Why Biden Refuses to Sanction Russian Energy

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Since the Russian invasion of the Ukraine on February 24th, many Americans have been wondering why we are still buying oil from Russia.  President Biden has issued “significant sanctions” against Russia and some Russian oligarchs but refuses to sanction Russian energy.  WHY ?

UPDATE: Literally, between the time I wrote this piece and was proofing it for publication, it was announced by the White House that President Biden was going to ban oil exports from Russia, which is the subject of this post.  Things are moving quickly in foreign affairs and his declaration potentially negates my criticism, but I’ve decided to go ahead anyway to expose the deception coming from his administration and the shaky defense of their stance on the issue, and there are other elements to the story.  More on that at the end of the article.

Why hasn’t Biden reversed course and opened up our own resources towards a more energy-independent country and why are we still paying Russia to fund Putin’s war?  Some believe he’s under pressure by the Squad’s Green New Deal and the left-wing climate change agenda.  The Democrats and their propaganda machine in the MSM could take that stand and ridicule anyone who criticizes it by saying the long-term health of the planet is more important than World War III, but what is the real reason?  Despite the legitimate argument that could be made against that stand, let’s look at one simple underlying fact.

In an interview with Fox Business host Maria Bartiroma Sunday morning, Rep. Mike Gallagher (R-WI) said,

“I don’t think most Americans understand that right now, as Biden’s threatening to turn Putin into a total pariah, the Biden administration is relying on Russia to negotiate with Iran over its nuclear program. And of course, Russia has not only been blocking the IAEA investigation into Iran’s undeclared nuclear activities, but it also wants to sell uranium and weapons to Iran. If this administration announces an Iran deal brokered by Putin, that won’t just be billions of dollars for the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism, it’ll be a massive win for Vladimir Putin in the Middle East. And I guarantee you, the Biden administration will justify it by saying that because of the energy crisis, bringing 1 to 2 million barrels of Iranian crude on the global market is a good idea and will help Americans at the pump. This is insane. I beg the Biden administration to drop this dangerous fantasy of trying to resuscitate the Iran deal. It would be a win for Putin and a loss for the United States of America.” [1]

Gallagher is a member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence and the House Armed Services Committee.  He’s got “street cred”.  He is saying we are depending on Russia to reinstate the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), because Putin is blocking the IAEA from inspecting Iran’s “undeclared” nuclear sites.  The JCPOA was concerned only with Iran’s “declared” nuclear facilities, ignoring their “undeclared” sites.

Here is what you won’t see on CNN or read about in the New York Times:  Apparently, Biden is now trying to renegotiate a new agreement, that modifies the JCPOA by including those “undeclared” sites for inspection, and we need Russia to mediate on our behalf in order to get Iran to agree to those inspections.  Iran’s bargaining chip is likely a demand for removal of economic sanctions, which would make it easier for them to buy weapons and uranium from Russia. 

In case you missed it; the Biden administration is trying to reinstate the JCPOA, commonly known as the Iran Nuclear Deal, brokered by Biden’s “former” boss, Barry Soetoro, aka Barack Hussein Obama in November 2013.  I say “former” because officially, Biden served as Obama’s VP from 2009-2017, but it’s highly probable that he is still taking advice and orders from Obama today.  That’s just my opinion, but there is a lot of evidence that supports it.  For example, who would love to see Obama’s Iran Nuclear Deal reinstated more than Obama himself?  Yes, that guy whose principle senior advisor was the Iranian-born Valerie Jarrett and remains his personal confidant.  I could go on to great extent about Obama as Biden’s puppet master, but that deserves its’ own discussion. 

Trump ended our commitment to the JCPOA, to the scorn of the left.  Iran is now 9 years in on the 10-15 year restrictions imposed by the deal and much closer to nuclear “breakout”, although it’s evident they were cheating on the deal anyway.  Whether the deal is reinstated or not, Iran will have a nuclear weapon soon enough.

According to James Carafano, Lt. Col. U.S. Army (Ret.), in an interview conducted by Mark Levin, aired Sunday March 6th, the Biden administration admits that even if the deal is reinstated, that won’t deter Iran from developing the bomb.  And, as soon as Biden signs it, Russia will have a back door to the global economy, rendering our sanctions useless.  Iran will launder money for Russia in return for weapons and uranium.

That’s why Biden refuses to sanction Russian energy.  To him, his advisors, and his puppet master, a worthless agreement they admit won’t stop Iran from fast-tracking their nuclear program, is more important than reigning in out-of-control inflation that’s triggering a global economic catastrophe.  You have to conclude that’s what they want.  Otherwise, it’s literally insane.

Statistics on U.S. Oil Reserves,Consumption, and Imports

  1. As of Mar 4, 2022, the U.S. holds almost 600 million barrels of oil in the Strategic Petroleum Reserve at four undisclosed sites in Louisiana and Texas maintained by the U.S. Dept. of Energy.  The capacity in those caverns is about 714 million barrels.  Biden recently authorized the release of 60 million barrels, a roughly 10% drawdown that equates to about 3 days of consumption.
  • In 2020 the U.S. consumed about 18.186 million barrels of petroleum per day, and produced about 18.375 million bpd, which included crude oil (11.283 million bpd), natural gas liquids (5.175 million bpd), biofuels (1.024 million bpd), and refinery processing gains (0.924 million bpd),

Leaving a net surplus of about 189,000 bpd that was conceivably available for export.

But that was 2020 during the Trump administration.  It has been reported recently that we now consume about 20 million bpd, but that figure has not been confirmed, nor could I find any date from 2021.

Data from the U.S. Energy Information Administration


According to U.S. News and World Report, we exported about 8.5 million bpd with Canada and Mexico as the biggest partners in two-way trading, followed by China with 720,000 bpd, then Japan and India as the top 5, each receiving about 500,000 bpd.  These figures seem to pose a big discrepancy compared to the previous picture, but that is due to gross imports, exports and net import offsets.


  • We are currently importing about 209,000 bpd of oil from Russia, which is about 10% of our daily consumption.  The share of our total petroleum product imports can be broken down as follows:

[a] 52% from Canada – EIA data – 2020

[b] 61% from Canada – U.S. Census Bureau and Al Jazeera data – 2021

[a] 10% from Mexico – EIA data – 2020

[b] 10% from Mexico – Al Jazeera data

[a] 7% from Russia – EIA data -2020 ; 540,000 bpd

[b] 8% from Russia – EIA data – 2021 ; 672,000 bpd (199,000 bpd crude + 473,000 bpd refined products – roughly 8.6% of Russia’s crude oil and petroleum products)

[a] 7% from Saudi Arabia – EIA data – 2020

[b] 6% from Saudi Arabia –  Al Jazeera data

[a] https://www.eia.gov/tools/faqs/faq.php?id=727&t=6

[b] Al Jazeera data – 2021


Notably total U.S. petroleum imports in 2020 were the lowest since 1991 and since President Biden was sworn in, our imports have increased dramatically.  Net crude oil imports rose by 19% in 2021.  That is a huge increase due to Biden’s war on energy that began on his first day in office.

The New “Axis of Evil”: This is where it gets very interesting

The American people must come to the realization that a new “Axis of Evil” has emerged in the triumvirate of Russia, China, and Iran.  Russia has already made the first big move.  As Ukrainian President Zelensky pleads for a “no fly zone” and military support, Putin saber-rattles nuclear options and warns that any interference would be an act of war.  Meanwhile, the Russians are pulverizing Ukrainian cities, targeting civilians and exhibiting a scorched earth policy carte blanche.  I agree with most Americans polled, that we should not engage with our own boots on the ground, and I understand that a no fly zone would constitute a provocation that the world could not afford to risk (Putin’s nuclear threat).  We can’t ignore the perceptions from those who have dealt with Putin in the past that he may be descending into an unbalanced state of mind.  Nor can we risk doing anything that might trigger him into acting irrationally. 

Now we are trying to “secretly” smuggle weapons into Ukraine via an undisclosed airfield near the Ukrainian border.  Exactly how “secret” is this airfield that CNN has published an article on? [2]  Let’s assume Putin can access CNN.  Maybe they shouldn’t have given him that information.  Maybe the act of publishing such a covert plan will do more harm than any benefit from the warm fuzzy feelings they got from projecting how compassionate they are to the Ukrainian people.  What if Putin decides supplying Ukrainian fighters with covert weapons is an act of war? 

So what can we do?  Putin has us by the proverbial gonads.  It has been made clear that any incursion into a NATO country will invoke Article 5 of the NATO pact, that is “an armed attack on any NATO country is considered an attack on all of NATO”.  But short of that, we are essentially helpless and must watch these atrocities unfold every day in our living rooms.  All of which portrays the United States in a weak and feckless limelight.

China is watching closely how the U.S. and our allies respond with visions of invading Taiwan in their near-term objectives.  President Xi can clearly see that Biden is in a position of weakness and he already holds leverage on Biden to the tune of $31,000,000 in nefarious business deals that benefit the Biden family.  You don’t have to take my word for it, just check out Peter Schweizer’s latest book “Red Handed”, Chaper 2, or see my post titled, “DNC Corruption

Iran is patiently waiting for the next opportunity to take “The Great Satan” down.  They have been chanting “Death to America” for decades, but time is on their side.  Islamic jihadis have been in a continuous campaign to dominate the entire globe for 1,400 years.  A few more isn’t going to stop them from taking a prominent role in world affairs, and hitching a ride created by Russia and China seems like a reasonable plan for them.  Meanwhile, they continue to develop their own nuclear weapon, with or without Biden’s approval, and a means to deliver it to Israel and beyond.  They don’t mince words when they say they aim to eliminate Israel and they are serious.  They will launch a nuclear bomb into Israel and they are working on intercontinental ballistic missiles that could target Washington, or London.  They don’t need intercontinental missiles to reach Israel, just us.  

I’m not talking about ordinary intercontinental missiles.  Have you heard about the new hypersonic missiles?  Yeah, the ones that are designed to travel at speeds faster than Mach 5 (≈3,800 mph) and have the capability to maneuver during the entire flight.  The distance from Tehran to Washington DC is 6,324 miles, equating to a travel time of approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes.  Only two countries have developed operational hypersonic missiles, China and Russia.  China imported oil from us last year.  Maybe they’ll trade a few hypersonic missiles for Iranian crude.  If the missile comes from Iran, we shoot it down, and retaliate against Tehran, Russia and China come out unscathed.   

Which brings me back to my “lightbulb” moment.  How did Iran manage to piggyback their ambitions on the expansionist plans of the Sino/Soviet coalition?

Based on Carafano’s comments, Levin termed this triumvirate as an “Axis”.

It’s been quite some time now that I’ve been trying to figure out how Obama intends to shift America’s transformation from a socialist state into an Islamic state.  Maybe this triumvirate is the vehicle that makes that possible. 

Isn’t it reasonable to assume a former President who organized a 30,000 member activist army has an agenda to follow through?

Isn’t it reasonable to assume he “suggested” Biden try to renegotiate the Iran Nuclear Deal (JCPOA), maybe even orchestrated it?

Does he see Iran making a major move towards world domination on the coattails of the Russia/China alliance?

Did anyone notice that Obama always referred to ISIS as ISIL?  He never called that terrorist organization ISIS.  He used the term ISIL every time.  ISIL stands for the Islamic State in the Levant.  The Levant is a region encompassing areas of present-day Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, and Israel before the existence of the state of Israel.  In other words, Obama does not recognize the legitimacy of the state of Israel.  It’s almost like he hates Israel more than he hates America. 

Remember when he said, “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction”? [3] 

Could Iran’s rise in power be his angle?      

Maybe he thinks he can broker a deal that will cede Europe to Russia, Asia and the South Pacific to China and North America to Iran.  It’s a step towards the ultimate Islamic goal and would surely put Obama in the annals of history, and satisfy his megalomaniacal ego.

Am I crazy?  Sounds like a right wing conspiracy theory, right? 

Except I’m not conspiring with anyone.  It takes at least two to tango.  That term was invented by the left to redirect the spotlight off of their own corruption. Sometimes a theory turns out to be true, but even if I’m wrong we can’t afford to sit by idly, watching it unfold without even trying to unseat these demented Democrats at the earliest opportunity.  I hope they don’t destroy everything while we’re waiting for that opportunity.


A few hours ago the White House announced that Biden was going to ban oil exports from Russia.  In the first segment of this article I exposed the real reason he had been holding out on that sanction, regarding his attempts to renegotiate the Iran Nuclear Deal.  His excuse for not sanctioning Russian oil before was that he wanted to limit the pain at the pump for the American people.  I guess, now that the real reason has been exposed by Mike Gallagher and others, he doesn’t care about the pain at the pump anymore and claims there are 9,000 leases that are not being utilized by the oil companies, i.e., now it’s their fault for not producing.  You’re supposed to be outraged by that.  However, it’s not unusual for 40,000 leases to be dormant at any given time, and during Trump’s last year that number was about 5,000.  What needs to be understood is that the mere agreement of signing a lease to drill for natural resources, doesn’t mean an energy company can roll in their rig the next day.  There is a lot of red tape that must be approved by the EPA, the Dept. of Energy, and the Dept. of the Interior.  And, the Biden administration has placed a lot of restrictions on the process of gaining approvals that created burdensome hurdles that must be overcome to actually begin drilling operations.  Jen Psaki didn’t mention that part.                                                  

This was my longest post by far.  I hope you got something from it.  Thanks for hanging in there if you read it all.

Comments welcome, as always.


[1] Gallagher, Mike, Press Release, February 28, 2022


[2] Liebermann, O., CNN, March 7, 2022 ; headline titled, “At a secret airfield in eastern Europe, a multinational effort to send weapons to Ukraine proceeds at high speed”


[3] Obama, B., The Audacity of Hope, page 261, quote: “I will stand with them should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.”

In an obvious spin job issued by Politifact, they claim he is not referring to Muslims, simply “U.S. citizens of Arab and Pakistani descent” in the context of saying “they need specific assurances that their citizenship really means something” in contrast to the Japanese internments during World War II.  Regardless of the spin, it’s evident that he is painting a picture of America having an evil history.  Another shameless example of the media protecting their Messiah.

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thiobulazid OR tiabutazide TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 13 chlorothiazide OR chlorosal OR chlorothiazid OR chlorothiazidum OR chlorothiazine OR chlorthiazide OR chlotride OR diachlor OR diuril OR diurilix OR diuriwas wassermann milano OR flumen OR lyovac OR saluric OR warduzuide TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 14 chlorthalidone OR aquadon OR chlorphthalidolone OR chlortalidon OR chlortalidone OR clortalidone OR chlorthalidine OR chlorthalidon OR chlorthialidone OR clortalil OR edemdal OR hidronal OR higroton OR higrotona OR hygroton OR hylidone OR hypertol OR hythalton OR igrolina OR igroton OR isoren OR natriuran OR oxodolin OR oxodoline OR phthalamidine OR phthalamodine OR phthalamudine OR renon OR servidone OR thalitone OR urandil OR urofinil OR zambesil TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 15 cicletanine OR cicletanide OR cycletanide OR justar OR tenstaten OR tenstatin TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 16 clopamide OR adurix OR aquez OR brinaldix OR brinaldrix OR brinedine OR chlosudimeprimylum clopamid OR clopamidum OR clopamine TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 17 clorexolone OR anhydron OR clorexone OR chlorexolone OR cyclothizaide OR doburil OR flonatril OR fluidil OR klorex OR nefrolan OR valmiran TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 18 cyclopenthiazide OR cyclomethiazide OR cyclopenthiazine OR cyclopentiazide OR navidex OR navidrex OR navidrix OR salimid OR tsiklometiazid TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 19 ethacrynic acid OR edecril OR edecrin OR edecrina OR endecril OR etacrinic acid OR etacrynate OR etacrynic acid OR ethacrinic acid OR ethacrynate OR ethacryonic acid OR ethocrynic acid OR ethycrynic acid OR hydromedin OR lyovac sodium edecrin OR reomax OR sodium ethacrynate OR uregit OR uregyt TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 20 eplerenone OR elecor OR eplerenon OR epoxymexrenone OR inspra TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 21 etozolin OR elkapin OR etazolin OR etozoline OR ozolinone ethyl ester TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 22 fenquizone OR idrolone TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 23 furosemide OR aldic OR aluzine OR anfuramaide OR aquarid OR arasemide OR cetasix OR desal OR diamazon OR dirine OR discoid OR diumide OR diural OR diuresal OR diurin OR diurix OR diurolasa OR diusemide OR diuspec OR dryptal OR durafurid OR edenol OR errolon OR eutensin OR eutensine OR flurosemide OR franyl OR fretic OR frumid OR frusedan OR frusehexal OR frusema OR frusemidOR frusemide OR frusid OR fruzex OR fumarenid OR fumide OR furanthril OR furantral OR furantril OR furanturil OR furasemide OR furesin OR furesis OR furetic OR furix OR furmid OR furo puren OR furo basan OR furo puren OR furobasan OR furomen OR furomex OR furomide OR furomin OR furopuren OR furORese OR furosamide OR furoscan OR furose OR furosemid OR furosemix OR furosimide OR furosix OR furovite OR fursemide OR fusid OR fusimex OR hissuflux OR hydro rapid OR impugan OR jufurix OR kofuzon OR kutrix OR lasiletten OR lasilix OR lasix OR laxis OR laxur OR luramide OR marsemide OR mirfat OR odemase OR odemex OR oedemase OR oedemex OR pharmix OR promedes OR radisemide OR rasitol OR retep OR salinex OR seguril OR selectofur OR sigasalur OR uremide OR uresix OR urex m OR vesix OR zafurida TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 24 hydrochlorothiazide OR apo hydro OR aquarius OR aquazide OR bisalunil OR bpzide OR bremil OR chlorosulthiadil OR chlorsulfonamidodihydrobenzothiadiazine OR cidrex OR clothia OR dehydratin OR diaqua OR dichlorosal OR dichlothiazide OR dichlotride OR dichlozid OR diclotride OR didralin OR dihydrochlorothiazide OR dihydrodiuril OR direma OR disaluril OR disothiazide OR dithiazide OR diu melusin OR diumelusin OR diurace OR diurex OR esidrex OR esidrix OR fluvin OR hctz OR hidrenox OR hidril OR hidrORonol OR hidrosaluretil OR hudorex OR hychlozide OR hydrex semi OR hydril OR hydro aquil OR hydrochlor OR hydrochloro thiazide OR hydrochlorothiamide OR hydrochlorothiazid OR hydrochlorothiazine OR hydrochlorzide OR hydrochlothiazide OR hydro diuril OR hydrodiuril OR hydromal OR hydrororonol OR hydro saluric OR hydrosaluric OR hydrothide OR hydro tonuron OR hydrozide OR hypothiazid OR hypothiazide OR ivaugan OR maschitt OR microzide OR mictrin OR nefrix OR neoflumen OR newtolide OR niagar OR ORetic OR pantemon OR ridaq OR sectrazide OR tandiur OR thiadril OR thiaretic OR thiuretic OR urodiazin OR urodiazine OR urozide OR vetidrex TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 25 hydroflumethiazide OR bristab OR di ademil OR diademil OR dihydroflumethiazide OR diraudixin OR diucardin OR hiserpin OR hydrenox OR leodrin OR leodrine OR metflorylthiadiazine OR naclex OR rontyl OR saluron OR sisuril OR trifluoromethylhydrothiazide TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 26 indapamide OR agelan OR apadex OR arifon OR damide OR dapamax OR diflerix OR dixamid OR extur OR fludex OR fluidema OR frumeron OR indahexal OR indalix OR indamol OR indapam OR indapress OR indicontin OR indoline OR indopamide OR inpamide OR insig OR ipamix OR lorvas OR loxide OR lozol OR metindamide OR millibar OR naplin OR natrilix OR natrix OR noranat OR pamid OR pressural OR pretanix OR rinalix OR sicco OR tandix OR tertensif OR veroxil TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 27 indacrinone OR indacrinic acid OR indacrynic acid TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 28 mefruside OR bay caron OR baycaron OR baycarone OR mefrusid TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 29 metolazone OR barolyn OR diulo OR metalazone OR metenix OR metolazon OR miclox OR microx OR mykrox OR normelan OR xuret OR zaroxolyn TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 30 methylclothiazide OR aquatensen OR enduron OR enduron m OR enduronum OR methyclothiazide OR methylchlorothiazide OR thiazidil TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 31 muzolimine OR edrul OR musolimino TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 32 ozolinone TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 33 phenoxybenzoic acid TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 34 piretanide OR arelix OR arlix OR eurelix OR lafax OR perbilen OR tauliz TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 35 polythiazide OR drenusil OR nephril OR polythiazide OR renese TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 36 quinethazone OR aquamox OR chinethazon OR chinethazone OR guinethazone OR hydromox OR kinetazone OR quinethazon TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 37 spironolactone or abbolactone OR acelat OR adultmin OR alaton OR alatone OR aldace OR aldactone OR aldopur OR aldospirone OR almatol OR aquareduct OR berlactone OR diram OR duraspiron OR dyta urese OR dytaurese OR espironolactona OR flumach OR frumikal OR hypazon OR idrolattone OR jenaspiron OR merabis OR novospiroton OR osiren OR osyrol OR pirolacton OR pondactone OR practon OR resacton OR spiractin OR spiridon OR spirix OR spiro OR spiroctan OR spirobeta OR spirogamma OR spirolacton OR spirolactone OR spirolang OR spiron OR spirone OR spironex OR spirono OR spironol OR spironone OR spirospare OR spirothiobarbiturate OR spirotone OR supra puren OR suprapuren OR uractone OR veroshpiron OR verospiron OR verospirone OR xenalon OR youlactone TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 38 tiamizide OR diapamide OR thiamizide TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 39 ticrynafen OR diflurex OR selacryn OR selacryn OR thienilic acid OR thienylic acid OR tienilic acid TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 40 tizolemide TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 41 torsemide OR demadex OR dilutol OR diuremid OR isemid OR isodiur OR luprac OR presaril OR sutril OR toradiur OR torem OR torrem OR torasemide OR unat OR upcard TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 42 triamterene OR dyrenium OR dytac OR urocaudal OR ademin OR ademine OR dyren OR dyrenium OR dytac OR iatropur OR jatropur OR noridyl OR pterofen OR pterophene OR teriam OR triampterene OR triamterence OR triamterens OR triamteril OR triteren OR uretren OR urocaudal TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 43 trichloromethiazide OR aquazide OR dichloromethylhydrochlorothiazide OR diurese OR esmarin OR eurinol OR fluitran OR flutra OR gangesol OR hydrotrichlorothiazide OR metahydrin OR methahydrin OR naqua OR naquasone OR salurin OR triazide OR trichlordiuride OR trichlorex OR trichlormethazide OR trichlormethiazide OR trichlormas OR trichloromethylhydrochlorothiazide OR triflumen OR wadel TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 44 tripamide OR normonal TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 45 xipamide OR aquaforil OR aquaphor OR aquaphoril OR aquavor OR diurexan OR lumitens OR xipamid OR xypamide OR zipix TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 46 1 OR 2 OR 3 OR 4 OR 5 OR 6 OR 7 OR 8 OR 9 OR 10 OR 11 OR 12 OR 13 OR 14 OR 15 OR 16 OR 17 OR 18 OR 19 OR 20 OR 21 OR 22 OR 23 OR 24 OR 25 OR 26 OR 27 OR 28 OR 29 OR 30 OR 31 OR 32 OR 33 OR 34 OR 35 OR 36 OR 37 OR 38 OR 39 OR 40 OR 41 OR 42 OR 43 OR 44 OR 45 47 MESH DESCRIPTOR Angiotensin Converting Enzyme Inhibitors EXPLODE ALL AND CENTRAL TARGET 48 angiotensin converting enzyme NEAR2 antagonist OR angiotensin I converting enzyme NEAR2 antagonist TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 49 angiotensin converting enzyme NEAR2 inhibit OR angiotensin I converting enzyme NEAR2 inhibit TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 50 ace NEAR2 inhibit TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 51 acei OR aceis TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 52 alacepril OR alazapril OR cetapril TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 53 altiopril OR lowpress TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 54 benazepril OR benace OR boncordin OR briem OR brien OR cibace OR cibacen OR cibacene OR fortekor OR lotensin OR tenkuoren OR zinadril TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 55 captopril OR ace bloc OR acenorm OR acepress OR acepril OR aceprilex OR aceril OR aceten OR adocor OR alopresin OR altran OR apuzin OR asisten OR capace OR capocard OR caposan OR capoten OR capotena OR capotril OR capril OR captace OR captensin OR capti OR captoflux OR captohexal OR captolane OR captomax OR capton OR captopren OR captoprilan OR captoril OR captral OR cardiopril OR cardipril OR catona OR catoplin OR catopril OR cesplon OR cryopril OR debax OR dexacap OR dextro OR ecapres OR ecaten OR epicordin OR epsitron OR farcopril OR farmoten OR hiperil OR hypopress OR hypotensOR OR insucar OR iopril OR isopresol OR katopil OR ketanine OR keyerpril OR lapril OR locap OR lopirin OR lopril OR medepres OR midrat OR minitent OR nolectin OR oltens OR petacilon OR praten OR primace OR proline OR ropril OR smarten OR tenofax OR tensicap OR tensiomen OR tensiomin OR tensobon OR tensoprel OR tensORil OR tenzib OR topace OR toprilem OR typril ace OR vasosta OR zapto OR zorkaptil TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 56 ceronapril OR novopril TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 57 cilazapril OR cilazipril OR cilazapril OR dynorm OR inhibace OR inibace OR initiss OR inocar OR justor OR vascace OR vascase TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 58 delapril OR adecut OR alindapril OR deacetylalacepril OR derapril TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 59 enalapril OR renitec OR renitek TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 60 enalaprilat OR enalaprilic OR Vasotec OR xanef TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 61 epicaptopril OR fasidotril OR alatriopril TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 62 fosinopril OR acenor m OR bpnorm OR dynacil OR eliten OR fosenopril OR fosinil OR fosinonorm OR fosinorm OR fosipres OR fositen OR fositens OR fovas OR fozitec OR hiperlex OR monopril OR newace OR sapril OR staril OR tenso stop OR tensocardil OR vasopril TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 63 foroxymithine OR gemopatrilat OR libenzapril OR idapril OR imidapril OR novarok OR tanapril OR tanatril OR Indolapril OR indalapril TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 64 lisinopril OR acerbon OR alapril OR alfaken OR carace OR cipril OR coric OR dapril OR fibsol OR inopril OR linopril OR linvas OR lipril OR lisi abz OR lisibeta OR lisigamma OR lisihexal OR lisipril OR lisodur OR lisopress OR lisopril OR lisoril OR lispril OR listril OR lysinopril OR noperten OR novatec OR presiten OR prinil OR prinivil OR qbrelis OR sinopril OR tensopril OR tensyn OR vivatec OR zestomax OR zestril TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 65 moexipril OR fampress OR femipres OR fempres OR fempress OR frempress OR moex OR perdix OR primoxil OR tensotec OR univasc OR univase TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 66 moveltipril OR pentopril TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 67 omapatrilat OR vanlev OR pentropril OR pivopril OR pivalopril TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 68 perindopril OR armix arginin OR bioprexanil OR coverex OR coversoral OR coversum OR coversyl OR mariper OR perindoprilarginin OR perineva OR perstarium OR pirindopril OR prestarium OR prexanil OR procaptan TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 69 quinapril OR accupril OR accuprin OR accupro OR accupron OR acequin OR acuitel OR acuprel OR acupril OR asig OR conan OR ectren OR korec OR quinalapril OR quinaten OR quinazil OR quinhexal OR quinipril TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 70 ramipril OR acovil OR altace OR carasel OR cardace OR corpril OR delix OR hypren OR hytren OR lostapres OR pramace OR ramace OR ramilich OR triatec OR tritace OR unipril OR vesdil OR vivace OR zabien TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 71 rentiapril OR fentiapril OR pentiapril OR s nitrosocaptopril OR temocapril TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 72 spirapril OR equaten OR quadropil OR quadropril OR renormax OR renpress OR sandopril OR wandopres TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 73 temocapril OR acecol TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 74 teprotide OR bradykinin potentiating OR nonapeptide converting enzyme inhibitor OR pyroglutamyltryptophylprolylarginylprolylglutaminylisoleucylprolylproline TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 75 trandolapril OR gopten OR mavik OR odace OR odric OR odrik OR udrik OR utibapril OR zabicipril OR zofenopril OR bifril OR zofenil OR zofenoprilum OR zopranol TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 76 47 OR 48 OR 49 OR 50 OR 51 OR 52 OR 53 OR 54 OR 55 OR 56 OR 57 OR 58 OR 59 OR 60 OR 61 OR 62 OR 63 OR 64 OR 65 OR 66 OR 67 OR 68 OR 69 OR 70 OR 71 OR 72 OR 73 OR 74 OR 75 77 MESH DESCRIPTOR Angiotensin Receptor Antagonists EXPLODE ALL AND CENTRAL TARGET 78 angiotensin NEAR3 receptor antagon TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 79 angiotensin NEAR3 receptor block TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 80 arb OR arbs TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 81 sartan OR sartans TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 82 azilsartan OR edarbi OR ipreziv TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 83 candesartan TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 84 elisartan OR embusartan OR forasartan OR milfasartan OR pratosartan OR KT3 671 OR saprisartan OR zolasartan TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 85 eprosartan OR epratenz OR futuran OR naviten OR navixen OR regulaten OR tevesten OR tevetan OR teveten OR tevetenz TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 86 irbesartan OR approvel OR aprovel OR arbez lr OR avapro OR ifirmasta OR Irban OR irbetan OR iretensa OR irovel OR irvell OR karvea TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 87 losartan OR cozaar TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 88 olmesartan OR alteis OR belsar OR benetor OR benevas OR benicar OR ixia OR laresin OR mencord OR mesar OR olartan OR olmeblo OR olmec OR olmes OR olmetec OR olpress OR olsar OR omesar OR openvas OR plaunac OR santini OR sarten OR tensar OR tensiol OR vivactra OR votum TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 89 tasosartan OR anazor OR verdia TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 90 telmisartan OR actelsar OR kinzal mono OR kinzalmono OR micardis OR predxal OR pritor OR pritoral OR semintra OR tolura TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 91 valsartan OR angiosan OR cordinate OR dalzad OR diovan OR diovane OR kalpress OR miten OR nisis OR prexxartan OR provas OR rixil OR saval OR tareg OR tazea OR troval OR valpression OR vals OR valsocard OR valtan OR valtsu TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 92 77 OR 78 OR 79 OR 80 OR 81 OR 82 OR 83 OR 84 OR 85 OR 86 OR 87 OR 88 OR 89 OR 90 OR 91 93 MESH DESCRIPTOR Renin WITH QUALIFIER AI AND CENTRAL TARGET 94 RAS NEAR2 inhibit TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 95 renin NEAR2 inhibit TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 96 aliskiren OR enviage OR rasilez OR riprazo OR sprimeo OR tekturna TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 97 ciprokiren TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 98 remikiren TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 99 terlakiren TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 100 zankiren TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 101 93 OR 94 OR 95 OR 96 OR 97 OR 98 OR 99 OR 100 102 MESH DESCRIPTOR Calcium Channel Blockers EXPLODE ALL AND CENTRAL TARGET 103 calcium NEAR2 antagonist OR calcium NEAR2 block OR calcium NEAR3 inhibit TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 104 amlodipine OR amdip OR amloc OR amlodipin OR amlodipina OR amlodis OR amlopin OR amlor OR astudal OR istin OR levamlodipine OR norvasc TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 105 amrinone OR amcoral OR amrinone OR cardiotone OR cartonic OR cordemcura OR inamrinone OR inocor OR vesistol OR wincoram TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 106 aranidipine OR bec OR sapresta TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 107 bencyclane OR bencyclan OR benzcyclan OR benzyclane OR desoblit OR dilangio compositu OR fludilat OR fluxema OR halidor OR ludilat TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 108 benidipine OR coniel TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 109 bepridil OR angopril OR bedapin OR bepadin OR bepricol OR cordium OR cruor OR unicordium OR vascor TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 110 cilnidipine OR atelec OR cinaldipine OR cinalong OR siscard TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 111 cinnarizine OR aplactan OR aplexal OR apomitere OR apotomin OR artate OR carecin OR cerebolan OR cerepar OR cibine OR cimarizine OR cinabioquim OR cinaperazine OR cinarizina OR cinarizine OR cinaziere OR cinazyn OR cinna OR cinnabene OR cinnacet OR cinnaforte OR cinnageron OR cinnarazine OR cinnarizin OR cinnipirine OR cinniprine OR cisaken OR corathiem OR denapol OR dimitron OR dimitronal OR eglen OR giganten OR glanil OR hilactan OR ixertol OR katoseran OR labyrin OR lazeta OR marisan OR midronal OR mitronal OR olamin OR processine OR roin OR sedatromin OR sepan OR siptazin OR spaderizine OR stugeron OR stutgeron OR stutgin TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 112 clentiazem OR logna OR darodipine OR dazodipine TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 113 diltiazem OR acalix OR adizem OR aldizem OR altiazem OR anginyl OR angiodrox OR angiotrofen OR angiotrofin OR angiozem OR angitil OR angizem OR angoral OR anoheal OR anotrit OR anzem OR auscard OR balcor OR beatizem OR blocalcin OR britiazim OR bruzem OR calcicard OR calnurs OR cardcal OR cardiazem OR cardiben OR cardiem OR cardil OR cardiosta OR cardium OR cardizem OR carex OR carreldon OR cartia xt OR cascor xl OR cirilen OR coras OR cordizem OR dazil OR deltazen OR diacor OR diatal OR diazem OR dilacor OR diladel OR dilatam OR dilatame OR dilcard OR dilcardia OR dilem OR dilfar OR dilgard OR diloc OR dilren OR dilrene OR dilso OR dilt cd OR diltahexal OR diltam OR diltan OR diltelan OR diltia OR diltiamax OR diltiasyn OR diltime OR diltiwas OR diltzac OR dilzanton OR dilzem OR dilzene OR dilzereal OR dilzicardin OR dinisor OR doclis OR dodexen OR dyalac OR entrydil OR etizem OR filazem OR gadoserin OR grifodilzem OR hagen OR helsibon OR herben OR herbesser OR hesor OR incoril OR kaizem OR kenzem OR lacerol OR levodex OR levozem OR lytelsen OR masdil OR miocardie OR monotildiem OR myonil OR pazeadin OR presoken OR slozem OR surazem OR tazem OR taztia OR tiadil OR tiamate OR tiazac OR tilazem OR tildiem OR tilker OR vasmulax OR vasocardol OR wentizem OR zandil OR zatim OR zemret OR zemtrial OR zildem OR ziruvate TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 114 efonidipine OR finte OR landel OR elgodipine TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 115 etafenone OR baxacor OR dialicor OR diethylaminoethoxyphenylpropiophenone hydrochloride OR etafenon OR etaphenone OR kca OR revisor TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 116 fantofarone TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 117 felodipine OR agon OR dilahex OR dilofen OR dilopin OR fedil OR felim OR felo biochemie OR felo er OR felo basf OR felo puren OR felobal OR felobeta OR felocor OR felodipin OR felodur OR felogamma OR felogard OR felop OR felopine sr OR fensel OR flodil OR h15482 OR hydac OR keydipin OR lodistad OR modip OR munobal OR nirmadil OR penedil OR perfudal OR plendil OR preslow OR prevex OR renedil OR selepine OR splendil OR versant xr TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 118 fendiline OR cordan OR digosensit OR fendilar OR fendiline OR phendiline OR sensit OR senzit TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 119 flunarizine OR flunarizine OR sibelium TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 120 gallopamil OR elgiprona OR galcan OR gallobeta OR gallopamile OR methoxyverapamil OR prebet OR procorum TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 121 isradipine OR dynacirc OR icaz OR isrodipine OR lomir OR prescal OR vascal TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 122 lacidipine OR aponil OR caldine OR lacimen OR lacipil OR lacirex OR lacitens OR motens OR viapres TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 123 lercanidipine OR carmen OR corifeo OR lercadip OR lercan OR lerdip OR masnidipine OR zanedip OR zanidip TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 124 lidoflazine OR clinium OR ordiflazine TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 125 lomerizine OR migsis OR terranas TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 126 manidipine OR artedil OR calslot OR franidipine OR iperten OR manyper OR vascoman TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 127 mepirodipine OR barnidipine OR cyress OR hypoca OR libradin OR vasexten TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 128 mibefradil OR posicor TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 129 nicardipine OR antagonil OR barizine OR bionicard OR cardene OR cardepine OR cardibloc OR cardipene OR dacarel OR dagan OR flusemide OR karden OR lecibral OR lincil OR loxen OR lucenfal OR nerdipine OR nicardal OR nicardil OR nicardipino OR nicarpin OR nicodel OR nimicor OR perdipina OR perdipine OR ranvil OR ridene OR roxen OR rycarden OR rydene OR saf card OR vasodin OR vasonase TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 130 nifedipine OR adalat OR cordipin OR cordipine OR corinfar OR fenigidin OR korinfar OR nifangin OR procardia OR vascard TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 131 niguldipine TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 132 nilvadipine OR escor OR nilvadil OR nivadil OR nivadipine TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 133 nimodipine OR admon OR brainal OR calnit OR eugerial OR grifonimod OR kenesil OR kenzolol OR modus OR nidip OR nimodilat OR nimodipin OR nimodipin isis OR nimodipino OR nimotop OR nisom OR nymalize OR periplum OR remontal OR tropocer OR vasoflex OR vasotop TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 134 nisoldipine OR angiolat OR baymycard OR corasol OR nisoldin OR sular OR syscor TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 135 nitrendipine OR balminil OR baylotensin OR bayotensin OR baypresol OR baypress OR gericin OR jutapress OR lusopress OR nidrel OR niprina OR nitre OR nitregamma OR nitren OR nitrend ksk OR nitrepress OR nitre puren OR nitrepuren OR nitrendepat OR nitrendi biochemie OR nitrendidoc OR nitrendimerck OR nitrendipin OR nitrendipin corax OR nitrendipin ratiopharm OR nitrendipincorax OR nitrendipino OR nitrendipinratiopharm OR nitrensal OR tensogradal OR trendinol OR vastensium TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 136 perhexilene OR perhexiline TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 137 prenylamine OR corontin OR difril OR segontin TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 138 semotiadil OR levosemotiadil OR sesamodil TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 139 terodiline OR biro OR mictrol OR micturin TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 140 tiapamil OR dimeditiapramine OR larocORd OR thiapamil OR verocainide OR verocainine TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 141 verapamil OR apo verap OR apoacor OR arpamyl OR azupamil OR berkatens OR calan OR calaptin OR cardiagutt OR cardibeltin OR cardiolen OR cardiovert OR caveril OR cintsu OR civicor OR coraver OR cordilat OR cordilox OR corpamil OR covera OR dexverapamil OR dignover OR dilacoran OR dilacoron OR durasoptin OR falicard OR finoptin OR flamon OR geangin OR hexasoptin OR ikacor OR ikakor OR ikapress OR iproveratril OR iso card sr OR isoptin OR isoptine OR isoptino OR izoptin OR lekoptin OR manidon OR napamil OR novapamyl OR novo veramil OR novopressan OR phynoptin OR quasar OR ravamil OR securon OR univer OR vasolan OR vasomil OR vasopten OR verabeta OR veracaps sr OR veracor OR verahexal OR veraloc OR veramex OR veramil OR verapin OR verapress OR veratad OR verdilac OR verelan OR verexamil OR veroptin stada OR verpamil OR vetrimil OR vortac OR zolvera TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 142 102 OR 103 OR 104 OR 105 OR 106 OR 107 OR 108 OR 109 OR 110 OR 111 OR 112 OR 113 OR 114 OR 115 OR 116 OR 117 OR 118 OR 119 OR 120 OR 121 OR 122 OR 123 OR 124 OR 125 OR 126 OR 127 OR 128 OR 129 OR 130 OR 131 OR 132 OR 133 OR 134 OR 135 OR 136 OR 137 OR 138 OR 139 OR 140 OR 141 143 MESH DESCRIPTOR Adrenergic Beta Antagonists EXPLODE ALL AND CENTRAL TARGET 144 beta NEAR2 adrenergic OR beta NEAR2 antagonist TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 145 beta NEAR2 block OR beta NEAR2 receptor TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 146 acebutolol OR acecor OR acetobutolol OR apoacebutolol OR diasectral OR espesil OR flebutol OR grifobutol OR monitan OR neptal OR neptall OR novoacebutolol OR prent OR rhotral OR sectral TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 147 alprenolol OR alfeprol OR alloprenalol OR alpheprol OR alprendol OR alprenol OR alprenololum OR apliobal OR aprenolol OR aptia OR aptin OR aptin duriles OR aptinduriles OR aptina OR aptine OR aptol OR astra OR betacard OR betapin TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 148 amosulalol OR amsolulol OR howgan OR lowgan TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 149 arotinolol OR almarl TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 150 atenolol OR ablok OR adoll OR alonet OR altol OR anolene OR anolpin OR anselol OR arandin OR asten OR atarox OR atcardil OR atecard OR atehexal OR atelol OR atenblock OR atendol OR atenet OR ateni OR atenil OR ateno OR atenogamma OR atenol OR atereal OR aterol OR atestad OR atinol OR atolmin OR b vasc OR betablok OR betacar OR betarol OR betatop ge OR beten OR bloket OR blokium OR blotex OR cardioten OR catenol OR coratol OR corotenol OR durabeta OR esatenolol OR evitocor OR farnormin OR felo bits OR hypernol OR hypoten OR internolol OR lo ten OR loten OR lotenal OR martenol OR mirobect OR myocord OR neotenol OR nolol OR normalol OR normaten OR normiten OR nortelol OR noten OR oraday OR ormidol OR paesumex OR plenacor OR preloc OR premorine OR prenolol OR prenormine OR ranlol OR rozamin OR serten OR stermin OR temoret OR tenblok OR tenidon OR tenoblock OR tenocor OR tenol OR tenolin OR tenolol OR tenopress OR tenoprin OR tenormin OR tenormine OR tenostat OR tensig OR tensinor OR ternolol OR therabloc OR tredol OR vascoten OR velorin OR vericordin OR wesipin TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 151 befunolol OR befnolol OR benfuran OR bentos OR bentox OR glauconex OR glaukonex TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 152 betaxolol OR alcon betoptic OR betac OR betarun OR betasel OR betaxon OR betoptic OR betoptima OR betoquin OR kerlon OR kerlone OR kerlong OR levobetaxolol OR lokren OR optibet OR optipress OR oxodal OR tonobexol TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 153 bevantolol OR benatol OR bevantololum OR calvan OR ranestol OR vantol TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 154 bisoprolol OR concor TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 155 bopindolol OR sandonorm OR wandonorm TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 156 bucindolol TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 157 bucumolol OR bucumarol OR bucumolol TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 158 bufarolol OR angium TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 159 bufetolol OR adbiol TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 160 bunitrolol OR betrilol OR stresson OR tilcant TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 161 butofilolol TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 162 carazolol OR conducton OR suacron TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 163 carteolol OR arteolol OR arteoptic OR arteoptik OR caltamol OR calte OR carbonolol OR carteabak OR carteol OR cartrol OR elebloc OR endak OR glauteolol OR karol OR karteol OR mikelan OR ocupress OR stobol OR teoptic TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 164 carvedilol OR cardiol OR cardivas OR carvedlol OR carvipress OR carvrol OR coreg OR dilatrend OR dilbloc OR dimitone OR eucardic OR kredex OR quarto OR quarto OR v bloc TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 165 celiprolol OR abecor OR celectol OR dilanorm OR selecor OR selectol TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 166 cetamolol OR betacor TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 167 cloranolol OR tobanum TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 168 epanolol OR visacor TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 169 esmolol OR brevibloc OR miniblock TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 170 indenolol OR pulsan TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 171 labetalol OR abetol OR albetol OR amipress OR apolabetalol OR biascor OR dilevalol OR dilevalon OR hybloc OR ibidomide OR ipolab OR labelol OR labesine OR lamitol OR levadil OR liondox OR normodyne OR presdate OR presolol OR pressalolo OR salmagne OR trandate OR unicard TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 172 levobunolol OR ak beta OR akbeta OR apolevobunolol OR betagan OR betasite OR bunolgan OR gotensin OR l bunolol hydrochloride OR levo bunolol OR novolevobunolol OR pmslevobunolol OR ultracortenol OR vistagan OR vistagen TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 173 mepindolol OR betagon OR caridian OR corindolan TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 174 metipranolol OR beta ophtiole OR betalol OR betamann OR betamet OR betanol OR betanolol OR disorat OR glauline OR methypranol OR normoglaucon mite OR ophtiole OR optipranolol OR trimepranol TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 175 metoprolol OR beloc duriles OR belok zok OR betaloc OR betalok OR lopressor OR seloken OR spesicor OR spesikor OR toprol TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 176 moprolol TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 177 nadolol OR betadol OR corgard OR farmagard OR nadic OR solgol OR solgol TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 178 nadoxolol TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 179 nebivolol OR bivolet OR bystolic OR dexnebivolol OR levonebivolol OR lobivon OR narbivolol OR nebilet OR nebilox OR silostar TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 180 nifenalol OR d inpea OR dextro inpea OR dextro levo inpea OR inpea OR isophenethanol OR isophenethyl alcohol OR isopropylaminonitrophenylethanol OR nefenalol TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 181 oxprenolol OR cordexol OR coretal OR koretal OR oxtrenolol OR tevacor OR trasacor OR trasicor TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 182 pafenolol TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 183 penbutolol OR betapresin OR betapressin OR blocotin OR levatolor paginol TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 184 pindolol OR barbloc OR betapindol OR blocklin OR calvisken OR carvisken OR decreten OR dranolis OR durapindol OR hexapindol OR hydroxypropylaminopropoxyindol OR nonspi OR novo pindol OR pectobloc OR pectoblock mite OR pidol OR pinbetol OR pinden OR pindol OR pindomex OR pindoreal OR pinloc OR pinolol OR pinsken OR prindolol OR prinodolol OR pyndale OR treparasen OR viskeen OR visken OR viskene OR vypen TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 185 practolol OR dalzic OR eraldin OR practolole OR praktolol OR praktololu OR proctalol OR teranol TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 186 pronethalol OR alderlin OR nethalide OR pronetal OR pronetalol TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 187 propranolol OR acifol OR adrexan OR alperol OR anaprilin OR anapriline OR anaprilinium OR anapryline OR angilol OR apsolol OR arcablock OR artensol OR authus OR avlocardyl OR becardin OR bedranol OR beprane OR bercolol OR berkolol OR beta neg OR beta tablinen OR beta timelets OR betabloc OR betadipresan OR betadren OR betaneg OR betaprol OR betares OR betaryl OR blocard OR blocaryl OR cardinol OR ciplar OR corbeta OR deralin OR dexpropranolol OR dibudinate OR dideral OR dociton OR docitone OR durabeton OR duranol OR efektolol OR elbrol OR emforal OR farmadral OR farprolol OR frekven OR frina OR hemangeol OR hemangiol OR hopranolol OR ikopal OR Impral OR Inderal OR inderalici OR inderex OR indicardin OR indobloc OR innopran OR inpanol OR ipran OR lederpronol OR levopropranolol OR napriline OR noloten OR obsidan OR obsin OR obzidan OR oposim OR phanerol OR prandol OR prano puren OR pranopuren OR prestORal OR prolol OR pronovan OR propabloc OR propal OR propalong OR propayerst OR propercuten OR prophylux OR propra ratiopharm OR propral OR propranur OR proprasylyt OR proprasylyte OR reducor OR rexigen OR sagittol OR stapranolol OR sumial OR tenomal OR tensiflex OR waucoton TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 188 sotalol OR alosot OR beta cardone OR betacardone OR betades OR betapace OR bonpro OR corsotalol OR darob OR dexsotalol OR dextrosotalol OR favorex OR gilucor OR hipecor OR isotalol OR jutalex OR levosotalol OR rentibloc OR rotalol OR satalol OR satolol OR solavert OR sorine OR sota saar OR sotab OR sotabeta OR sotacol OR sotacor OR sotahexal OR sotalex OR sotaper OR sotapor OR sotastad OR sotylize OR tachytalol TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 189 sulfinalol OR talinolol OR cordanum TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 190 tertatolol OR artex OR prenalex TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 191 tilisolol OR daim OR selecal TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 192 timolol OR apotimolol OR blocadren OR optimal OR timacar OR timolo OR timoptic OR timoptol OR titol TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 193 toliprolol OR doberol TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 194 xibenolol TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 195 143 OR 144 OR 145 OR 146 OR 147 OR 148 OR 149 OR 150 OR 151 OR 152 OR 153 OR 154 OR 155 OR 156 OR 157 OR 158 OR 159 OR 160 OR 161 OR 162 OR 163 OR 164 OR 165 OR 166 OR 167 OR 168 OR 169 OR 170 OR 171 OR 172 OR 173 OR 174 OR 175 OR 176 OR 177 OR 178 OR 179 OR 180 OR 181 OR 182 OR 183 OR 184 OR 185 OR 186 OR 187 OR 188 OR 189 OR 190 OR 191 OR 192 OR 193 OR 194 196 MESH DESCRIPTOR Adrenergic alpha Antagonists EXPLODE ALL AND CENTRAL TARGET 197 adrenergic NEAR2 alpha OR adrenergic NEAR2 antagonist TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 198 adrenergic NEAR2 block OR alpha NEAR2 block OR receptor NEAR2 block TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 199 alpha NEAR2 receptor antagonist TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 200 alfuzosin OR bunazosin OR metazosin OR neldazosin OR silodosin OR terazosin OR tiodazosin OR trimazosin TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 201 doxazosin OR alfamedin OR cardular OR cardura OR carduran OR diblocin OR doxa puren OR doxauro OR doxacor OR doxagamma OR doxamax OR doxatensa OR doxazomerck OR doxazosina OR jutalar OR progandol OR uriduct OR uroprost OR zoxan TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 202 prazosin OR adversuten OR alpress OR atodel OR decliten OR deprazolin OR duramipress OR eurex OR furazosin OR hexapress OR hypotens OR hypovase OR hyprosin OR lentopres OR minipres OR minesin OR minipres OR minipress OR minison OR mizosin OR patsolin OR peripress OR prasig OR pratisol OR pratsiol OR prazac OR prazopress OR prazosine OR pressin OR prozosin TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 203 tamsulosin OR alna OR amsulosin OR flomax OR flomaxtra OR hamal OR josir OR mapelor OR mecir OR omexel OR omic OR omix OR omnic OR pradif OR secotex OR tamfrex OR urolosin TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 204 196 OR 197 OR 198 OR 199 OR 200 OR 201 OR 202 OR 203 205 46 AND 76 OR 46 AND 92 OR 46 AND 101 OR 46 AND 142 OR 46 AND 195 OR 46 AND 204 OR 76 AND 92 OR 76 AND 101 OR 76 AND 142 OR 76 AND 195 OR 76 AND 204 OR 92 AND 101 OR 92 AND 142 OR 92 AND 195 OR 92 AND 204 OR 101 AND 142 OR 101 AND 195 OR 101 AND 204 OR 142 AND 195 OR 142 AND 204 OR 195 AND 204 206 MESH DESCRIPTOR Drug Therapy, Combination AND CENTRAL TARGET 207 add OR combin OR multipl OR plus OR polytherap OR versus OR vs TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 208 206 OR 207 209 MESH DESCRIPTOR Hypertension AND CENTRAL TARGET 210 MESH DESCRIPTOR Essential Hypertension AND CENTRAL TARGET 211 hypertens TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 212 elevat OR high OR rais NEAR2 arterial pressur OR blood pressur OR diastolic pressur OR systolic pressur TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 213 elevat OR high OR rais NEAR2 bp OR dbp OR sbp TI, AB AND CENTRAL TARGET 214 209 OR 210 OR 211 OR 212 OR 213 215 205 AND 208 AND 214 216 MESH DESCRIPTOR Hypertension, Pregnancy Induced EXPLODE ALL OR MESH DESCRIPTOR Hypertension, Pulmonary OR MESH DESCRIPTOR Hypertension, Portal OR MESH DESCRIPTOR Hypertension, Renovascular OR MESH DESCRIPTOR Obstetrics EXPLODE ALL OR MESH DESCRIPTOR Ocular Hypertension EXPLODE ALL OR MESH DESCRIPTOR Pregnancy EXPLODE ALL OR MESH DESCRIPTOR Pregnancy Complications EXPLODE ALL OR MESH DESCRIPTOR Prenatal Education EXPLODE ALL AND CENTRAL TARGET 217 anaesth OR anesth OR ante natal OR antenatal OR bleeding OR caesarean OR cesarean OR caesarian OR cesarian OR caesarien OR cesarien OR cirrho OR eclamp OR epidural OR fetal OR foetal OR fetus OR foetus OR gestational hypertens OR glaucom OR interocular OR intraocular OR intracran OR intuba OR lactation OR neonat OR new born OR newborn OR obstetr OR ocular OR ophthalm OR peri partum OR peripartum OR portal hypertens OR portopulmonary OR pre eclamp OR preeclamp OR pregnancies OR pregnancy OR pregnant OR pre natal OR prenatal OR pulmonary hypertens OR pulmonary arterial hypertens OR secondary hypertens OR spinal TI AND CENTRAL TARGET 218 215 NOT 216 OR 217 azithromycin tablets Therapy of hypothyroidism

    • The lipophilic properties of acitretin are less than etretinate, and therefore, it cannot be stored in deep fatty tissue; therefore, the terminal elimination half life is 50 60 h compared with etretinate 120 days how to buy priligy in usa In addition, these drugs should be considered valuable probes to explore the biology of breast cancer with particular emphasis on possible relations between the degree of estrogen suppression and clinical efficacy and the possible role of intratumor estrogen synthesis

    • This test does not evaluate the fallopian tubes see hysterosalpingogram cialis on line cialis aleve intense 550 etos Anima Educacao SA, a Brazilian education company, plansto sell at least 348 million reais 158 million worth of itsshares in an initial public offering later this month tostrengthen its capital position, the company said