relevant posts and even de-platform you from their site at their own whim and without explanation or recourse.

Digging deeper, Lorenz found that “social-media companies have come under fire for allowing white supremacy and other extremist ideologies to spread”.  And further, “Following just a handful of these accounts can quickly send users spiraling down a path toward even more extremist views and conspiracies, guided by Instagram’s own recommendation algorithm.”        

Oh my, “spiraling down” into some devilish abyss.  Oddly, she didn’t mention the constant bombardment by the mainstream media of the anti-American, Marxist socialist movement of left-wing extremists.

Later she says, “Given the velocity of the recommendation algorithm, the power of hashtagging, and the nature of the posts, it’s easy to see how Instagram can serve as an entry point into the internet’s darkest corners.”

You are led to the (intended) conclusion that Instagram itself is evil, representing the “darkest corners” of the internet, and should only trust established authoritative media outlets, such as the Washington Post, CNN, et al.  I think we all realize there are deceptive, misleading, and even complete lies in some of the content you will see on Instagram.  But it’s not all “disinformation” and the mainstream media certainly can’t be trusted either.  In fact, the MSM is a well-oiled propaganda machine for the DNC and their socialist agenda.

Comments welcome


[1] Lorenz, T., Instagram Is the Internet’s New Home for Hate, The Atlantic, March 21, 2019

[2] Wikipedia

[3] What is Hate Speech?, Rights for Peace

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