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Spotlight Arizona – Part II in a series to be continued

If you got to this page before reading Part I of this series, I suggest you check that out first, and then return.  You can see Part I: What Happened to the Red Wave ?  HERE

As you may recall from Part I, the actual voter registration numbers and percentages are the established baselines from which we can begin to analyze the election results in any given state, or county.  The rationale behind making the registration numbers “established” baselines is the reasonable assumption that there would be virtually no “cross-over” voting between the Democrat and Republican bases.  The two sides clearly hate each other and I see no reason to consider any scenario whereby any voter would abandon his/her beloved party.  So let’s look at: 

The Actual Numbers

Arizona Dept. of State

Voter Registration Statistics – 2022 General Election  [1]

Democrat      1,270,544      30.66%

Republican    1,436,852      34.67%

Libertarian          32,148        0.78%

Other            1,404,385      33.89%

Total             4,143,929

The methodology I’ll use here is to compare these percentages to the election results for the two candidates of the major parties, Democrat vs. Republican,

based on the abovementioned rationale, we can assume the Democrats would start with a solid 30% of the vote and Republicans would start with a solid 34%, then the two candidates would be competing for that 34% Independent (Other) vote.  Keep in mind that Marc Victor, the Libertarian candidate, siphoned off about 2% of the votes for Senator, but I’m largely going to ignore him.  For the sake of this article, I have rounded down the Dem and Repub shares to 30% and 34% respectively, and rounded up that “Other” registration to 34%, leaving 2% for the Libertarian share, which reflects what Victor actually got.

This method can not be claimed as “fool-proof”, but it’s a fairly reasonable starting point.  One caveat that must be considered is the very real possibility that among the Independent voter registration rolls, there are so-called “closet” Democrats and “closet” Republicans, people who lean left or right, but don’t want to “publicly” admit they favor either party among friends or family members.  That faction of the independent vote would be hard to quantify.  Perhaps a similar percentage of the independent vote could be assigned to each party that reflects the general break-down of the state, but that would be speculation.  One other factor that must be considered is that some of those independents may have registered Independent years ago, and may now have convictions that lean more left, or right, but simply never changed their registration status.  It would be naïve to postulate that the entire Independent registration is truly independent and honestly vote on how they feel about the issues of each particular election cycle.  Realistically, I would suggest that there is a mix of “closet” Democrats, “closet” Republicans, those who now “lean” left and right, and true “fence-sitters”, or “swayables”, that represent those 34 points.   

The most important race in Arizona, as well as the other states mentioned in Part I, in terms of political power, was the seat in the U. S. Senate, pitting the Republican challenger, Blake Masters against the incumbent Mark Kelly.  As it turned out Arizona was one of the few states that were at stake in terms of controlling the U.S. Senate.  Going in to the mid-terms, the Democrats held the slimmest possible margin, with each party holding 50 seats and ties being decided by Vice President Harris (D).  It was projected that Republicans had a legitimate chance to turn as many as 3 or 4 of those seats, thereby gaining control of the Senate. 

It would be negligent for me to ignore the “elephant in the room” at this juncture; being the almost certain, but unproven, allegations of voter fraud committed by the DNC in the 2020 presidential election.  If you have been following me at all, you know I have repeatedly claimed the DNC stole the presidency and control of the Senate. 

Just for some background:  In the 116th Congress (2019-2021), Democrats controlled the House 235-199, having gained control by swinging 41 seats in the mid-terms of 2018.

Republicans had held control of the Senate since the mid-term elections of 2014, until Democrats took control in the 2020 election with 50 seats and Vice President Harris (D) deciding ties.  Republicans held majorities of 54-44 in the 114th Congress (2015-2017), 52-46 in the 115th Congress (2017-2019), and 53-45 in the 116th Congress.  However, the 2 so-called “Independent” Senators both caucus with the Democrats 100% of the time, often referred to as Democrats when the media mentions the 50/50 split.  They are Angus King (I-ME) and Bernie Sanders (I-VT), who even sought the presidential nomination in the Democrat primaries several times.

Kelly was elected in the special election following the death of Senator John McCain, defeating incumbent Republican Martha McSally.  He has served since 2020 and was up for re-election upon the expiration of McCain’s term.  He is the husband of Gabby Giffords and probably garners a measure of sympathy from some voters due to her misfortunate shooting.

For Arizona, I’m going to examine both the Senatorial and Gubernatorial races state-wide, and direct the spotlight on Maricopa County due to early reports of their tabulator machines “malfunctioning”.

When I look for “irregularities” or anomalies, I’m looking for significant percentage variations or unusual events that appear to be “red flags”, and try to find out as much as possible on the circumstances.  I’ll compare the numbers in the chart below to updated numbers from when the vote was reported as 99% counted.

71% in                              State                       %age                    Margin

Kelly (D)    992,921       51.51%       99,445
Masters (R)    893,476       46.35% 
Victor (Lib.) & Others      41,301         2.14% 
TOTALS (Sen) 1,927,698     100.00% 
Hobbs (D)    966,876       50.42%       16,175
Lake (R)    950,701       49.58% 
TOTALS (Gov) 1,917,577     100.00% 

CHART 1: Represents a screenshot I took at 7:59 PM EST on the 10th of Nov.  At this point it appears that Kelly had gotten about 21 of the 34 independent points (the percentage of registered Independents), and Masters had gotten less than 12 points.  Likewise, Hobbs had gotten nearly 20 of the 34 points and Lake had gotten less than 15.  I’d say those numbers in both races are suspicious due to the overwhelming disapproval of the performance of the Democratic administration (72% by poll), which common sense would indicate, has likely fostered some resentment among Independent voters.

Image 217:by the 18th of Nov at 12:58 PM EST, the numbers shown in CHART 1 had been updated, reported as 99% counted.  Note that Kelly was credited as getting an additional 324,874 votes (51.04%) in the intervening 8 days, while Masters got 299,378 (47.03%), and Victor & Others got 12,279 (1.93%) of those additional 636,531 votes (since the 10th of Nov). 
This illustrates a potential “red flag”, in that Kelly outperformed Masters, securing almost 21 of the available 34 Independent points, or 51.4% less his 30.66 registered base, whereas Masters got less than 12 of those pts. (46.5% less his 34.67 base), a nearly 2:1 ratio.  It might be plausible that a popular Democrat, who got some sympathetic votes, could win over some of the independent minds, but when you consider the disastrous economic consequences of the current administration, you have to believe there would be significant disapproval.  To “win” 2/3rds of those independent minds is virtually incomprehensible.  How many Independent voters sat around their kitchen tables saying, “yeah, the economy sucks and all my expenses have shot through the roof, but I feel sorry for Gabby Giffords so we should vote for her husband”?  Was it really 2 out of every 3?  I’m skeptical. 
Image 235: updated 9 Dec at 3:30 PM EST: in the intervening 21 days since that 18th Nov screenshot (Image 217 above), the count is still listed as 99% in, and Kelly had “won” 4,232 votes (53.8%), while Master got 3,454 (43.9%), and Victor got 182 (2.3%) of the additional 7,868 votes.  Note that the race had been called by the 18th of Nov but it’s interesting that Kelly beat Masters by 10 points with this latest tranche rolling in, and we don’t know where that late count came from, but we could speculate it was from Maricopa.  These numbers could be considered the final tally.

In the Gubernatorial race, I also took several screenshots as the results slowly rolled in.  It’s a good way to see if any “irregularities” pop up and whether the early leader starts to lose ground or builds a late lead.

Image 219:by the 18th of Nov at12:58 PM EST, the numbers shown in CHART 1 had been updated, reported as 99% counted.  In the Gubernatorial race Hobbs had picked up an additional 316,996 votes (50.05%) in the intervening 8 days, while Lake got 316,391 (49.95%), of those additional 633,387 votes (since the 10th of Nov), a virtual dead heat, but splitting the “independent” vote down the middle still seems odd given the current state of the economy.
Image 224: as of 22 Nov at 3:23 PM EST, the vote counted is still listed as 99% in, but another small tranche of votes had been tabulated.  Hobbs got 4,018 of the additional 7,700 votes (52.2%), while Lake got only 3,682 (47.8%) in comparison to vote totals reported the 18th of Nov at12:58 PM EST (see image 219), an indication that Hobbs stretched her lead in the late vote count, potentially raising another “red flag”.
Image 233: updated 9 Dec at 3:29 PM EST – we can see that the vote count had not changed from the 22nd of Nov to the 9th of Dec.  These numbers could be considered the final tally.

Maricopa County Results

It’s not enough to just glance over the state-wide results.  We have to investigate the results by county and look for “irregularities”, or abnormalities, particularly when there are reports of “malfunctioning” machines.

I’m just going to highlight Maricopa County, where the machines raised a “red flag”.  For a full list of the vote by county, see the webpage link in Footnote [2]

Arizona Dept. of State – Maricopa County (906 Precincts)

Voter Registration Statistics – 2022 General Election  [3]

Democrat         731,792      30.05%

Republican       841,142      34.54%

Libertarian          19,829        0.81%

Other               842,634      34.60%

Total             2,435,397

Maricopa County, an area that encompasses Phoenix, is the state’s most populous county, and home to about 60% of the state’s registered voters.  We can see by the voter registration percentages above that Maricopa County is nearly identical to the state-wide numbers for each party affiliation, as they are shown above, differing by only a few 10ths of a point in each case.

Within the first few hours of voting, it was reported that about 25% of the tabulator machines were rejecting ballots.  I have not seen any specific information on how many machines were “malfunctioning”, nor how many of the 906 precincts were experiencing problems, nor where those machines were in terms of party “strongholds”.  Would it shock anyone if we find out the “malfunctioning” machines were primarily located in heavily Democratic precincts?

An NPR article claims the machines were reported in “about 20% of the (voting) locations”.  [4]

“Around mid-afternoon local time (say 5 PM EST, Tuesday 8 Nov)), the county said that it had ‘identified the solution for the tabulation issues at about 60 Vote Centers.’ ”  Right off the bat, the NPR article seems elusive and deceptive.  They under-report a percentage in the headline, and then follow up with a disconnected number that appears bigger than the headlined percentage, but gives no indication of the actual effectiveness of the “solution”.  In other words, how many of the claimed 20% does “about 60” centers represent?  Notice how they don’t tell you how many precincts there are in Maricopa County, or how many centers were affected.  I wouldn’t be surprised to learn the editors deliberately misled their readers to downplay the perception of fraud, knowing claims of fraud are coming.  Remember, the media is undeniably a propaganda machine for the DNC.

They go on to say in a sub-header, these issues are “Fuel for baseless right-wing claims”, citing the Election Integrity Partnership (EIP), a “research coalition that focuses on misinformation around elections”.  (see more on EIP in Footnote [5])

(Paine’s Comment): It didn’t take them long to accuse conservatives of spreading lies.  NPR somehow knew that any “conspiracy theories” suspected regarding voter fraud were “baseless” as soon as the story broke.  It is their mission to immediately debunk all stories questioning election integrity.  Propagandists don’t wait for facts to emerge.  They take control of the narrative right away in an attempt to influence perceptions.

<insert a bigger table to include Victor (L) and update numbers>

Election results – for all intents and purposes, these can be considered final results, given the late date(s), although it’s reported as “99% counted”

99% in          State         %age         Margin     Maricopa      %age        Margin

Kelly (D)1,322,027  51.4125,719   809,573  52.2   99,082
Masters (R)  1,196,308  46.5    710,491  45.8 
Victor (L)     53,762    2.1      31,099    2.0 
TOTALS2,572,097100.0 1,551,163100.0 
Hobbs (D)1,287,891  50.3  17,117   790,352  51.2   37,638
Lake (R)1,270,774  49.7    752,714  48.8 
TOTALS2,558,665100.0 1,543,066100.0 

CHART 2: State-wide results courtesy CNN ; updated 9 Dec at 3:30 PM EST ; Maricopa County results courtesy Politico ; updated 8 Dec at 8:45 PM EST ; Maricopa County results for Marc Victor and ballots cast totals courtesy Maricopa County Elections Department.  The county reported 1,562,758 ballots cast, which is 11,595 votes more than the total shown in the chart (1,551,163).  Those votes were apparently for other candidates and/or “write-ins”.  All percentages rounded.

There are several interesting “facts” to consider.  Note that:

In the Senatorial race, Kelly took 52.2% of the vote in Maricopa and “won” the county by a 99,082 vote margin, then increased his margin statewide to 125,719 votes, while losing 8/10ths of a point percentage-wise.  I’m not Copernicus, but I think we need an explanation on how that is possible.  If we subtract the Maricopa votes from the state-wide numbers, we can determine the votes won by each candidate outside of Maricopa. Then we can check those vote shares as percentages of the total vote excluding Maricopa.

The actual numbers would be 512,454 votes for Kelly, 485,817 votes for Masters, and 22,663 votes for Victor, totaling 1,020,934 votes cast outside of Maricopa.  Those corresponding percentages would then be 50.2% for Kelly, 47.6% for Masters, and 2.2% for Victor, in those other counties.  So, it appears that Kelly was able to increase his margin outside of Maricopa by “winning” just over 50% of those votes, while Victor siphoned off some of the votes that could have gone to Masters.  That is how Kelly lost ground while increasing his margin.

In Maricopa, Kelly’s 99,082 vote margin represents 79% of his state-wide margin in a county where Republicans outnumber Democrats by registration.  In the other counties outside of Maricopa, his 26,637 vote margin represents just 21% of his overall margin.  In other words, we are led to believe that considering the registration breakdown by party affiliation is nearly identical in Maricopa to the breakdown state-wide, with Republicans outnumbering Democrats everywhere, over 3/4ths of Kelly’s margin was “won” in Maricopa, where the machines “coincidently” malfunctioned. 

Keeping those registration numbers in mind, we are also supposed to accept the notion that Kelly “won” 22 of the available 34 points from independent voters in Maricopa, leaving just 11 points for Masters, a 2:1 ratio.  One might expect some degree of disillusionment among independents in light of the disastrous performance of the current Democrat leadership, yet somehow, 2 out of every 3 voted in support of continuing their own economic downfall.  That is completely mind-boggling.  

In the Gubernatorial Race, Hobbs took 51.2% of the vote in Maricopa and “won” the county by a 37,638 vote margin, then lost ground to Lake in the other counties, finishing with 50.3% and “winning” by a margin of only 17,117 votes.  The Maricopa voter registration is 30.05% Democratic (731,792), 34.54% Republican 841,142, 0.81% Libertarian (19,829), and 34.60% Other (842,634), or 2,435,397 total registered voters in 906 precincts for the General Election. [3]  Similar to the senatorial race, the Democrat “won” 21 of the available Independent points, while leaving just over 14 points for the Republican, a 3:2 ratio.  Not as lopsided, but still hard to believe, given the state of the economy and the ongoing border crisis in their own backyard.

Again, just to be clear, I am not saying there is absolute certainty of massive voter fraud supported by overwhelming evidence.  But, there are “irregularities”, specifically those tabulator machines that “malfunctioned”, that demand intense scrutiny.  AND, the numbers themselves simply don’t make sense.  We are all aware of the immediate vilification of anyone who questions the integrity of our elections by the Democrats and their propaganda machine, the mainstream media, often using the exact same terminology, as if there was a memo distributed instructing them on the proper phraseology.  They always say, in unison, those claims have been “debunked”.  Remember how they all regurgitated the phrase “Trump’s big lie”?  Who are the real liars? 

I have a few follow-up questions to those who quickly dismiss any claims of voter fraud:

Which independent authority completed a thorough and full audit of every vote?  One article that caught my attention was the request in Cochise County to expand an audit. [6]  In the body of the article it says a judge denied the request because a full hand-count audit is “not permitted under Arizona law”.  That may be true, but WHY is a full audit unlawful?  Don’t the citizens deserve to be informed of the truth?  The reason they filed the request was because they can’t trust the machines that count the votes.  That law itself is a “red flag” to me.  It opens the door to fraud.

Which independent authority cross-checked the voter registration rolls with the U.S. census database?

Which independent authority verified that every voter is still a living person by consulting the death records kept by the Social Security Administration?

How thorough was the testing of ALL vote tabulator machines?

Who certified the “tabulator” machines and how secure was the chain of custody?

What are all the details of the tabulator machine “malfunctions” in Maricopa?  The only reporting that I ever heard was the machines were not properly “reading” the marks made by voters.  But, to my knowledge, we were not fully informed of any further explanation.  What exactly was happening?  Were those machines not counting votes at all?  Or were they actually switching votes to a preset “default” (a.k.a. the Democrat)?  What did the observers see that determined the machines were “malfunctioning”?  Where is Harmeet Dhillon, Republican National Committeewoman, who supposedly organized an army of lawyers and observers in the key districts?  And what did she find out? 

Why does it take a week or longer to count your votes?

What proof is there that the election was free and fair?


To accept the election results in the state of Arizona, you have to start with the voter registration percentages; which are roughly 30% Democrat, 34% Republican, 34% Independent, and 2% Libertarian; then assume there is virtually no “cross-over” voting between Democrats and Republicans due to the deep divide; and believe the Democrats “won” about 21 of those available independent points, while the Republicans were left with only about 12 of those 34 points, a nearly 2:1 ratio. 

IF (that’s a BIG “if”) the vote count was legitimately accurate, there are only three possible explanations logically; many registered Independents now lean left but simply never updated their registration status, or many Independents have been totally brainwashed, or 2 out of every 3 registered independents are actually “closet” Democrats who loyally voted for their beloved party.  These are people who seemingly perceive some degree of shame were they to admit they are Democrats, yet remain staunch in their political convictions, despite the terrible performance of their leaders that directly resulted in their own economic hardships, in a state being overrun by illegal immigrants on their own border.  Given the set of logic-defying circumstances related to that third possibility, I doubt that mindset was significant. 

If the performance of he past two years under Democrat rule had helped the people of Arizona, or anywhere else, you could understand the vote of confidence.  Given the actual poor performance, I’m not buying any notion that 2 out of 3 independents still support Democrat policies in significant numbers.  Therefore, the first two possibilities, in some combination, offer the only logical choice.  There are either a LOT of lazy Independents in Arizona who, at some point, became hard-core Democrats, OR, the election was stolen by Democrat operatives acting as “officials”, probably in Maricopa County.  They TOLD us where the shenanigans occurred, i.e., the actual polling places where the machines “malfunctioned”.  Why doesn’t somebody demand a full audit of the vote count in those precincts?

We the People deserve answers!  


Part III – Spotlight Nevada: Election Results 2022 – coming soon


[1]  Voter Registration by Party and County, Arizona ; 2022

[2]  Arizona Election Results by County ; Senator                 

[3]  Voter Registration by Party and County, Arizona ; 2022

[4]  Chappell, B. ; Arizona’s Maricopa County Says it’s Identified a Solution for Voting Equipment Issues ; NPR  ; November 8, 2022

[5]  The Election Integrity Partnership in 2022: Our Work Ahead ; 31 Jul 2022

The NPR article, in reference to the Arizona tabulator machine “malfunction” problem, cited the Election Integrity Partnership as a source.  Why should anyone trust them?

(straight from their website):  The Election Integrity Partnership (EIP) was founded about 100 days before the 2020 election, “as a non-partisan coalition to empower the research community, election officials, government agencies, civil society organizations, social media platforms, and others to defend our elections against those who seek to undermine them by exploiting weaknesses in the online information environment.”

This “disinformation bureau” is under the direction of political “observers” (activists?) from the Stanford Internet Observatory and the University of Washington Center for an Informed Public.  Does anyone really believe those “observers” from the ranks of academia are politically neutral?

To help answer that question, here is a statement they published to their site under “About”:  “In recent years, we have seen political actors exploit weaknesses in the evolving information environment to build support for the subversion of election results. In 2016, Russian agents hacked U.S. election infrastructure and, in the weeks leading up to the vote, attempted to simultaneously demotivate Black voters and agitate right-leaning Americans with allegations of an imminent stolen election. In the 2020 U.S. elections, false and misleading online information gave rise to physical and legal challenges to the certification of the election’s results. In 2022, we will once again face such challenges. In the primaries this year, we have already witnessed the recurrence of spurious claims from the 2020 election.” 

(Paine’s Comment): Six years after the 2016 election, they still claim that Russian agents stole the election from Hillary Clinton, a position that has since long been disproven.  Apparently, four years isn’t enough time to edit their website. 

They also claim that the 2020 election fraud, sworn by over 1,000 independent witnesses under penalty of perjury was completely “baseless”.  Nor did I ever see or hear of any evidence that Trump supporters were suppressing black voters and “agitating right-leaning Americans with allegations of an imminent stolen election” in the weeks leading up to the vote.  Maybe “allegations” aren’t designed to “agitate” right-wing extremists.  Maybe those Trump supporters are just bringing facts to light.

All of the NPR claims seem rather biased.  In other words, NO ONE can be trusted.  The entire spectrum of information is permeated by LEFT-wing propaganda.  The DNC can commit any act, unethical or criminal, and get away with it because they are covered by the media on the back-end.  Anyone with conservative viewpoints is vilified, if not completely censored, by the mass media.  AND, the media doesn’t even have to worry about their own integrity because they know most people are useful idiots who believe anything they claim to be true.

[6]  Hahne, G. ; Cochise County Requests Court to Compel Its Elections Director to Expand Hand Count Audit ; KJZZ ; Nov 15, 2022

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    Политолог: у Таджикистана нет альтернатив китайским кредитам.
    В ходе встречи стороны также обсудили вопросы укрепления сотрудничества между Таджикистаном и Международной финансовой корпорацией Группы Всемирного банка.

  60. Сравнение источников капитала для компаний.
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    Новости экономики, финансов и инвестиций.
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