Spotlight Nevada: Election Results 2022

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Spotlight Nevada – Part III in a 3-Part Series

If you got to this page before reading Part I of this series, I suggest you check that out first, and then return.  You can see Part I: What Happened to the Red Wave ?  HERE

It took me forever to get out of Arizona, Part II of this series, partially due to the holiday and my 10 day hiatus from all things political.  This article isn’t nearly as long.  It’s not imperative that you read Spotlight Arizona first, but if you’d like, just click the link.  There is a return link at the bottom of Part II.  Let’s get to it.

Nevada Voter Registration Statistics

Nevada Dept. of State

Voter Registration Statistics – 2022 General Election  [1]

Democrat         616,841      32.52%

Republican       565,121      29.79%

Libertarian          16,751        0.88%

Other               698,413      36.81%

Total             1,897,126

For the sake of this article, I’m going to round off the above percentages to; 32% Democrat, 30% Republican, 1% Libertarian, and 37% Independent/Other.

Using the same methodology that I used in my Arizona analysis, I’ll assume there is virtually no “cross-over” voting between Democrats and Republicans, considering both sides to be firmly entrenched.  The two major candidates were therefore competing for the Independent vote, representing 37 points.

Nevada Dept. of State

Voter Registration Statistics – 2022 – three most populist counties

      Party         Clark          %age       Washoe     %age     Carson City    %age

Democrat   476,382    35.3   98,924    31.7   10,036    26.4
Republican   349,782    25.9 103,168    33.0   14,712    38.6
Libertarian     10,519      0.8     3,663      1.2        461      1.2
Other   514,177    38.0 106,358    34.1   12,856    33.8
Total1,350,860  100.0 312,113  100.0   38,065  100.0

Note that Clark County, the area encompassing Las Vegas, is by far the most populist, followed by Washoe, which surrounds the city of Reno. Washoe County had a population of 486,492 people as counted by the 2020 census.  By 2021, the latest available number, the population had grown to 493,392.  If we can trust the voter registration number, we can see that Washoe County’s population is 63.3% registered (using that latest figure).  I have shown Carson City County to illustrate how sparse the population is state-wide, exclusive of Clark and Washoe counties.  If a certain conspiracy to rig the election was planning their scheme, we could expect that to occur in at least one of those two counties.  Clark County represents over 71% of the state-wide electorate, and Washoe represents about 16.5% of the Nevada electorate.

I have not heard any reports of “irregularities” in Clark County, but lo and behold, there was some troubling news out of Washoe.  Somehow, all the livestream cameras went “dark” (offline) for more than 8 hours (from 11:24 PM local time on the evening of Nov 9th, and not restored until 7:53 AM on Nov 10th) at one of the county tabulation facilities.  It reminded me of that time all the cameras went dark outside Jeffrey Epstein’s cell, right before he hanged “himself”.

I have questions:

How many tabulation sites went dark?

How did all those cameras go dark?

Why did it take them 8 hours to restore the surveillance?

What is the voter registration breakdown by party in that precinct?

What was the final vote count in that tabulation site?

Why has there not been a full audit and signature verification in Washoe County?

Nevada Election Results, U.S. Senate – 2022

The table below shows the finalized election results accepted by the Nevada Supreme Court on Nov 22, 2022.  [2] 

Candidate      State        %age          Clark        %age        Washoe          %age

Cortez Masto (D)   498,316   48.81  357,275   52.40    98,617   50.76
Laxalt (R)   490,388   48.04  304,133   44.61    90,002   46.33
Scott (Lib)       6,422     0.63      4,041     0.59      1,204     0.62
Others     25,724     2.52    16,349     2.40      4,457     2.29
TOTALS1,020,850 100.00  681,798 100.00  194,280 100.00

In all three areas, the Libertarian and “Other” candidates accounted for about 3% of the vote, so we are distributing 97 total points between the two major candidates.

Now let’s look at the baseline registration percentages that the Democrat and Republican candidates held and compare those percentages to the actual vote totals, state-wide and in the two most populist counties.

Catherine Cortez Masto (D) started with registered bases of 32% state-wide, 35% in Clark County, and 32% in Washoe.

The final vote count indicates she “won” 48.8% state-wide, 52.4% in Clark, and 50.8% in Washoe.

Therefore, of the 38 points represented by the Independent voters, Cortez Masto “won” 16.3 points (of the 38 points represented by the Independent voters) state-wide, 17.1 points (of 38) in Clark, and 19.1 points (of 34) in Washoe.

Adam Laxalt (R) started with registered bases of 30% state-wide, 26% in Clark County, and 33% in Washoe.

The final vote count indicates he got 48.0% state-wide, 44.6% in Clark, and 46.3% in Washoe.

Therefore, of the 38 points represented by the Independent voters, Laxalt took 18.2 points (of the 38 points represented by the Independent voters) state-wide, 18.7 points (of 38) in Clark, but just 13.3 points (of 34) in Washoe.

What do we see right away?  Apparently, the two candidates essentially split the independent vote, with Laxalt taking a slight edge both state-wide and in Clark County.  However, in Washoe County, where the cameras went dark, Cortez Masto “won” over 19 of the 34 independent points, while Laxalt was credited with only 13, a nearly 3:2 ratio in a county where Republicans outnumber Democrats.  Oh, by the way, Cortez Masto’s margin of “victory” in Nevada was 7,928 votes, and her margin in Washoe was 8,615 votes, just a hair over what she needed to take the state.

How many votes were counted with the cameras dark?

To be fair,I did discover a Politifact article that disputes any wrongdoing during the interruption in camera coverage. [3]  Once again, the propaganda media complex comes to the rescue and debunks claims of fraud.  The author claims the county put out a statement that staff had departed the building before the cameras went dark, which was caused by a computer application losing contact with the cameras, and the problem wasn’t discovered until the next morning.  They also claimed that surveillance cameras covering the garage and a hallway recorded no activity and that employees access the building with electronic badges, of which none were used during the outage.  In other words, everything is fine, look away.

You can choose to believe Politifact, or you can entertain the notion that it’s certainly possible that clandestine operators know how to manipulate electronic surveillance, especially when they know they have 8 hours to do what they want to do.  Personally, I don’t trust ANY obviously biased “news’ outlets.  At some point you have to realize that a growing list of “coincidences” ceases to be coincidences, and becomes arrangements.



[1]  Nevada Secretary of State ; Voter Registration by County and Party, Excel spreadsheet, Nov 2022

[2]  Nevada Secretary of State ; Silver State General Election Results, U.S. Senate – 2022

[3]  Cercone, Jeff ; Nevada Ballot Counting Livestream Went Dark, but Vote Counting Wasn’t Affected ; Politifact, Nov 16, 2022

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    6. И. Канаев, Д. Воронцов, Е. Голотенко – 1812 (2:09)
    7. И. Канаев, Д. Воронцов, Е. Голотенко – Графиня Воронцова (3:08)
    8. И. Канаев, Д. Воронцов, Е. Голотенко – Умирать Пока Не Планирую (2:09)
    9. И. Канаев, Д. Воронцов, Е. Голотенко – Где Я? (1:55)
    10. И. Канаев, Д. Воронцов, Е. Голотенко – Это. Моя. Семья. (2:44)
    11. И. Канаев, Д. Воронцов, Е. Голотенко – Дед Слава (2:50)
    12. И. Канаев, Д. Воронцов, Е. Голотенко – Живой (2:15)
    13. И. Канаев, Д. Воронцов, Е. Голотенко – Улика (1:55)
    14. И. Канаев, Д. Воронцов, Е. Голотенко – Хутор (5:37)
    15. И. Канаев, Д. Воронцов, Е. Голотенко – Допрос (3:20)

    Неофициальный альбом

    1 серия

    1. Мумий Тролль – Призраки завтра (4:41)
    2. Мумий Тролль – Шамаманы (3:34)
    3. Агата Кристи – Чёрная луна (3:57)
    4. Агата Кристи – Тоска без конца (4:23)
    5. Валерий Леонтьев – Кaждый xoчeт любить (3:45)
    6. Гравитационная Неустойчивость – Возвращение (3:36)
    7. Леонид Утёсов – Раскинулось море широко (4:35)
    8. Пётр Лещенко – Вино любви (2:51)
    9. Иван Козловский – Не ветер вея с высоты (1:50)
    10. Пётр Лещенко – Кто ты? (3:12)
    11. Bjarla – Kulning (1:43)

    2 серия

    12. Sirotkin – Бейся сердце, время биться (3:34)
    13. Агата Кристи – Нисхождение (4:38)
    14. Агата Кристи – Опиум для никого (3:56)
    15. Intelligency – Текила. Сон. Могила (feat. Groove Dealer) (4:16)
    16. Пётр Лещенко – Миранда (3:01)
    17. IFK – Живой (4:12)
    18. Bjarla – Sol (2:21)
    19. Иван Скобцов – Рассказ ямщика (5:50)
    20. Надежда Обухова – Вдоль по улице метелица метет (3:08)
    21. Мумий Тролль – Кот кота (Вот и вся любовь) (3:08)

    3 серия

    22. Любовь Чингаева – Нас двое (2:13)
    23. Агата Кристи – Айлавью (4:16)
    24. Агата Кристи – Трансильвания (4:03)
    25. Свиридов – Романс (Метель) (5:32)
    26. Нигатив – Холодно (3:43)
    27. Надежда Обухова – Красный сарафан (5:28)

    4 серия

    28. Polnalyubvi – Источник (3:29)
    29. Агата Кристи – Вечная любовь (3:37)
    30. Sirotkin – Мун (3:37)
    31. Глеб Калюжный – Меня не поймать (1:32)
    32. Глеб Калюжный – Антидот (2:46)
    33. Любовь Чингаева – Пожары (2:58)
    34. Пётр Лещенко – Вино любви (2:51)

    5 серия

    35. Агата Кристи – Моряк (3:37)
    36. Агата Кристи – Новый год (3:11)
    37. Sirotkin – Планы на это лето (3:42)

    6 серия

    38. Мумий Тролль – Новая луна апреля (2:59)
    39. Агата Кристи – Нисхождение (4:38)
    40. Агата Кристи – Вечная любовь (3:37)
    41. Любовь Чингаева – 1000 лет (2:35)
    42. Любовь Чингаева – Пожары (2:58)
    43. Сектор Газа – Укус вампира (4:50)
    44. Надежда Обухова – Матушка, Голубушка (2:59)
    45. Ludwig Van Beethoven – Symphony No. 7 in A Major, Op. 92: II. Allegretto (3:00)

    7 серия

    46. Агата Кристи – Вольно (4:35)

    8 серия

    47. Мумий Тролль – Призраки Завтра (Acoustic) (3:39)
    48. Надежда Обухова – Не пробуждай воспоминанья (4:40)
    49. Любовь Чингаева & Семен Куницын – Нас двое (2:13)

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