The Two-State Solution

Thomas Paine: American Philosopher, & Revolutionary

From 1776 through the formation of The Constitution I helped create America. Now I have returned to help save America. American Patriots must join together, speak out in free and open discussion to fight the “woke” anti-American mob, and further the cause of FREEDOM.

The System

We are all part of “the system”, being the institutions and mechanisms by which we are governed.  The system, inspired by the Declaration of Independence and defined by the Constitution, created the most prosperous nation in the history of man.  Suddenly, it’s not good enough for radical left-wing activists driving the Democrat party towards communism.  In their collective minds, everything about America is shameful and must be torn down, then restructured to their liking, in the form of a socialist (communist) state.

When Lenin rose to power with the Bolsheviks and overthrew the Provisional government centered in the capital city of Petrograd (now Saint Petersburg), he was considered the leader of the Russian Revolution.  When Ayatollah Khomeini overthrew the Pahlavi dynasty and replaced the government of Iran with the Islamic republic, he was recognized as the leader of the Iranian Revolution.  When the French Revolution broke out in 1789, it was viewed as a period of radical and societal change.  The early years were dominated by struggles for political control, economic depression, and civil disorder.  Sound familiar?  The conditions we are experiencing right now are starting to look like a comprehensive strategy by revolutionaries, or a certain mastermind, designed to radically transform America into a socialist state.  He even told us, out loud in front of a microphone, he was going to do it.  He is implementing a second American Revolution designed to overthrow the government while everyone is distracted by multiple crises of his own creation, the Cloward-Piven strategy. [1]   

To quote Wikipedia; “In political philosophy, the right of revolution (or right of rebellion) is the right or duty of a people to “alter or abolish” a government that acts against their common interests or threatens the safety of the people without cause. Stated throughout history in one form or another, the belief in this right has been used to justify various revolutions, including the American Revolution, French Revolution, the Russian Revolution, and the Iranian Revolution.”  [2]

The DNC voting base has been thoroughly indoctrinated and remain loyal to their beloved party, which was at one time respectable.  Traditional liberals, many we know to be decent people, don’t even realize the Democrat party has been hijacked by radical revolutionaries and is no longer working for them, no longer the champion of minority interests, or the underprivileged, and bears no resemblance to their parent’s Democrat party.  The DNC now wants to make us all underprivileged, by controlling the population under the iron fist of conformity, overregulation and excessive taxation.

Witness the “climate change” movement and Biden’s war on American energy.  Runaway inflation directly caused by the war on fossil fuels is a burdensome tax on every American family.  Their entire domestic policy is driven by the Green New Deal and the message is “just buy an electric car”.  But Democrats never consider the “ripple effect” of their ridiculous ideas. 

They expect the dumb asses who keep voting for them to trumpet their cause.  Their propaganda media complex, including big tech, is there to shame all resistance and silence the opposition.  It’s their “go to” play. 

Setting aside the fact that we all are supposed to suffer economic consequences to achieve some pie-in-the-sky “save the planet” nonsense, the critical thinker might ask a few questions, like:   

China and India are the world’s largest polluters.  How can you expect to clean the environment if the other side of the same planet is exempt from your policy?

90% of CO2 emissions come from decaying leaves.  Are you proposing that all the world’s trees be cut down?  If not, why are you targeting less than 10% of the source?

How many solar panels and windmills does it take to upgrade every power generating facility in the country?

Mass production of EV batteries will require vast quantities of metals and minerals.  How do you plan to mine those resources without consuming massive quantities of diesel fuel?  (see my article The DNC War on American Energy.)

The Green New Deal is nothing more than a colossal virtue signal.

The system is bigger than any political party or any individual politician.  The system is not to be tampered with, reformed, or “fundamentally transformed” to Obama’s specifications.  We the People are the “shareholders” of America.  The government does not rule us.  We are to direct them, by electing representatives who pledge to sustain the ideals, customs, and freedoms we are to preserve for generations to come. 

We the People, as the stewards of America, are in an ideological war to save the system that was created to govern us on a limited basis.  The government was never intended to control the American people.  It is supposed to serve us.

The State of the Union

The state of the union, as it exists today, is unacceptable to any red-blooded American Patriot.  When a presidential election has been rigged to install a fraudulent President, by manufacturing phony ballots, We the People are treading uncharted waters.   

Now we have gone through two successive election cycles rigged by the DNC. Apparently, we may not have the traditional option of winning hearts and minds with better ideas, then depending on the next election to take power away from the Democrats.  As it stands, they have complete control and the means to keep it to implement their communist agenda.  We the People no longer have a vote.  Our voices have been cancelled.  We are now subject to taxation without representation. 

We are being conditioned by the propaganda media complex to believe the 2020 election fraud claims can simply be dismissed as “Trump’s Big Lie”.  

We are supposed to accept the notion that election results in battleground states won by Trump in 2016 were flipped in favor of a candidate who rarely left his basement during the entire campaign. 

There were over 1,000 independent affiants who signed sworn Affidavits under penalty of perjury, that they witnessed “irregularities” in their respective voting precincts.  Could a senile old man, coddled by the media really have been so popular to earn 81 million votes, without campaigning?  Do you really believe all those “irregularities” just happened to occur where the race was predicted to be close?  What a “coincidence”.  Two, maybe three, connected oddities might be coincidences.  At some point, like five or six, odd occurrences become arrangements.  Anyone interested in the details of Trump and Republican Party lawsuits in the battleground states, regarding the 2020 election, can examine the specifics HERE [3]

It might be understandable if Trump’s performance had been poor, but the economy was robust, interest rates were low, the country had become energy independent, unemployment had been reduced to the lowest levels ever for minority groups, the military had been strengthened, and our borders were secured under his watch.  Normally, incumbents get re-elected under conditions that come close to those achievements.  Conversely, they want you to believe there was immense support for the Democrat party in the mid-term election of 2022 after two years of Biden’s terrible performance.  It simply makes no sense.  

To find out why, read my article What Happened to the Red Wave?

The DNC is the existential threat to our constitutional republic, and they are actively destroying it every day.  Not only do they attack the Constitution and the Bill of Rights with relentless determination, but they have effectively perfected the process of rigging elections to ensure permanent power

If, in fact, the Democrat party (DNC), successfully masterminded and engineered a fraudulent election, that could be considered as the most heinous crime in American history, because they disenfranchised the sacred right to vote from the legitimate 76 million Americans who voted under expectations that they were participating in a free and fair election.  The DNC has essentially conducted a bloodless coup d’état without firing a shot.

It’s classic taxation without representation.  So there’s THAT !

What Recourse Do We the People Have?

Faced with the realization that our vote has been cancelled, and a revolutionary Marxist regime has been installed to implement an anti-American agenda, what recourse do we have? 

The good news is, we don’t have to start another civil war or engage in a violent revolt.  Maybe there’s a way to end all the division and hatred created by Obama.  A way that could provide peace and tranquility for everyone, a political “divorce”, citing irreconcilable differences.  Why should we all remain “married” to each other?  Why put up with it any longer?

Democrats hate Republicans and Republicans hate Democrats.  That fact is not likely to change anytime soon failing the acceptance of a unifying leader rising amid automatic preconceived resistance.  In other words, “bloody unlikely”.  Essentially, 70% of the electorate is pissed off all the time at the “other side of the aisle”?  The two-party system is broken beyond repair.

In my opinion, a two-state solution could solve the entire problem. 

DISCLAIMER: I am not the originator of the concept of a two-state solution.  It has been proposed as a way to settle the conflict over territory in Israel, offering the West Bank to the Palestinians as an independent state.  The UN adopted the concept by resolution in 1974.  Neither side has been able to negotiate an acceptable agreement since.  But the concept remains “alive”.  I am not formally proposing a split of the United States.  All I am saying is that given the deep divide between the two political factions, with virtually zero chance of ever unifying the country again, a two-state solution seems like a potential option that could appease both sides.  If the idea ever gained traction, I could possibly support the movement.  

When the President of the United States has been installed by fraud for the purpose of furthering an agenda to “fundamentally transform” America into a socialist nation, it becomes incumbent upon every Patriot to defend the Constitution

The Declaration of Independence addresses the very situation we are facing, WHEREIN it is stated:

“That to secure these rights (Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness), Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, —That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”

We the People don’t need to “institute new Government”.  We just want the government we already have.  History tells us that Lincoln raised an army to squash the seceding southern states in the Civil War.  However, the two-state solution is not a rebel faction declaring intentions to secede from the United States.  On the contrary, it proposes a method to sustain American values and the institutions that represent our original constitutional republic, in the face of a radical movement to install an antithetical form of government guided by a cabal of actual revolutionaries who have seized the reigns of power by fraud. 

There’s just one major obstacle; We the People can’t expect those controlling the levers of power to go along with the idea.  In fact, I’d expect them to vow to crush any opposition by military force, and I’m afraid the U.S. military would follow the orders of a fraudulent Commander-in-Chief before they would question their oath of office[4]

The DNC needs the tax base of the producers to fund their bloated welfare state.  They propose guaranteed minimum incomes for as many dependent voters as they can find, or import, and they expect the wealthy and the working middle class to support them.

Despite the appeal that could grow in popularity among the masses, I’m guessing the DNC power players would rather tax the middle class into poverty and wait for their agenda to play out, rather than settle for any quick political “nirvana” offered by a two-state solution.  The DNC doesn’t really care about the people, they just want to keep them under control.  They likely prefer the iron fist over the peace pipe that dries up their cash cow.  When hard core Patriots come to that conclusion, all bets are off.   

DISCLAIMER: For the benefit of the NSA, FBI, and other intelligence agencies;

I’m not proposing any sort of revolution,  I’m not standing on busy street corners shouting out the need to overthrow the government by force. (see 18 U.S. Code § 2385).  There are several codified felonies that address revolutionary actions I am well aware of and intend to avoid at all costs.  The key requirement in most of those codes is “by force or violence”.  For me to get behind any such movement that advocates a two-state solution, the end game would need to be a negotiated settlement executed amicably and peacefully. 

I don’t have a political action committee.  I don’t belong to any terrorist group.  I don’t lead any militias.  Nor am I aware of any secret meetings to organize any clandestine operations.  I’m just exercising my first amendment right to say what I think could work to solve the deepest irreconcilable division this country has seen since the Civil War.

When Lincoln said, “a house divided against itself cannot stand”, he was talking about the ideals of freedom for all and the institution of slavery could not coexist — morally, socially, or legally — under one nation. 

Replace the word “slavery” with the phrase, “the ideology of the radical left-wing faction controlling the Democrat party”, and the quote remains relevant. 

What Is the Two-State Solution and How Would it Work?

It is not necessary for American Patriots to secede from the union, as the rebel south did in the Civil War, because We the People are the “owners” of America and have no intention of leaving our country.  The DNC is the real “rebel” force that has been in the process of “reforming” America and they appear to have permanent control the Senate and the White House.    

We the People recognize the need to restore our voices in the system we were blessed to be governed by.  It is therefore imperative that our rights be guaranteed and granted to future generations as it was always intended by the founders.  We cannot sit back and watch our country be “fundamentally transformed” by radical Marxists.

The two-state solution is not any sort of departure from the United States.  It is the expulsion of revolutionaries who have usurped the levers of power by fraud We the People are kicking them out of America and sending them into permanent exile with one irresistible benefit, we are offering territory with consideration of the states that represent traditional political strongholds, a peaceful and amicable division of the United States into two separate nations.  They would be hard-pressed to find a better deal anywhere, or at any time.  It could be much worse for them in the future, should conservatives figure out how to prevent stolen elections and the power structure shifts. 

To accomplish a territorial division, with the least amount of disruption, would entail a split of the rebel nation into two distinct regions. This new “rebel” nation established by defined international borders could be known by any name their leaders, the current high-ranking Democrats, choose.  For lack of a better term, I would suggest they honor their “supreme leader” and name it Obamastan, split into East Obamastan and West Obamastan.  Details could be negotiated by Congress and adopted by resolution.  The date the resolution is signed by the President would be known as the Date of Resolution. 

They could adopt any form of government to their liking, without interference from America.  They could control their population in any manner their leaders see fit. 

After one year from the Date of Resolution, those residing in East or West Obamastan would permanently denounce their U.S. citizenship and become citizens/subjects of Obamastan. 

East Obamastan would contain most of the northeast U.S., and West Obamastan would occupy the west coast.  Yes, it might be slightly inconvenient to travel between East and West Obamastan, but they are responsible for their own division.  It’s a fair trade-off for political “nirvana”.

All current United States citizens must choose which type of government they wish to live under and will have one year from the Date of Resolution to relocate their residence, if necessary, to their desired country.  The one-year time frame within which every citizen, and non-citizen, must make their individual decisions, shall be known as the “Transition Period”.  After the Transition Period, all people shall be determined to have made their decisions final and will be considered citizens of that respective nation.  Those who decide to occupy East or West Obamastan will forfeit their U.S. citizenship at the expiration of the Transition Period.

All remaining United States citizens occupying territory outside Obamastan will be issued a United States passport and a federally validated photo ID card that must be shown to vote, start a business, buy real estate, lease property, and other official actsAttempts to perform any of those functions without a valid ID card will result in immediate arrest warrant and deportation to the nearest border checkpoint for deportation to their country of origin or into Obamastan.

America would retain our constitutional republic form of government. There would be a new federal capital city built at a suitable centralized location and the federal government would be downsized from its current bloated bureaucracy to essential agencies.  For example, all the various cabinet positions could be consolidated into the Departments of State, Treasury, Interior, and Defense in sweeping reforms that would streamline the functioning of the government and cut waste.  Federal legislators would be elected under term limits with all members of Congress serving a maximum term of 14 years (two full terms as a Senator, or six full terms as a Representative, plus 2 years maximum for any seats filled by special election due to death, retirement, resignation, impeachment, etc.).  Any political party could be formed, and encouraged to participate, by nominating candidates that support the Constitution.  Anti-American political movements would crumble on their own.

The United States will retain and maintain its military within our borders, but we will keep a close eye on potential threats posed by using Obamastan as a “launching pad” for military operations against the United States.  Any military threat will be viewed as a potential invasion and dealt with appropriately.

Non-citizens, from Obamastan, or any other country, may travel or visit the United States on a limited basis with a maximum stay of six weeks in any continuous period, but must check in and check out at a U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) facility and have a valid passport stamped.  There are ways to track individual travelers that don’t need to be specified here, but violators would be subject to prosecution, fines, and/or future travel restrictions.

There could be trade agreements negotiated in good faith, regulated by international law.  Any trade deficits between nations would be settled annually (no accumulation of debt).  Each nation would be responsible for the welfare of its own citizenry.  The United States will offer no foreign aid to Obamastan.

Immigration to the United States would require going through the process legally.  Our borders are NOT open.  All illegal immigrants would be directed to California with relocation expenses charged to the national debt of Obamastan.

What Would the Two-State Solution Look Like?

The most sensible way to subdivide the United States into two separate independent nations, would be to acknowledge those sectors of the country where the two major political parties are dominant.  In other words, a geopolitical split that is the least disruptive to as many people as possible.  Unfortunately, no division could satisfy everyone.  Under such a plan, I would need to relocate myself, but if I can do it, anyone can.  Is political peace not worth the effort?  I’d wager that anyone who leans left, or right, stuck “behind enemy lines” could find the motivation to get out.  Apathetics could remain in place by choice.

From the electoral map of the country shown below in Figure 1, we can clearly see the west coast and the northeast are the two primary Democrat strongholds.  Only Illinois, Colorado, and New Mexico lie amidst the heartland of conservative America.  Liberals in those states, or any other, could elect to stay as U.S. citizens by choice, but why would they want to when the “utopia” of their dreams is within reach?  Why fight it any longer? 

In 2020, Biden supposedly “won” several of the Trump “red” states, but under very mysterious circumstances.  I would say, this 2016 map is more accurate in terms of true political preference and the plan is based on this map.

Figure 1: Electoral map, 2016 Presidential election

Proposed Border between America and East Obamastan

A new international border shall form the boundary between the United States of America and East Obamastan, primarily along the centerlines of watercourses and the Appalachian Trail, as follows (south to north):

From the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay between Norfolk, Virginia and the “Eastern Shore” peninsula, up the Cheaspeake Bay to the mouth of the Rappahannock River;

up the main branch of the Rappahannock to its headwaters just northeast of Chester Gap, Virginia, near the Mosby Campsite, and continuing uphill a short distance to a point in the centerline of the Appalachian Trail;

following the Appalachian Trail northeasterly through Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York to the centerline of the Hudson River under the Bear Mountain Bridge at Fort Clinton, New York, just upriver from Peekskill;

up the main branch of the Hudson River northerly to Fort Edward, New York to the centerline of the Champlain Canal;

following the Champlain Canal northeasterly to Whitehall, New York, where it meets the Vermont state line;

following the New York-Vermont state line northerly through Lake Champlain to its northern terminus at the Canadian border.


East Obamastan shall consist of the complete states of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Delaware; southeastern parts of New York, all but the northern tip of New Jersey, southeastern parts of Pennsylvania, most of Maryland, and parts of northern Virginia.

Those parts of New York and Maryland will retain their state names as part of East Obamastan.  Southeastern Pennsylvania will be renamed to something that does not connote “Penn’s Woods”.

The portion of northern Virginia north of the Rappahannock River and the “Eastern Shore” peninsula will be annexed by Maryland.  

The portion of “upstate” New York west of the Hudson and north of the Appalachian Trail will adopt a new state name and retain its capital city at Albany.

The portion of New Jersey north of the Appalachian Trail will be annexed to “upstate” New York.

The portion of western Maryland west of the Appalachian Trail will be annexed to Pennsylvania, which shall build a new capital city at a location to be determined.  The Liberty Bell shall be relocated from Philadelphia to the new capital city.  The symbol of freedom must remain in America.  Ironically, the two cities that were the “birth centers” of the American Revolution, Boston and Philadelphia, will become part of East Obamastan, a communist nation.  Such is the price of ideological warfare.

What Will the Eastern Border Look Like?

Figure 2: proposed border (approx.) between the United States of America and East Obamastan, as described above

Proposed Border between America and West Obamastan

A new international border shall form the boundary between the United States of America and West Obamastan, essentially following existing state lines, as follows (south to north):

From the Mexican border at the state line between Arizona and California;

Following the Arizona- California state line northerly up the Colorado River to the Nevada state line;

Following the Arizona-Nevada state line northerly to the Utah state line;

Following the Utah-Nevada state line northerly to the Idaho state line;

Following the Idaho-Nevada state line westerly to the Oregon state line;

Following the Idaho-Oregon state line northerly to the Washington state line;

Following the Idaho-Washington state line northerly to its northern terminus at the Canadian border.


West Obamastan shall consist of the complete states of Washington, Oregon, Nevada, California, and Hawaii.

The entire state of Alaska will remain part of the United States of America.

For Patriots/Conservatives Only (delete this chapter before sharing)

Imagine if the two-state solution gained some momentum by spreading the word to develop a groundswell.  Please share the concept among friends, family, and co-workers to gathering support.  What if the masses of Democrat voters figured out the DNC elites were only exploiting the working class to enrich themselves and started protesting their own political leaders, demanding a political “nirvana” the DNC rejects.  How awesome would that be?  Maybe I’d start selling popcorn on Amazon.



[1] Cloward-Piven Strategy ;Wikipedia


(seems to have been partially taken straight from the Declaration of Independence)

[3]  Petras, George ; A Quick Guide: Trump’s Lawsuits Dispute Election Results as Presidency is Called for Biden ; USA Today ; Nov 16, 2020

[4]  Oaths of Enlistment and Oaths of Office ; U.S. Army Center of Military History

As every American should know, the President of the United States is the Commander in Chief of all branches of the U.S. military. 

All U.S. military officers must swear to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic, that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; . . . “ 

The “military oath” has changed over the years, but essentially retains its core principles.  To examine the various oaths, visit the website, or click the link in the article. 

To obey orders that directly contradict an officer’s oath, presents the officer with a conflict; obey the order, or violate the oath.  It could be argued that honoring the oath takes precedence over orders “from the top”, particularly when the orders seem corrupt, illegal, unethical, immoral, or unconstitutional.

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    Адрес в интернете прошел регистрацию летом 2021 года, а весной 2022 был update. Активность посещений платформы растет с каждым месяцем, с сентября отмечен пик более 80 000 уникальных просмотров, в то время как весной и летом число пользователей не превышало 3000 в месяц. Контора активно закупает рекламу, на онлайн ресурсах появились баннеры и другие виды пиара, а в офлайне много статей о брокере.

    Esperio криптовалюта
    Брокер Есперио начал работу в 2011 году, как уверяют на сайте. В 2012 В Сент-Винсент и Гренадины была получена лицензия на право осуществления финансовых услуг. Информации о ее продлении нет, а сам регулятор заявляет, что документы подлежат переоформлению раз в год. С 2018 года Сент-Винсент и Гренадины вообще перестали лицензировать брокеров, так что при любых вариантах Есперио – нелегальный бизнес. Это же подтверждается Банком России, который уже отметил контору в списках нелегальных участников рынка ценных бумаг. То есть права работать в РФ у конторы нет.

    Компания Esperio
    Каждый новый пользователь должен пройти верификацию и выбрать один из предложенных вариантов счета:

    для клиентов счета Standart предусмотрены леверидж 1:1000, приветственный бонус 100%, минимальный лот 0,01, установлены ограничения в 500 ордеров и 60% уровень для margin call, операции по счету совершаются без комиссий, спреды зависят от поставщиков ликвидности, можно торговать всеми видами активов;
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    Есть курс обучения, состоящий из одного бесплатного и двух платных блоков. Для клиентов предусмотрен заработок на рефералах, пробная торговля на демо счете, помощь наставника и консультанта. Пополнить счет можно с помощью банковских и онлайн переводов, доступны электронные кошельки и ввод средств через криптовалюту.

    Esperio: лохотрон на отчетах и реальны отзывы клиентов
    Отзывы о брокере Esperio начали появляться в 2021 году после регистрации домена. Потом волна активности брокера прошла. Но с осени 2022 года в сети нашлись свежие комментарии клиентов, пострадавших от рук мошенников. Пользователи сообщают, что на сайте ведется имитация торговли, приводящая к неминуемому сливу счета. А вывести деньги контора попросту не дает.

    Esperio отзывы клиентов
    Как мошенник разводит своих жертв:

    холодные звонки и спам в социальных сетях позволяют находить неопытных инвесторов и приводить их на сайт;
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    дальнейшая торговля будет убыточна, весь депозит может сгореть за одну или две сделки.
    Когда отчаявшийся пользователь пытается спасти хоть какие-нибудь копейки и запрашивает вывод, компания придумывает комиссию за вывод, которой не было изначально, налоги и другие предлоги, чтобы вытянуть с клиента еще денег. Отзывы о рассказывают, что клиенту могут даже угрожать, чтобы он погасил долг перед брокером.

    Esperio отзывы
    Возврат законным путем будет долгим, потребует доказательств мошеннической деятельности конторы. Пострадавший может обратиться в юридическую контору и подать исковое заявление в суд или напрямую в банк на чарджбэк.

    Подведем итоги: брокер Esperio – скам или надежный?
    За полтора года деятельности о платформе и брокере собралось немало негатива. Роскомнадзор регулярно блокирует все новые домены конторы, Банком России компания помещена в черный список. Юридического лица компания не оформляла, документов о праве оказания брокерских услуг нет. Клиенты сообщают, что мошенники имитируют торговлю на платформе, а сами просто разводят людей. Деньги забрать не получится, потому что Esperio – обычный скам.

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