Armed Insurrection is Imminent

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Newsweek appears to be warning Americans that an “armed insurrection” is imminent. Under the headline, “Millions of Angry, Armed Americans Stand Ready to Seize Power If Trump Loses in 2024”, published on December 20th 2021 [1], David H. Freedman of Newsweek magazine is warning us that democracy is under attack. It’s under attack alright.  Not by the threat of armed militias, by the radical Marxist DNC and their Praetorian Guard, the mainstream media (MSM).

The piece is loaded with propaganda designed to make you think heavily armed militias are going to overthrow the government by force the day after Election Day, or whenever Democrats finish counting their votes, if Trump doesn’t win in 2024.

Of course, all these heavily armed militias are “overwhelmingly white, Republican and southern or rural”, “stoked by misinformation”.

It doesn’t take long for a left-wing “journalist” to forget that the Hillary Clinton campaign mastered the art of political misinformation by funding and promoting the Great Russia Hoax of 2016.  But he did remember that all non-Democrats are what she termed a “basket of deplorables”.  So, just for the fun of it, I’m going to highlight some more of his “brilliant analysis”.

“Democrats worry that voter suppression and election interference from Republican state officials will deny millions of Americans their say at the polling booths.” Whoa now!  It was Democrat election officials in heavily controlled and highly protected polling stations denying access to Republican observers in every battleground state. Don’t believe your lying eyes that may have seen those videos of “election officials” kicking observers out of the room, and covering up the windows.

“Republicans claim, contrary to the evidence, that Democrats have already manipulated vote counts through fraud to steal a presidential election. An October CNN poll found that more than three-quarters of Republicans falsely believe Joe Biden’s 2020 election win was fraudulent.”

“Contrary to the evidence”?  Are you SURE? “CNN poll”?  I wonder if they wanted to project a certain slant?

I could get into the entire fraudulent election thing here, but frankly that’s a debate that deserves its own spot at a different time. For now I’ll just offer this scenario and let you be the judge:

• You are in Investigator.

• There is a cult that operates in several compounds across the country.

• The cult owns and manages the local newspapers.

• There are eyewitness reports of “irregularities”.  It could be any alleged crime.  For this example, I’ll say all of the young children are girls.  The baby boys have disappeared under mysterious circumstances and in several of the compounds.

• Over 1,000 eyewitnesses have signed sworn Affidavits under penalty of perjury.

• Every time you interview the cult leaders in each state, they deny all accusations using the exact same terminology among the different branches/chapters, as if they held a conference call.  Their cult-controlled newspapers don’t even mention the story.

Who are you going to believe?  A thousand independent affiants, or the affiliated cult leaders who have their own lives threatened if the evidence is revealed? That’s the DNC and the MSM in a nutshell.

Freedman goes on to question whether either side would accept the results of a close election that would “likely bring tens of millions of protesters and counter-protesters into the streets”, then warns that “although many Democrats might be inclined to demonstrate, a larger percentage of Republican protesters would almost certainly be carrying guns.”

He cites that “more than three-quarters of Republicans reported ‘low trust’ in the federal government in a Grinnell College national poll in October”, and further, “more than two out of three Republicans think democracy is under attack, according to the Grinnell poll . . . half as many Democrats say the same.” Those findings I can believe, because democracy is under attack – by the Democrats.

Then he inserts that a third of Democrats believe democracy is under attack by Republicans.  How could that even be possible right now?  Republicans currently hold no power in the federal government and unless CNN is on the scene of an organized insurrection at this moment, I don’t think there are any armed conflicts in progress, except for the daily slaughter of victims in Chicago, Baltimore, New York, Philadelphia, Detroit, etc., by street gangs.  Oh wait, didn’t Freedman just say the heavily armed militias were “overwhelmingly white, Republican and southern or rural”?

“Mainstream news publications are filled with howls of protest over political outrages by Republican leaders . . . “

Then he cites two newspapers; The Gaston Gazette of Gastonia, NC, which quoted “Thomas Paine’s exhortation to colonists to take up arms against the British”, and “a letter published in September in The New Mexico Sun likewise warns Republicans, “between the traditional Americans and those who want to impose socialism in this country and thus obtain complete government control of its citizens.”

“Mainstream”?  Are you kidding me right now?  I’m pretty sure the Gaston Gazette and the New Mexico Sun are NOT “mainstream”. In fact, I’d say we could confidently call Newsweek mainstream.

Whoever sent the letter to The New Mexico Sun is right, it’s traditional Americans versus those who want to impose socialism.

Thanks to The Gaston Gazette for remembering me, but I am NOT advocating real American patriots “take up arms” against the U.S. government.  My advice is to combat their Marxist ideology with common sense and win elections legitimately, with a keen eye on how they are conducted.  By ballot not bullet.

Comments welcome

[1] Newsweek Magazine, Dec 20,2021

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