The Puppet Master Raises His Head

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Every red-blooded American patriot knows the DNC has been hijacked by the radical left-wing faction within their party, Hell-bent on “fundamentally transforming” the United States into a Marxist socialist society.  And they are proceeding at an alarming pace.  But who exactly is directing everything?  In my, almost never, humble opinion (IMANHO), the answer is painfully obvious.

Is Biden running the show?  Puhhleeez.

Is The Squad (AOC, Omar, Tlaib, and Pressley) in charge?  C’Mon man.  It has to be someone more powerful than that.

Kamala?  Yeah, right.  She’s nothing more than word salad nonsense.

Oh wait.  Have we forgotten someone?  You know, the guy who organized a 30,000 member army of activists to further his agenda, which has always been to destroy America.  Yeah, THAT guy.  Here’s a couple pictures of him, just to remind you  —-

He made his first return to the White House recently (Tuesday, April 5, 2022) to stir up some excitement with the base Democrats amidst sinking poll numbers for the “most popular” President in history.  I’m sure all 81 million voters saw the video of their man being overshadowed by their Messiah.

Watch the video in the link to see poor old Joe being upstaged by his former, and current, boss.

The conservative media all dutifully expressed their sadness for the latest high profile Democrat criminal.  I know, he hasn’t been charged with anything, so all accusations are purely alleged.  Never mind the growing list of credible evidence, some of it already verified to have serious implications (Hunter’s laptop).  But remember, the Attorney General is always appointed by the President, and presumed to be impartial.  I suspect that isn’t even close to an accurate perception.  Basically Merrick Garland is the commanding officer of the DNC Praetorian Guard. 

Despite numerous opportunities to prosecute Hillary Clinton, among other high-ranking Democrats, with plenty of evidence, Trump’s AGs never brought any charges against them in four years, all while he was under intense investigation himself.  But when the Democrats are in charge, the DOJ exhibits a little more “enthusiasm” (Loretta Lynch and Obama’s “wing man” Eric Holder).  It’s almost like the Democrats are above the law, while Republicans get accused of phony scandals and must constantly remain on defense, perhaps as a stratagem.

Dare I suggest that Obama deserves a little investigating himself?  Let me lay out a few facts and see if we can connect the dots to form a theory based on a pattern, or theme, to the actions he has taken.  Critics and deniers will try to denounce all this, calling it all part of a right-wing conspiracy theory, and labelling me a racist.  So to back up some allegations, I offer details, to wit:

•  Obama is a disciple of Saul Alinsky – Alinsky was a prominent community organizer in Chicago, founding several organizations in the 1940s that recruited various ethnicities and generated a grievance industry.  (sound familiar?) In his book, Rules for Radicals, under The Ideology of Change, Alinsky advocates for the “reorganization into a new social order” leading to the “political paradise of communism”.  I’ll be damned; “change”, “new social order”, and the “paradise of communism”.  That almost sounds like the mantra of todays’ DNC.                                                     

Following two years in New York City at Columbia University and two years of employment, Obama moved to his “hometown”, Chicago, at the age of 23, becoming Director of the Developing Communities Project (DCP) from June 1985 to May 1988, then traveled to Europe and Kenya for about 2 months.  In the summer of 1988 he entered Harvard Law School.  While at Harvard, Obama went to Los Angeles to attend a “national training course on Alinsky methods of organizing” [1], graduated in 1991 and returned to Chicago.  He taught courses at the University of Chicago Law School for twelve years (1992-2004), including eight years as a Senior Lecturer, teaching courses in due process and equal protection, voting rights, and racism and law.  Hmmm, “voting rights” and “racism”; two high profile issues being championed by Democrats today.  Although they never met (Alinsky died in 1972), you can clearly see that Obama was hugely influenced by Alinsky by reading my two-part series, The Socialist Agenda of Alinsky and Obama

•  In a speech Obama gave during a campaign rally in 2008, Obama said, “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”  He wasn’t kidding.  That “transformation” is right now on “full throttle” and it means he intends to change the United States into a socialist/communist society.

•  Obama’s 2008 campaign slogan was “Hope and Change” – the deliberate deception was to make the listener think he meant he was offering them hope that he could effect real change in terms of improving their lives.  In reality, he intended to change America into a socialist state using Alinsky’s blueprint.

•  Soon after his inauguration, he starts pushing for “universal health care”, a key pillar of socialism.  The result was the passage of the Affordable Care Act (ACA, commonly known as ObamaCare).  All the well-founded criticism about most of the working class losing their preferred health care didn’t matter.  The worn-out promise “if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor”, became a joke, and premiums skyrocketed for harder to find doctors in the system.  I don’t want to deny health care to needy patients, wealthy or not, but we didn’t need to overhaul he entire system to accommodate relatively few people.  And now we have socialist health care that is inferior to the system we previously had.  If you think the government should be in charge of health care, ask a veteran how he rates the VA.

•  Another big agenda item on Obama’s list was education reform.  If you recall, it was during the early years of the first Obama term that Democrats started ramping up their campaign for free college tuition, college loan debt forgiveness, and the Common Core curriculum came to be.  “In general, socialists believe the government should provide a range of basic services to the public, such as health care and education, for free or at a significant discount.”  [2]                   

Have you ever seen a typical Common Core math problem?  It’s literally insane.  In Obama’s mind, he had tackled two of the biggest institutions with socialist reforms.  It was time to divide and conquer the social consciousness by waging class warfare, creating racial animosity, vilifying the police, and exploding the national debt, all intentionally designed to crush the working middle class and split the country into two antagonistic factions.  Attacks on critical institutions like the welfare system and the military were soon to follow. 

•  To take America down a few notches, he figured he would decimate the military.  There has always been resistance to excessive military spending, some of it justifiable.  Obama knew he could exploit that, starting with some general support.  The actions he took to cripple the military are too numerous to mention here, but one of the most demoralizing moves he ordered was to issue “pink slips” (notices of impending layoffs) to officers in the combat zone of Afghanistan.  Imagine being in the theater of war, literally hoping you don’t get killed at any moment, and receiving a pink slip.  Is that really necessary?  Couldn’t it have been delayed until the officer returned home?  Of course.  But the object was to demoralize the officers, and thereby distract them from their life-threatening duties, giving them something else to think about.  Despicable, and arguably treasonous!

•  Then Chief Counterterrorism Advisor, John Brennan, received a letter dated  October 19, 2011, from signatories of 57 Islamic organizations, complaining of  “biased, false and highly offensive training materials about Muslims and Islam” inside the federal government’s instructional halls, and demanded that biased trainers be disciplined, that all instructors undergo retraining and that materials deemed offensive by Muslim activists be purged.  Within six months, the Department of Defense ordered Lt. Col. Matthew Dooley to cease and desist  teaching a Pentagon pre-approved course that prepared commissioned officers for deployment to the Middle East; the Department of Homeland Security was ordered to scrub the watch list of suspected terrorists; and the Department of Justice ordered the FBI to purge their watch list and cease the profiling of suspected Islamic terrorists.  All three of those cabinet departments were headed by Obama appointees who had only one boss, Obama himself. 

More than 300 identified terrorists, mostly foreign nationals, were scrubbed from the system under the guise of civil rights, as if terrorists deserve the same civil rights as American citizens.  Philip Haney, founding member of DHS and developer of the TECS system for collecting and organizing data on suspected terrorists, author of the book See Something, Say Nothing, said, “What I witnessed suggests the Obama administration is more concerned with the rights of non-citizens in known Islamist groups than with the safety and security of the American people”.  Haney was found dead of a gunshot wound on February 21, 2020 in a park and ride lot near his home in California, ruled a suicide, but possibly assassinated.  The local Sheriff’s Department is still waiting for the FBI to complete its investigation.

The attacks that followed:

15 Apr 2013: The Tsarnaev brothers detonate two bombs at the Boston Marathon – 3 dead, 264 wounded.  An FBI-led Boston Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) Officer questioned Tamerlan Tsarnaev in 2011 and closed his case.  In January 2012, Tsarnaev boarded a flight to Moscow, which triggered an alert to the Boston JTTF Officer.  He failed to follow up.  Then the Russians notified the CIA of Tsarnaev’s activities and the CIA alerted several agencies including the FBI, the DHS, and the National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC), which placed Tsarnaev on a “watch list”.  The NCTC referred the case to the FBI’s Foreign Terrorist Tracking Task Force (FTTTF), and the FTTTF analyst who reviewed the case determined the information was the same as the original JTTF assessment, despite the intermediate trip to Russia/Dagestan, and dropped the case.  [3]

2 Dec 2015: Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik attack the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino, CA – 14 dead, 22 wounded.  The San Bernardino terrorists were affiliated with Tablighi Jamaat.  Philip Haney claims that if his case had remained open, there would have been two red flags raised prior to the attack.  Either Farook would have been placed on the “no-fly” list or Malik would have been denied a visa based on Farook’s association with the known terrorist organization.

12 Jun 2016: Omar Mateen blocks the only unlocked exit inside an Orlando, FL nightclub and opens fire with semi-automatic weapons – 49 dead, 53 wounded.  Mateen came to the attention of the FBI in 2013 when co-workers reported he had made inflammatory comments claiming connections to foreign terrorists. They opened a case and placed him on a terrorist watch list for over a year.  The FBI interviewed Mateen again following a May 2014 bombing in Syria based on his contact with the suicide bomber, who had attended the same mosque.  They ended their investigation after a third interview found no credible evidence that he posed a terrorist threat.  The mosque in Fort Pierce, Florida frequented by Omar Mateen is also affiliated with the Tablighi Jamaat network.

All of these terrorist attacks have common threads:

1. they were all committed by Islamic extremists, or “radical” Islamists.

2. two of the three were affiliated with the same terrorist network – the Tablighi Jamaat

3. two of the three were committed by terrorists who were on the FBI “radar screen”, more than once.

4. all of them could plausibly have been prevented by Philip Haney’s program if it had been permitted to continue.

This is my personal favorite act of alleged treason committed by Obama, among several “contestants”.  It was a deliberate act that exposed American citizens to a very real threat, and left blood on his hands.

•  Obama’s 2012 campaign slogan was “Forward” – a term long associated Europe’s radical left wing.  “A column by Russian immigrant Svetlana Kunin, for Investor’s Business Daily, said Obama seeks to move America forward to ‘total government involvement in people’s lives.’ “ [4]

In his book, Radical in Chief, Stanley Kurtz called Obama a “stealth socialist”, saying, “over the long term, Obama’s plans are designed to ensnare the country in a new socialism, a stealth socialism that masquerades as a traditional sense of fair play, a soft but pernicious socialism similar to that currently strangling the economies of Europe.”  [5]  Kurtz recognized that Obama is playing the long game, and exploiting the natural instinct of liberal minds to embrace compassion towards the “Have-Nots”, as Alinsky called them.  How many times did you hear him say the millionaires and billionaires (the “Haves”) should pay their “fair share” in taxes to subsidize the “Have-Nots”?  Deliberate class warfare.  Divide and conquer.

Ken Blackwell, former Ohio Secretary of State, said, “My fundamental belief is that he wants to transform our market economy into a government-controlled economy – not far afield from European-style socialism.” [6]  There’s that word again, ‘transform’.

•  During the 2016 election cycle, it was widely accepted that Hillary Clinton, the Queen of Corruption, would carry on with Obama’s agenda.  All the polls told us it was inevitable that she would be coronated.  As an insurance policy, she and her campaign brain trust, concocted a phony opposition research scheme that implicated Donald Trump as a Russian agent.  The propaganda arm of the DNC, the mainstream media, was eager to promote the story.  As it turned out, Trump won the election, legitimately, and the entire smear campaign was exposed as a complete lie financed by the Clinton campaign.  Meanwhile, Obama had to put his plans on hold until the Democrats won back the White House, BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY.  They assured Joe Biden that he could hide away in his basement during the campaign season of 2020.  They would make sure Trump was not re-elected.  Using the COVID pandemic as an excuse to lobby for mail-in voting, and massive fraud in battleground states, they somehow produced 81 million votes for a candidate who hardly even poked his head out during the campaign.  The Trump legal team collected over 1,000 independent sworn affidavits from witnesses who claimed they saw various “irregularities” at polling places in seven states.  The DNC simply denied everything, echoed by the MSM, and the courts dutifully dismissed the cases.  Texas brought a case before the U.S. Supreme Court on behalf of four states, which is perfectly allowable, and on December 11, 2020, SCOTUS announced they would not consider the case because it “had no basis”.  No basis?  Are you serious? 

At that point, there was no stopping the Biden inauguration, despite a January 6th “mainly peaceful” protest on the U.S. Capitol that Democrats immediately called an “insurrection”.  To this day, the FBI and recruited antagonists have not been completely exonerated in their incitement of the “riot”.  And of course, the DOJ has no intention of exploring that avenue of investigation.

•  In the 2018 midterm primary, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (D-NY) won a shocking victory over powerful Democrat Caucus Chair, 10 time incumbent, Joe Crowley.  She immediately formed a coalition with Rashida Tlaib (D-MI), Ilhan Omar (D-MN), and Ayanna Pressley (D-MA), naming themselves “The Squad”, and began lobbying for alternative energy sources they termed the “Green New Deal”, which called for a quick transition to renewable resources and abandonment of fossil fuels.  Fast forward a few years and it seems The Squad has hijacked the entire DNC and is directing policy from the House of Representatives.   

•  Enter “Quid Pro” Joe Biden: Remember the Ukraine scandal of 2020?  That time VP Joe Biden withheld $1 billion in funding to Ukraine unless they fired the respected prosecutor who was zeroing in on his son, Hunter.  He bragged about it on camera.  Check out the video at
Biden brags about withholding aid from Ukraine unless they fire the Prosecutor investigating his son, Hunter

By this time, Biden is mentally declining, to put it mildly, and Obama will find it easy to manipulate everything from behind the scenes, which is exactly what is going on right now.  After all, he didn’t recruit an army of over 30,000 activists to further his agenda for no reason.  They had “work” to do.

•  On his first day in office, Biden halted the Keystone XL pipeline and issued Executive Orders that effectively shut down domestic oil and gas production by eliminating exploration on federal lands.  Apparently, Biden is beholden to The Squad and will not budge on his war against American energy, even in the face of serious shortages and rapid inflation due to the current Russia/Ukraine conflict.  He has even pledged to increase exports of U.S. produced LNG to Europe by 15 bcm (billion cubic meters) this year, and increase those exports to 50 bcm annually through 2030.  To put that in perspective, we sent Europe about 22 bcm last year, and the total U.S. production is only about 100 bcm.  Simple logic tells us that less supply for Americans means higher prices.  But never mind you hurting Americans.  You can just pay $5 a gallon for your gas, or buy an electric car.  Is this just stubborn old Joe, as if he can analyze anything, or is there a bigger picture lurking in the shadows?  An opportunity for Obama to strike a devastating blow to the American economy.  This whole pandemic and Russian aggression thing is working out really well for a guy who wants to destroy a country. 

Looking down the road, he quite possibly sees a replacement for Biden in 2024, perhaps another easily controlled “candidate”.  Maybe even somebody he lives with and could place on a pedestal, convincing his moronic voting base that Michelle would be a fine first woman President.  We know the media will be ecstatic.  He’s even on record as saying he could control someone by giving instructions through a hidden earpiece.  Sound ludicrous?  Don’t be surprised when they nominate Michelle.  Then he’d have eight more years to “fundamentally transform” America.



[1] Lizza, Ryan ; The New Republic, March 19, 2007 ; The Agitator: Barack Obama’s Unlikely Political Education – courtesy Wikipedia, Footnote 58                                 

[2] Haltiwanger, John, Business Insider, February 11, 2020

[3] Excerpts from an article by Susan Zalkind, Boston Daily, 11 Apr 2014 under headline, “FBI Admits It Missed Opportunities to Stop Tamerlan Tsarnaev”

[4] CNBC ; Election 2012: Is Obama a Socialist? ; June 4, 2012                                        

[5] ibid., Kurtz, Stanley, Senior Fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center, a conservative Washington think tank

[6] ibid.



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