Voter Registration Rolls Under Scrutiny

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From 1776 through the formation of The Constitution I helped create America. Now I have returned to help save America. American Patriots must join together, speak out in free and open discussion to fight the “woke” anti-American mob, and further the cause of FREEDOM.

Far-Right Activists Urging States to Maintain Voter Registration Lists

In a recent article published by NBC News, which as we all know is a charter member of the Propaganda Media Complex (PMC), they inform us that so-called “far right” activist groups networked across 24 states have developed a program named EagleAI (pronounced Eagle EYE) that is a database of voter rolls that purportedly flags registrations that may be suspect for scrutiny for such things as names that appear on the Social Security Death Index, or duplicity of names registered in multiple districts.  It’s good to hear that somebody is trying to minimize voter fraud.  Any effort to make sure all votes are legitimate has my full support.

Of course the very first sentence of the article describes this network as “far right activists, some of whom falsely believe the 2020 election was stolen”. [1]  

As though NBC had conducted a thorough investigation into over 1,000 independent claims of voter fraud spread across multiple states.  If you recall the aftermath of the election, there were more than 1,000 Affidavits filed under penalty of perjury by independent witnesses who observed irregularities in the swing states.  Those claims were quickly denied by the Democrat Party and “debunked” by the PMC.  I don’t recall any thorough 2 year investigations by Special Counsels like those appointed to frame President Trump.  Those allegations and cursory reviews by Democrat-selected judges were “decided” virtually overnight.  So NBC News has determined immediately that the far right activists falsely believe the election was stolen, basically with no investigation at all.  They couldn’t possibly have come to that conclusion instantly.

So We the People are supposed to believe the word of the DNC, proven liars, and ignore the testimony of 1,000 INDEPENDENT affiants.  How can they say there is “no evidence” of widespread voter fraud, when they don’t even listen to the witnesses, or investigate it at all?

According to NBC, one of the activists emailed a top Florida election official with a list of about 10,000 names that should be reviewed and the state official forwarded the list to county supervisors.  The state official, identified as Maria Matthews, couldn’t say how the list was generated or what sources may have produced it, only that the “concerned citizen” who sent her the email was Dan Helm, whom NBC described as “a longtime Florid-based activist who has made unfounded voter fraud claims across the state”.

The EagleAI program was launched in 2023 by a retired doctor and used by a group founded by former Trump election lawyer, Cleta Mitchell, who was an unindicted co-conspirator in the Georgia case that has charged Trump with attempting to overthrow the 2020 election.  Mitchell was quoted as saying, “the left will hate this”, in reference to the EagleAI program.

Wesley Wilcox, Supervisor of Elections in Marion County, Florida said that “95% of the records identified in his county were records that his office has already identified for voter roll maintenance . . . ”  So, the EagleAI program must be getting fairly reliable data if it’s about 95% accurate, right?

Matthews, the Director of the Florida Division of Elections, assured all interested parties that the state does not take action to change a voter’s record, or remove any voter from the rolls without first exercising due diligence to determine “credible and reliable” information exists to warrant any action.

Far Left Activists Trying to Prevent Voter Registration Lists From Being Maintained

But left wing activists never miss an opportunity to ridicule anything that tries to question the authority of the Democrat Party.  No matter how credible the allegations of voter fraud may be, or how justifiable efforts are to ensure that the integrity of our voting system is secure, left wing activists will attempt to caste a nefarious shadow over the claims.  As soon as any far left activist catches wind of a story, they jump into action and formulate a media strategy to attack the story.  Among the first to respond is the multistate voting rights group All Voting is Local Action.  They sent a letter to Florida Secretary of State Cord Byrd asking him to tell local officials to “disregard” the 10,000 name list and encourage counties to “not perform list maintenance based on unreliable and unreviewed data”.  They also want a state elections investigation office to refrain from making any communicationsthat could be perceived as “improper or threatening”.

By who?  Presumably the far left wing activists?  The Democrat Party?

The All Voting is Local Action letter was co-signed by the NAACP, Common Cause Florida, the Legal Defense Fund, and the Advancement Project.  They are all far left advocacy groups who state they are fighting the same thing.  The Common Cause mission statement says, in part, “that every eligible voter can have a say”.  We the People don’t disagree with that, as long as they are eligible.  When you open the main page of the Legal Defense Fund, you are immediately prompted to donate to their organization, without being able to see what they are about, but they are essentially a racial justice advocacy organization founded in 1940 by Thurgood Marshall.  As for the Advancement Project, they are a politically liberal American nonprofit organization that focuses on racial justice issues. [2]  In other words, all of these groups could be characterized as one and the same.  There is no diversity among their goals.

Brad Ashwell, Florida State Director for All Voting is Local Action, told NBC News that “it is a voter suppression technique and can bog down the machinery of elections at critical points”.  The DNC apparently doesn’t have any problem of “bogging down the machinery” on Election Night by reporting water leaks, power outages, and the like to give “officials” time to rescan enough Democrat ballots to “win” elections.

The Solution

The “far right” groups also have a presence in the seven swing states of Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.  Good!  It’s long past due that someone is trying to ensure that every eligible vote counts, and every ineligible vote is thrown out.  There is only one way to conduct free and fair elections, and that is to mandate state-issued voter ID cards with unique identification numbers/codes.  Any voter who moves out of state must surrender his/her voter ID card from the previous state before being issued a new card and the number would stay with the voter for life.  Any voter who moves “in state” could vote using his/her state-issued card but the number would prevent casting multiple ballots when that number has already been used.

Ask any Democrat voter why they object to Voter ID and wait for their pre-programmed response.  I’d wager if you surveyed 10 people, six of the answers would be the same, and the other four are too stupid to remember what they were supposed to say.

Comments welcomed.


[1]  Dixon, M. & Timm, J. ; Florida is Using a Fraud-Hunting Tool Used by the Right to Look for Voters to Remove from the Rolls ; NBC News ; May 26, 2024

[2]  Advancement Project ; Wikipedia

The REAL Threat to Democracy 

Thomas Paine: American Philosopher, & Revolutionary

From 1776 through the formation of The Constitution I helped create America. Now I have returned to help save America. American Patriots must join together, speak out in free and open discussion to fight the “woke” anti-American mob, and further the cause of FREEDOM.

Lexington and Concord

On this, the 249th anniversary of the “shot heard round the world” on Lexington Green in Massachusetts, it is appropriate to appreciate what those 70 brave Minute Men militia led by Captain John Parker, did to send a message to British commanders.

The original “stand your ground” monument on Lexington Green

These were not men who thought kindly of tyranny and oppression.  They had had just about enough and they were willing to literally put their lives on the line to fight for the freedom they sought.  They faced the most powerful military in the world and stood tall against it.

British troops, about 800 strong had marched out of Boston the night before on a mission to seize weapons and gun powder stored in the nearby town of Concord and capture Patriot leaders John Hancock and Sam Adams, who were staying at the Hancock-Clarke House just up the road from Lexington Green.  Fortunately, for the American revolutionaries, Paul Revere and William Dawes had been dispatched by Dr. Joseph Warren, who had caught wind of the British expedition, and warned them of the approaching British regulars, allowing them to escape northwards to Burlington, out of harms way.  But eight Minute Men lay dead on Lexington Green and another two were felled in the skirmish at North Bridge over Concord River, where the British lost three men before retreating back to Boston. 

A Minute Man reenactor at North Bridge, Concord

By the time they came back down what is now known as Battle Road towards Lexington, Dr. Warren and Captain Parker had gathered thousands of Minute Men along the route to Boston, ambushing the column from all angles for the next 12 miles.  At the end of the day, there were 73 British killed in action and many more wounded.  The Americans suffered 49 dead.  [1]

It was “go time”.

When Warren’s mother saw him later that day, she urged him to never put himself in such danger again.  Warren replied, “Now is no time for any of America’s children to shrink from any hazard.  I will set her free or die.”

Fifty-nine days later, he was killed at the Battle of Bunker Hill. 

That being said, why do I mention this little episode from the American Revolution?

Because I know there are Patriots who will view this and feel the same way.

The Warning and the Caviat

There are millions of Americans who are totally fed up with the direction Marxist communists are taking this country.  Many of them are military vets and members of groups who consider themselves armed militia.  Please be advised that no matter how angry you are and how justifiable your ambitions may be, it would be foolish to directly confront the active U.S. military commanded by the very political leader you might hope to supplant.  Any armed revolution would be disastrous.  There are alternative methods to restore our republic without committing suicide. One such method is to speak the truth about every aspect of Marxist ideology currently being installed by Obama’s communist agenda, whether he can be directly implicated, or carried out by his political puppets and his activist army.  Patriots must unite behind the cause to save America and the best way I see at this time is to inform them of what is really going on and convince as many people as possible to vote against this Marxist, anti-American regime.  Remember, it was Obama himself who proclaimed at a campaign rally in Columbia, Missouri on October 30th 2008 that, “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”  No one asked what he meant, but now it is clear, his “fundamental transformation” was to convert America to communism.

His legacy cannot be allowed to happen.

I am openly calling for every Patriot to speak out, but you must be cautious in what you say and make sure you don’t cross the line into unprotected speech.  To that end, I urge you to be aware of the extremely important Supreme Court decision in Brandenburg v. Ohio (1969).

Essentially, a Ku Klux Klan leader was convicted of violating an Ohio law that “prohibited public speech that was deemed as promoting illegal conduct”.  After going through the appeals process, SCOTUS overturned the verdict under the principle that speech was protected as long as it did not call for “immediate unlawful action”.  In the Brandenburg case, there was no proposal for anyone to commit illegal activity.  There was no imminent danger to any individual, public safety or the community at large.  His speech, though it may have been construed as “hateful”, was perfectly legal, and protected under the First Amendment.

For example, though it is protected speech to advocate overthrowing the government, it would be unprotected, and subject to prosecution, if you named a rally point and a time to assemble to forcibly enact a plan to do so.

The Police State

We are in a time when anything you say, can and will be held against you.  Though he was eventually exonerated, Brandenburg was damaged by the prosecution and it took five years for his case to be overturned.  It could be argued that Donald Trump’s “hush money” trial in New York right now is on very shaky legal grounds, but Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg doesn’t care about whether the Supreme Court could overturn his successful conviction in a biased courtroom.  His only objective is to apply maximum damage to the Trump campaign.  Once Trump’s reputation is damaged in the eyes of the voters and the 2024 election is over, it’s too late.

There is yet another reason to avoid such controversy.  And that is the “surveillance state”.  In case you missed it, on the 13th of November 2023, Democrat New York Governor, Kathy Hochul, announced that the state would “ramp up surveillance efforts of social media accounts and that law enforcement will take proactive measures, including contacting people on suspicion of using ‘hate speech’.” [2] 

Hochul offered assurance that New Yorkers could “feel safe” about their personal security due to the state’s social media analysis unit, which has ramped up its monitoring of sites to catch incitement to violence, and direct threats to others.  In other words, everyone should be thankful that the state is watching the entire spectrum of social media platforms looking for speech that some undefined expert analyst may deem threatening, under the guise of “safety”.  As Benjamin Franklin once said, “Those who would give up essential liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

Perhaps Gov. Hochul should be made aware of the “Brandenburg test” because any person they decide to harass could cite the 1969 Supreme Court decision as a defense and the taxpayers of New York will have funded another pea-brained virtue signal.

So to all you federal agencies (and we know you’re watching) who may catch wind of this, or anyone’s speech deemed “hateful”, or offensive to your undefined “standards”, be advised of the Brandenburg defense.

Again, to remind all Patriots, the “surveillance state” is real and it is fully operational.  Everything you post on Facebook, or tweet on X, is captured and recorded by a fascist regime that will do anything to remain in power.  The proof is ongoing in New York City right now, as a judge who donated to the Democrat Party refuses to recuse himself for obvious conflict of interest, reviews potential jurors from a 90% Democrat district who have been coached to lie on their questionnaires by a former Asst. U.S. Attorney, in a case brought by a D.A. who fabricated felony charges out of misdemeanors that had expired statutes of limitations, and a State Attorney General who promised to “get Trump” as her campaign platform.  In other words, he is being railroaded like the express trains to Auschwitz.  A complete travesty of American justice.

If they decide they want to come after “hate speech” from dissidents, you may have a strong defense in Brandenburg, but it won’t matter after they bankrupt you and destroy your life.  We the People are undoubtedly already on their watch list of “domestic terrorists”.  And the actual fascists call MAGA Republicans a threat to our democracy, while their Propaganda Media Complex trumpets the mantra.

The Cause

Much as it was for the Minute Men of 1775 and all Patriots who rallied to the cause throughout the American Revolution, it has come to the point that we must recognize our way of life is in serious jeopardy.  The enemy is the Democrat Party and all that it stands for.  They must be totally crushed to save our republic.  We watched Donald Trump shock the world in 2016 by defeating Hillary Clinton, the presumptive heir to Obama’s legacy, and how the left denied his legitimacy because they felt they were entitled to rule.

We know they were willing to do anything to regain power, including stealing elections.  There is nothing they won’t do to keep it.

We the People may rest only when their legitimacy is completely destroyed.  We don’t need to see it collapse entirely, but their communist agenda cannot stand.  Until the DNC reforms their Marxist, anti-American platform, they must be critically attacked from every angle, exposed for every unconstitutional maneuver they make, and voted against at every opportunity. 

Speak out. 

Make the silent majority the moral majority.

Stay the course.



[1]  Lexington and Concord: The Shot Heard ‘Round the World ;American Battlefield Trust

[2]  Standing for Freedom Center Staff ; New York Announces it Will Take Citizen Surveillance and Censorship to the Next Level ; November 17, 2023

The Georgia Racketeering Case Against Trump

Thomas Paine: American Philosopher, & Revolutionary

From 1776 through the formation of The Constitution I helped create America. Now I have returned to help save America. American Patriots must join together, speak out in free and open discussion to fight the “woke” anti-American mob, and further the cause of FREEDOM.

The Basics of Georgia’s Indictment Against Trump

For those who haven’t closely followed the case of The State of Georgia v. Donald J. Trump et al, brought by Fulton County Georgia District Attorney Fani Willis, be advised that a grand jury formally indicted the former President and 18 co-defendants on August 14, 2021, with charges that violate Georgia’s Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) statute, alleging that all of the co-defendants “knowingly and willfully joined a conspiracy to unlawfully change the outcome” of the 2020 election.  Some defendants have also been charged with forty additional counts from other allegations, varying from; plotting to create pro-Trump slates of fake electors, to illegally accessing voting systems in search of fraudulent votes, to Trump himself calling Georgia Secretary of State, Brad Raffensberger, asking him to “find 11,780 votes”, which would have swung the state’s electors in Trump’s favor.  Bear in mind, the text of Trump’s call to Raffensberger was, “What I want to do is this. I just want to find, uh, 11,780 votes, which is one more than (the 11,799-vote margin of defeat) we have, because we won the state.”  [1] 

The statement itself is not proof that Trump was demanding Raffensberger to “find” votes for Trump by hook or by crook.  It could easily be construed as a request for Raffensberger to consider potential fraud.  But as is the norm for the Democrat Party and their Propaganda Media Complex, the context of the statement is omitted to spin a sinister effort by their opposition.  Needless to say, if the political parties were reversed, everything would have been “hunky-dorry” and there wouldn’t even be a case against any Democrat.  But we’re dealing with Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) and Orange Man must be vilified at every opportunity.  Trump himself was facing 13 separate counts, three of which have been dropped by Fulton County Superior Court Judge, Scott McAfee.  He now faces ten counts, the RICO charge, four counts of making false statements, two counts of filing false documents, two counts of forgery, and one count of impersonating a public officer.  Among the charges alleged by prosecutors, the Trump team is accused of attempting to coerce the Georgia state legislature to appoint alternate electors for Trump in case pending litigation in Pennsylvania determined that fraud had been discovered in that state.  Such a procedure is perfectly legal and has been employed before in other jurisdictions following other elections, namely in Hawaii, when John F. Kennedy disputed the 1960 election results.  Kennedy prevailed in a recount that was court-ordered after the results were audited twice and certified by Acting Governor James Kealoha.  The third recount was ordered on December 19, 1960, by Judge Ronald B. Jamieson, which was completed by December 28th, showing a Kennedy victory by 115 votes, and Jamieson then ordered the alternate slate of Democratic electors to be validly appointed.  Governor William F. Quinn certified the Democratic slate on January 4, 1961 and the state air-mailed the new certificate to Congress notifying them of the change.  Allegedly, the Georgia “Certificate of Ascertainment” was deemed a false statement because it did not follow language guidelines that specified it as an alternate slate that would only be valid pending external litigation.  Apparently, only Democrats are allowed to question election results.  

Four of the defendants have pled guilty to some of the charges and agreed to cooperate with prosecutors.  The other 15 defendants have pled “not guilty” and are currently awaiting the outcome of decisions related to pretrial motions, which have brought the case into the limelight.  

Pretrial Motions

As a prerequisite to any impending trials, Judge McAfee has been dealing with several pretrial motions, to which he set a deadline of December 1, 2023.  Among those:

August 19, 2023 – Mark Meadows, White House Chief of Staff, charged with one count, the RICO count, submitted a motion to have the case dismissed entirely, based on the fact that the President must be provided close, confidential advice and assistance ensconced in federal law for nearly 100 years.  It also argues Meadows is immune under the First Amendment and the 14th Amendment, prohibiting charges that are “unconstitutionally vague”.

September 2023 – District Judge Steve C. Jones denied a motion by five defendants to move the case to federal court in an effort to “widen the jury pool”.  Fulton County is heavily Democratic.

October 5, 2023 – Judge McAfee denies campaign attorney, Sidney Powell’s motion to dismiss charges against her and three co-defendants in a breach of Coffee County voting equipment whereby she sent two operatives to copy data recorded by Dominion Voting systems machines.  The motion argued that there was no attempt to break in to the system because they were authorized by Coffee County and escorted by employees of the independent data forensics firm SullivanStrickler.  McAfee said he had “no authority to do that so close to her trial”.  What?

October 11, 2023 – Powell and Trump attorney Kenneth Chesebro, through their lawyers, argued that the alternate Trump electors could not be impersonating public officers because they were indeed public officers themselves under federal law.  Therefore, no conspiracy existed.  McAfee declined to dismiss the charges, saying they were not “defective”.

January 8, 2024 – Trump’s lead lawyer, Steven Sadow, submitted a motion for all criminal charges against him be dismissed due to presidential immunity, arguing that the acts described in the indictment are “at the heart of his official responsibilities as President”.

District Attorney’s Office Takes the Stand

Also on January 8, 2024, Mike Roman’s attorney, filed a motion alleging that Fani Willis and Nathan Wade, whom she had hired as a special prosecutor in November 2021, had been conducting a romantic relationship that dated back to 2019, asserting that Willis vacationed with Wade, and thereby profited from his hiring at a lucrative salary, forming a conflict of interest.  This is where the case gets “juicy” and places the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office in serious jeopardy of its own credibility.

On February 15, 2024, Wade was called to testify on his relationship with DA Willis.  The legal team for the defendants questioned him about his alleged affair with Ms. Willis and when it began.  He repeatedly stated there was a romantic relationship but it didn’t begin until sometime in early 2022, after he was hired by Ms. Willis as a special prosecutor.  He was also questioned about a series of vacations the two had taken together in Mexico and the Caribbean, which he claimed were charged on his credit card, but reimbursed by Ms. Willis for her share in cash.  He could not produce any receipts or deposit slips for thousands of dollars spent on these elaborate vacations.

Prior to Wade’s testimony, the defense called Robin Yeartie to the stand, who testified under oath remotely that she was a close friend of Willis’ and had been a co-worker during the time frame when it is alleged that Willis and Wade were dating.  Ms. Yeartie was adamant that she had witnessed the two “hugging and kissing” before Wade was hired in November 2021.

Fulton County Georgia District Attorney, Fani Willis, takes the witness stand to testify of her relationship with Special Prosecutor, Nathan Wade, amid allegations of a conflict of interest and the “appearance of impropriety”.

Thursday, February 15, 2024

When Wade was dismissed from the stand, Willis stormed into the courtroom and told her DA’s office attorneys to put her on the stand.  She put on a performance for the cameras acting defiant and in near contempt of court.  She called the bundled papers detailing the motion requested by the defendants a pack of lies and reminded everyone that she was not on trial, but it was the Trump co-defendants who were on trial.  When questioned by the defense, she basically echoed Wades claims that the relationship had not begun until after Wade was hired and that she had always reimbursed Wade for her share of the vacation expenses, including airfare, with cash that she habitually kept laying around in her house.  When asked about her typical cash holdings, she replied, “on a bad day it might be $1,500, on a good day, it might be $15,000.”  Attorney Ashleigh Merchant probed her for the source of the cash, to which Willis replied she would typically take some extra cash when she was at the grocery store, but she didn’t have any receipts of any transactions, no bank records, and no statements of any kind.  OK, so if we go to the grocery store you frequent and subpoena the video surveillance footage of dates and times you were there to observe your “cash back” transactions, that would prove you’re telling the truth, right?  And if we go to your house right now, you can show us your cash box, right?  In other words, how much credibility would you assign to Willis and Wade?

McAfee Weighs In

On March 1, 2024, the cameras were back on in Judge McAfee’s Fulton County courtroom and he announced he would make a decision on whether to dismiss Fani Willis from the case within two weeks.  True to form, McAfee made his decision on Friday the 15th of March, wherein he ruled that Willis had a choice.  If she wanted to remain on the case and prosecute the co-defendants in Fulton County, she would have to fire Wade.  Wade resigned that afternoon.

On Wednesday the 20th of March, McAfee granted Trump and eight of his co-defendants permission to appeal, issuing a “certificate of immediate review”, which placed the case before the State Court of Appeals.  His ruling allows the State Court 45 days to decide whether to hear the appeal once it is filed.  Defense attorneys have 10 days to file the appeal. [2]

Democrat Lawfare 101

Full disclosure: McAfee contributed to the campaign of Willis and Fulton County I heavily Democratic.  It’s virtually certain that Trump could never get a fair trial in that jurisdiction.  There are other allegations that Willis’ office sent representatives to the White House and met with high ranking administration officials.  The Georgia case is just one of four jurisdictions in which Trump is facing legal challenges, all of them unprecedented.  Never in American history, has a former President been indicted for anything.  Of course no one is above the law, and any former President who breaks the law should be prosecuted, like an ordinary citizen.  But these alleged charges happened while Trump was in office which brings strong immunity claims.  A President must have clear consciousness to make difficult decisions at times and cannot be encumbered by concerns for his own legal jeopardy.  Apparently, Trump’s pleas for immunity have been ignored as well, and all four of the jurisdictions have the appearance of being coordinated by a politicized Justice Department determined to keep Trump from reentering the White House through this years’ election.  It is extraordinary that so many people have been influenced by the Propaganda Media Complex to accept the notion that all of this is normal and justified, when it is in fact, pure fascism to censor and eliminate your political opposition, particularly by any means necessary based on flimsy, or nonexistent evidence.

Almost in unison, you see high-ranking Democrats proclaiming that Trump must go down “to save our democracy”, while it is they who threaten the very soul of America.  Biden likes to shout that Trump would be on a mission of retribution and revenge if he gets elected.  It won’t be a revenge tour.  It will be a justice tour.  We the People can only hope that Trump proves “no one is above the law”, not even Democrats.



[1]  Georgia Election Racketeering Prosecution ; Wikipedia

[2]  Alexander, B., Gile, C., & Gregorian, D. ; Georgia Judge Gives Trump Permission to Appeal Order Keeping DA Fani Willis on Election Interference Case ; NBC News ; March 20, 2024

Biden v. Texas

Thomas Paine: American Philosopher, & Revolutionary

From 1776 through the formation of The Constitution I helped create America. Now I have returned to help save America. American Patriots must join together, speak out in free and open discussion to fight the “woke” anti-American mob, and further the cause of FREEDOM.

The Immigration Crisis

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past three years, you’re well aware that we have an immigration crisis taking place on our southern border.  On Biden’s first day in office, he reversed former President Trump’s policies that had reduced illegal immigration, sending a signal to the entire world that our border was now wide open for anyone who wanted to wade across the Rio Grande, no strings attached. 

Under Trump, migrants who had been crossing the border, were detained and processed under Title 42, temporarily replacing Title 8.

Title 42 is part of the Public Health Service Act of 1944 and was codified to help prevent the spread of communicable diseases in the U. S. President Trump activated it in March 2020 to combat COVID 19, and it was to remain in effect until it expired on 11 May 2023, during the Biden administration.

On that day, DHS Secy. Alejandro Mayorkas said, “Starting at midnight, people who arrive at our southern border will be subject to our immigration enforcement authorities under Title Eight of the United States Code.”  Right now, he is undergoing impeachment hearings in the House for lying to Congress repeatedly, claiming the border was secure, and failure to enforce Title 8.  There is zero chance he will be removed from office because the Democrat-controlled Senate will save his job, and even if he was, Biden could just nominate another puppet.

Trumps policies also included building the wall, increased border security funding, zero tolerance for migrants caught illegally crossing by returning them to Mexico, ending the diversity visa lottery, banning immigration from 7 predominately Muslim countries that harbored terrorists, restricting family-based immigration, and expediting asylum procedures.  When Biden reversed all that, the cartels started coaching migrants to claim asylum.

Chart 1:  This graph shows how quickly illegal immigrant encounters escalated as soon as Biden took office in January 2021 (the red dots on the graph).  Notice the last month data was available shown here is Nov 2022, and compare that to the numbers shown below for the previous five months.

It is also noteworthy that in April 2020, almost all encounters were of Mexican nationals and by November 2022, there were an estimated 129,090 encounters from “other countries” (62.6% of the total), excluding Mexico (23.5%) and the Northern Triangle (13.9%). [1]   

Chart 2:  Fiscal Years 2021 (beginning Oct 2020) through 2023 plus Q1 of 2024, showing the rapid escalation in illegal immigrant encounters since Biden took office on 20 January 2020 (the red line separates Trump and Biden).

In Biden’s first full month in office, encounters increased 29% and February 2021 was the only month during Biden’s term with fewer than 150,000 encounters, other than June 2023 (144,556). [2]    

You will see below under The New Immigration Bill that the Democrats are proposing 150,000 immigrants per month.

The Customs and Border Protection (CBP) estimates for encounters at the southwest border since August 2023, by month, were 232,963 (Aug), 269,735 (Sep), 240,981(Oct), 242,407 (Nov), 302034 (Dec), the latest figures available.  The Democrats will tell you 150,000 is an improvement, cutting down on illegal crossings.  Similar to how they say gas prices are declining because $4 is cheaper than $5, even though it was $3 before they launched their war on American energy.

And those are just the known immigrants.  There have been another estimated 1.5 to 2 million “got-aways” during the past few years who preferred not to meet immigration officials.  Those are the ones everybody should be concerned about. 

According to Tom Homan, former Acting Director of the U. S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement under President Trump from 30 January 2017 to 29 June 2018, those illegals actually paid more money to the cartels to cross undetected for a reason; they didn’t want to be fingerprinted, they didn’t want to get a notice to appear before an immigration judge, they didn’t want to be profiled.  They are the bad guys who probably have bad intentions.  They are the criminals, the drug mules, the gang members, and the human traffickers.

Those illegals who cross and turn themselves in can get across the river for a cheaper rate than the “got-aways”.

It only took 19 foreign nationals to carry out the 9/11 terrorist attacks.  Imagine what 2 million unknowns could do.  One tenth of one percent is 2,000 individuals.

It’s not a question of whether anything bad is going to happen.  It’s only a question of when, and where?

Existing Immigration Laws

Despite the repeated misrepresentations you hear from high-ranking Democrats and their Propaganda Media Complex, who echo the mantra “our immigration system is broken”, as if there is nothing we can do about the influx of illegals, and that they need “comprehensive immigration reform”, the truth is we already have immigration laws.  They simply aren’t being enforced.  That fact alone, raises a whole host of serious questions, as in:

Doesn’t the Constitution mandate in Article II, Section III that the President shall “take care that the laws be faithfully executed”? 

Isn’t it part of the Presidential Oath of Office to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States”?

The answer to those two questions is “YES”

Why doesn’t this President enforce existing immigration laws?

There seems to be an agenda behind that policy.  One that encourages illegal immigration for a purpose.  Many suspect that purpose is to import sympathetic voters who will support the Democrat Party, “paying” Democrats back for the generous handouts they have been given. 

In fact, illegal immigrants have been given financial incentives to come here, all paid by the good old American taxpayer.

In case you missed it, Illegals are now receiving emergency Medicaid, free treatment at hospital emergency rooms, school meal programs, and other federal assistance.

After meeting a five year residency requirement, illegals can qualify for Lawful Permanent Resident (LPR) status, which makes them eligible for additional federal programs such as Medicaid, Children’s Health Insurance (CHIP), Supplemental Nutrition Assistance (SNAP, or food stamps), Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), and Supplemental Security Income (SSI), the last two are essentially guaranteed incomes.

On top of that, many states have programs that pay benefits to illegal immigrants immediately, such as California’s CalFresh Food Assistance Program and their Cash Assistance Program for Immigrants (CAPI).  Governor Newsom (D-CA) is currently pushing for totally free health insurance for 700,000 illegals.  What would he do if 10,000,000 show up?  Maybe all the illegals should be sent to California.

According to the National Immigration Forum, “documented and undocumented immigrants pay more into public benefit programs than they take out”.  The Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy claims undocumented immigrants contribute an estimated $11.74 billion to state and local economies each year. [3]

The date of that two-page paper is 2018, obviously during the Trump administration when immigration was in check.  It’s a much bigger problem now.

Perhaps we should consider a more recent report from the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) [4], wherein they found that the net cost of illegal immigration for the United States, at the federal, state, and local levels, was at least $150.7 billion.  That’s net cost, as in after being offset by collected taxes.  FAIR calculated that number by subtracting tax revenues ($32 billion) from the gross negative economic impact ($182 billion).  That averages out to an estimated $957 per year for each American taxpayer.  Those numbers are quite different from the above referenced National Immigration Forum of 2018, and the influx of illegals has grown exponentially this past year, making it even worse.

FAIR estimates that there were at least 15.5 million illegal immigrants in the United States at the beginning of 2022.

Actually, the Biden administration is breaking immigration laws every day, thereby violating Article II, Section III and his oath of office.

The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952 is contained in Title 8 of the United States Code (U.S.C.) covering “Aliens and Nationality”.  Below is a partial list of the provisions in Title II of the Act, titled Immigration, as may be amended. [5]

8 U. S. Code § 1181 – Admission of immigrants into the United States

8 U. S. Code § 1157 – Annul admission of refugees and admission of emergency situation refugees

8 U. S. Code § 1158 – Asylum

8 U. S. Code § 1182 – Inadmissible aliens

8 U. S. Code § 1226 – Apprehension and detention of aliens

8 U. S. Code § 1226a – Mandatory detention of suspected terrorists; habeas corpus; judicial review

8 U. S. Code § 1227 – Deportable aliens

8 U. S. Code § 1229a – Removal proceedings

8 U. S. Code § 1230 – Records of admission

8 U. S. Code § 1302 – Registration of aliens

8 U. S. Code § 1321 – Prevention of unauthorized landing of aliens

These are just a few of the myriad of provisions in INA 1952, Title II of the Act.  Obviously, I don’t have the time or space to thoroughly cover the definitions of all of these statutes, so I have listed the above in case anyone wishes to click the links and investigate on their own.

There have been subsequent laws passed to supplement and partially alter INA 1952, most notably:

The 1965 Immigration and Nationality Act, which abolished the national-origins quota system defined in the 1952 act, and replaced it with a system whereby immigrants could be admitted based on their relationship to a U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident family member or U.S. employer.  The new law provided for a cap of 120,000 on the total number permanent residents who may be admitted from the Western Hemisphere.  That doesn’t mean all immigrants.

The Refugee Act of 1980, which established a new statutory system for processing and admitting refugees from overseas as well as asylum seekers physically present at U.S. borders or in the country.  It further defined “refugee” as any person outside that person’s country of nationality who is unable or unwilling to return to that country because of persecution or a well-founded fear of persecution on account of race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group, or particular opinion.

The illegal immigrants crossing our southern border today have been coached to plead asylum, whether their claim is justified, or not.

The Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA) of 1986 created two legalization programs; one to allow unauthorized aliens who have lived in the U. S. since 1982 to “regularize” their status; the other permits people who have worked at least 90 days in certain agricultural jobs to apply for permanent status.  Under these programs, about 2.7 million immigrants eventually became lawful permanent residents.

The 1990 Immigration Act raised legal admissions to 50% above the pre-IRCA level, mainly concerning employment-based immigrants.  It also terminated the discretion of sentencing judges in granting relief from deportation orders for criminal offenders, i.e., made it harder for criminals to avoid deportation.

The Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act of 1996 (AEDPA) added new crimes to the definition of aggravated felony and established an “expedited removal” procedure for arriving noncitizens who border officials suspect of lacking proper entry documentation, or committing identity fraud.  Another measure to tighten up the system.

The new immigration reforms proposed don’t tighten up the system.  They just codify a way to allow a much larger influx of immigrants and probably hidden somewhere in clauses on “page 6,341” (i.e., buried), defines an easy way for them to become legal permanent residents, with voting rights.

The New Immigration Bill

At this writing, the Senate has crafted a new bill they are touting as immigration reform with some bilateral support from the Republican side of the aisle.  We don’t know what’s in it because it hasn’t been released. 

The first question that comes to mind is why not

Is there something they don’t want the full body of the Senate, or the House, to be able to scrutinize?

Maybe the sponsors don’t want to give the rest of Congress time to digest the full meaning of the bill and all its potential ramifications. 

Maybe they don’t want the political pundits to have time to examine it and publicize its negative impact on American citizens.  In any case, the bill should be released for public review and comment.  The fact that they don’t puts this bill, and every other one that is kept secret until it’s too late, in “shady” territory.

To make matters worse, reportedly it’s linked to additional funding for the Ukraine war.  WHY?

Democrats don’t want to close the border.  They can use it as a political weapon.  That’s right. 

Follow the thinking:

Democrats know the basic elements of the immigration law are not acceptable to the Republican majority in the House.  Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) has publicly stated the Senate bill, based on the leaked rough details, is “dead on arrival” in the House.

Their plan is to attach another funding package to Ukraine, knowing it won’t pass the House because of the major objections to the elements in the immigration reforms.

Remember, it’s an election year.  So, actually knowing the bill won’t pass, the Democrats figure they can blame the Republicans for failure to pass immigration reform that essentially guarantees the massive influx of illegal immigrants will continue as it is right now.  And all those illegals, receiving federal and state benefits are highly likely to become Democrat voters.  As a bonus, they can blame the Republicans for not sending “critical” aid to Ukraine.

You’re not supposed to realize that all of this has been caused by the Democrats in the first place, and their Propaganda Media Complex will remind you of that constantly.  You know the border crisis was directly caused by Biden’s policies, right?  And it’s because of his projected weakness that Putin invaded the Ukraine in February 2022.  Under Trump, the Russians, the Chinese, the Iranians, the North Koreans, and everyone else, was kept in check.

The only “details” we have been made privy to in the immigration reforms are that the daily influx shall not exceed 5,000 immigrants, and that the President will have the authority to shut down the border when it reaches that threshold.

Wait a minute while I do a little math.  5,000 per day equals about 150,000 per month and 1.8 million per year.

The Immigration and Naturalization Act of 1952, allowed 50,000 immigrants per year.  So this bill proposes 36 times that quota.

The Democrats claim it would never get to 5,000 and would slow down to “only” 4,000 per day.  Biden claims if he gets this deal, he will shut down the border that day.  Do you really believe any of that?  Remember, he also said he never spoke to Hunter about his business.  You are ordered to forget all that testimony from Hunter’s business partners and all those taped phone conversations.  That didn’t happen.  No one f***s with the Bidens.  Not even the law.

So I say, kudos to the Republican leadership in the House and every Representative who is vehemently opposed to this new immigration reform package.  It simply normalizes a massive influx of illegal immigrants from all over the world, most of whom we know absolutely nothing about, what they may have done in their native land, or what they are capable of here.  Not to mention the enormous cost to the American taxpayer and the excessive burdens placed on our infrastructure.  No matter what the Democrats and their media militia say, we don’t need another 1.8 million illegal immigrants coming here to threaten America in many potential ways.

As far as the aid package to Ukraine, bring it up in a stand-alone bill.  In fact, stop attaching unrelated legislation altogether.  Make every piece of legislation a stand-alone bill.  That’s the only way it can be fairly assessed.

Oh, I almost forgot.  How else are these charlatans supposed to piggy-back unpopular, nefarious legislation, onto worthy causes?

Biden Issues Ultimatum as Texas Enforces Their Own Border

On the 18th of December 2023, Governor Greg Abbott of Texas signed into law a bill that authorized state authorities to arrest and detain illegal immigrants anywhere in the state.  It is slated to take effect on 5 March 2024.  In the meantime, Texas has been augmenting and beefing up existing coils of razor wire at the border to deter illegal crossings.  Within hours of Abbott’s signing ceremony, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) filed suit to challenge the new law, formally known as SB4, alleging the state is “grasping control over immigration from the federal government and depriving people subject to that system of all the federal rights and due process that Congress provided to them, including the rights to contest removal and seek asylum.” [6]

The White House has responded through spokesperson Angelo Fernandez Hernandez that, “the federal government, not individual states, is charged with determining how and when to remove noncitizens for violating immigration laws.”

Both of those statements are true, however, as Gov. Abbott has clearly stated, the federal government has failed to protect the citizens of not only Texas, but the entire country, by not enforcing existing immigration laws, and has therefore neglected its constitutional duties.

Abbott wrote an apparent open letter, presumably addressing the Executive Branch in general, in which he outlines his position on the border.  You can read the one page letter by clicking the link in FOOTNOTE [7]  

On Monday 22 January 2024, the U. S. Supreme Court issued an order by a 5-4 vote, that federal agents should be granted access to the Shelby State Park near Eagle Pass to cut razor wire installed by Texas’ Department of Public Safety.  That order merely vacated a lower court ruling that barred the federal agents from cutting the wire until the case plays out in court.  Ultimately, the Supreme Court will need to decide whether the federal government is solely responsible for all immigration enforcement or states have the right to defend their own borders.  In the following days, Texas has refused access to the feds.  Biden gave Texas a 24 hour ultimatum to permit CBP agents to begin cutting the razor wire.  That deadline has come and gone and Biden has done nothing.  He’s actually on record as saying, “I’ve done all I can do” in terms of overall border security, and this new bill “would give me, as President, a new emergency authority to shut down the border when it becomes overwhelmed.”  

NEWS FLASH:  Hey Joe, you don’t need that authority.  You already have it.  And the border is already overwhelmed.

Put those zingers in the same category as “I never spoke to my son about his business dealings”.  In five minutes he could reinstate the policies Trump put in place to secure the border.  The same policies he reversed on his first day in office.  In my opinion, Biden will never admit that Trump’s policies worked.  Apparently, he has taken the advice of his former boss, Obama.  Just deceive them with lies and run out the clock.  He’s good at that.

Normally, I would say that federal law supersedes state law but this case bears further examination because the federal government is derelict in their obligations to the matter.  Stay tuned.  It could get interesting real soon.



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