Voter Registration Rolls Under Scrutiny

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Far-Right Activists Urging States to Maintain Voter Registration Lists

In a recent article published by NBC News, which as we all know is a charter member of the Propaganda Media Complex (PMC), they inform us that so-called “far right” activist groups networked across 24 states have developed a program named EagleAI (pronounced Eagle EYE) that is a database of voter rolls that purportedly flags registrations that may be suspect for scrutiny for such things as names that appear on the Social Security Death Index, or duplicity of names registered in multiple districts.  It’s good to hear that somebody is trying to minimize voter fraud.  Any effort to make sure all votes are legitimate has my full support.

Of course the very first sentence of the article describes this network as “far right activists, some of whom falsely believe the 2020 election was stolen”. [1]  

As though NBC had conducted a thorough investigation into over 1,000 independent claims of voter fraud spread across multiple states.  If you recall the aftermath of the election, there were more than 1,000 Affidavits filed under penalty of perjury by independent witnesses who observed irregularities in the swing states.  Those claims were quickly denied by the Democrat Party and “debunked” by the PMC.  I don’t recall any thorough 2 year investigations by Special Counsels like those appointed to frame President Trump.  Those allegations and cursory reviews by Democrat-selected judges were “decided” virtually overnight.  So NBC News has determined immediately that the far right activists falsely believe the election was stolen, basically with no investigation at all.  They couldn’t possibly have come to that conclusion instantly.

So We the People are supposed to believe the word of the DNC, proven liars, and ignore the testimony of 1,000 INDEPENDENT affiants.  How can they say there is “no evidence” of widespread voter fraud, when they don’t even listen to the witnesses, or investigate it at all?

According to NBC, one of the activists emailed a top Florida election official with a list of about 10,000 names that should be reviewed and the state official forwarded the list to county supervisors.  The state official, identified as Maria Matthews, couldn’t say how the list was generated or what sources may have produced it, only that the “concerned citizen” who sent her the email was Dan Helm, whom NBC described as “a longtime Florid-based activist who has made unfounded voter fraud claims across the state”.

The EagleAI program was launched in 2023 by a retired doctor and used by a group founded by former Trump election lawyer, Cleta Mitchell, who was an unindicted co-conspirator in the Georgia case that has charged Trump with attempting to overthrow the 2020 election.  Mitchell was quoted as saying, “the left will hate this”, in reference to the EagleAI program.

Wesley Wilcox, Supervisor of Elections in Marion County, Florida said that “95% of the records identified in his county were records that his office has already identified for voter roll maintenance . . . ”  So, the EagleAI program must be getting fairly reliable data if it’s about 95% accurate, right?

Matthews, the Director of the Florida Division of Elections, assured all interested parties that the state does not take action to change a voter’s record, or remove any voter from the rolls without first exercising due diligence to determine “credible and reliable” information exists to warrant any action.

Far Left Activists Trying to Prevent Voter Registration Lists From Being Maintained

But left wing activists never miss an opportunity to ridicule anything that tries to question the authority of the Democrat Party.  No matter how credible the allegations of voter fraud may be, or how justifiable efforts are to ensure that the integrity of our voting system is secure, left wing activists will attempt to caste a nefarious shadow over the claims.  As soon as any far left activist catches wind of a story, they jump into action and formulate a media strategy to attack the story.  Among the first to respond is the multistate voting rights group All Voting is Local Action.  They sent a letter to Florida Secretary of State Cord Byrd asking him to tell local officials to “disregard” the 10,000 name list and encourage counties to “not perform list maintenance based on unreliable and unreviewed data”.  They also want a state elections investigation office to refrain from making any communicationsthat could be perceived as “improper or threatening”.

By who?  Presumably the far left wing activists?  The Democrat Party?

The All Voting is Local Action letter was co-signed by the NAACP, Common Cause Florida, the Legal Defense Fund, and the Advancement Project.  They are all far left advocacy groups who state they are fighting the same thing.  The Common Cause mission statement says, in part, “that every eligible voter can have a say”.  We the People don’t disagree with that, as long as they are eligible.  When you open the main page of the Legal Defense Fund, you are immediately prompted to donate to their organization, without being able to see what they are about, but they are essentially a racial justice advocacy organization founded in 1940 by Thurgood Marshall.  As for the Advancement Project, they are a politically liberal American nonprofit organization that focuses on racial justice issues. [2]  In other words, all of these groups could be characterized as one and the same.  There is no diversity among their goals.

Brad Ashwell, Florida State Director for All Voting is Local Action, told NBC News that “it is a voter suppression technique and can bog down the machinery of elections at critical points”.  The DNC apparently doesn’t have any problem of “bogging down the machinery” on Election Night by reporting water leaks, power outages, and the like to give “officials” time to rescan enough Democrat ballots to “win” elections.

The Solution

The “far right” groups also have a presence in the seven swing states of Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.  Good!  It’s long past due that someone is trying to ensure that every eligible vote counts, and every ineligible vote is thrown out.  There is only one way to conduct free and fair elections, and that is to mandate state-issued voter ID cards with unique identification numbers/codes.  Any voter who moves out of state must surrender his/her voter ID card from the previous state before being issued a new card and the number would stay with the voter for life.  Any voter who moves “in state” could vote using his/her state-issued card but the number would prevent casting multiple ballots when that number has already been used.

Ask any Democrat voter why they object to Voter ID and wait for their pre-programmed response.  I’d wager if you surveyed 10 people, six of the answers would be the same, and the other four are too stupid to remember what they were supposed to say.

Comments welcomed.


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