Our Immigration System Isn’t Broken 

Thomas Paine: American Philosopher, & Revolutionary

From 1776 through the formation of The Constitution I helped create America. Now I have returned to help save America. American Patriots must join together, speak out in free and open discussion to fight the “woke” anti-American mob, and further the cause of FREEDOM.

Stymie Them with Deflection

Less than 36 hours before the expiration of Title 42, set to expire at midnight on 11th May, U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorcas  [1], took to the podium to announce that the massive influx of illegal immigrants crossing our southern border is to be blamed on Congress, for failing to enact immigration reforms.  In recent days there have been over 10,000 illegal crossings per day, and they are set to be released into the interior with no method of tracking their whereabouts.  

Nevermind that the Biden administration held complete control of Congress for two years and did nothing to address the invasion of illegals.  In fact, they advertised that the United States was willing to accept any and all comers in an veritable “come on down” invitation.  Now that Republicans have regained control of the House of Representatives, it’s their fault.

Maybe someone should remind Sect. Mayorcas that we already have immigration laws that have been on the books for decades.  Maybe the Biden administration should be enforcing existing laws, instead of deflecting blame onto newly elected Republicans.

There is a law titled Immigration and Nationality Act, enacted in 1952.  It’s been amended many times over the past 70 years and now includes several statutes that fall under Title 8 U.S. Code, to name a few:

§ 1152 – Numerical Limitations on Individual Foreign States

§ 1154 – Procedure for Granting Immigrant Status

§ 1157 – Annual Admission of Refugees and Admission of Emergency Situation Refugees

§ 1158 – Asylum

§ 1181 – Admission of Immigrants into the United States

§ 1182 – Inadmissible Aliens

§ 1185 – Travel Control of Citizens and Aliens

§ 1222 – Detention of Aliens for Physical and Mental Examination

§ 1223 – Entry Through or from Foreign Territory and Adjacent Islands

§ 1225 – Inspection by Immigration Officers; Expedited Removal of Inadmissible Arriving Aliens; Referral for Hearing

These just touch on the subject and I’ve linked them for convenience should anyone care to review them.  There are many others that may be of interest.  Perhaps Sect. Mayorcas should be apprised of these laws he is supposed to be enforcing, rather than grandstanding for “news” cameras in a feeble attempt to convince the idiots that support the Democrat agenda that the whole situation is completely unavoidable. Our immigration system isn’t broken. This administration is just breaking its laws, every day.



[1]  Wikipedia


The Two-State Solution

Thomas Paine: American Philosopher, & Revolutionary

From 1776 through the formation of The Constitution I helped create America. Now I have returned to help save America. American Patriots must join together, speak out in free and open discussion to fight the “woke” anti-American mob, and further the cause of FREEDOM.

The System

We are all part of “the system”, being the institutions and mechanisms by which we are governed.  The system, inspired by the Declaration of Independence and defined by the Constitution, created the most prosperous nation in the history of man.  Suddenly, it’s not good enough for radical left-wing activists driving the Democrat party towards communism.  In their collective minds, everything about America is shameful and must be torn down, then restructured to their liking, in the form of a socialist (communist) state.

When Lenin rose to power with the Bolsheviks and overthrew the Provisional government centered in the capital city of Petrograd (now Saint Petersburg), he was considered the leader of the Russian Revolution.  When Ayatollah Khomeini overthrew the Pahlavi dynasty and replaced the government of Iran with the Islamic republic, he was recognized as the leader of the Iranian Revolution.  When the French Revolution broke out in 1789, it was viewed as a period of radical and societal change.  The early years were dominated by struggles for political control, economic depression, and civil disorder.  Sound familiar?  The conditions we are experiencing right now are starting to look like a comprehensive strategy by revolutionaries, or a certain mastermind, designed to radically transform America into a socialist state.  He even told us, out loud in front of a microphone, he was going to do it.  He is implementing a second American Revolution designed to overthrow the government while everyone is distracted by multiple crises of his own creation, the Cloward-Piven strategy. [1]   

To quote Wikipedia; “In political philosophy, the right of revolution (or right of rebellion) is the right or duty of a people to “alter or abolish” a government that acts against their common interests or threatens the safety of the people without cause. Stated throughout history in one form or another, the belief in this right has been used to justify various revolutions, including the American Revolution, French Revolution, the Russian Revolution, and the Iranian Revolution.”  [2]

The DNC voting base has been thoroughly indoctrinated and remain loyal to their beloved party, which was at one time respectable.  Traditional liberals, many we know to be decent people, don’t even realize the Democrat party has been hijacked by radical revolutionaries and is no longer working for them, no longer the champion of minority interests, or the underprivileged, and bears no resemblance to their parent’s Democrat party.  The DNC now wants to make us all underprivileged, by controlling the population under the iron fist of conformity, overregulation and excessive taxation.

Witness the “climate change” movement and Biden’s war on American energy.  Runaway inflation directly caused by the war on fossil fuels is a burdensome tax on every American family.  Their entire domestic policy is driven by the Green New Deal and the message is “just buy an electric car”.  But Democrats never consider the “ripple effect” of their ridiculous ideas. 

They expect the dumb asses who keep voting for them to trumpet their cause.  Their propaganda media complex, including big tech, is there to shame all resistance and silence the opposition.  It’s their “go to” play. 

Setting aside the fact that we all are supposed to suffer economic consequences to achieve some pie-in-the-sky “save the planet” nonsense, the critical thinker might ask a few questions, like:   

China and India are the world’s largest polluters.  How can you expect to clean the environment if the other side of the same planet is exempt from your policy?

90% of CO2 emissions come from decaying leaves.  Are you proposing that all the world’s trees be cut down?  If not, why are you targeting less than 10% of the source?

How many solar panels and windmills does it take to upgrade every power generating facility in the country?

Mass production of EV batteries will require vast quantities of metals and minerals.  How do you plan to mine those resources without consuming massive quantities of diesel fuel?  (see my article The DNC War on American Energy.)

The Green New Deal is nothing more than a colossal virtue signal.

The system is bigger than any political party or any individual politician.  The system is not to be tampered with, reformed, or “fundamentally transformed” to Obama’s specifications.  We the People are the “shareholders” of America.  The government does not rule us.  We are to direct them, by electing representatives who pledge to sustain the ideals, customs, and freedoms we are to preserve for generations to come. 

We the People, as the stewards of America, are in an ideological war to save the system that was created to govern us on a limited basis.  The government was never intended to control the American people.  It is supposed to serve us.

The State of the Union

The state of the union, as it exists today, is unacceptable to any red-blooded American Patriot.  When a presidential election has been rigged to install a fraudulent President, by manufacturing phony ballots, We the People are treading uncharted waters.   

Now we have gone through two successive election cycles rigged by the DNC. Apparently, we may not have the traditional option of winning hearts and minds with better ideas, then depending on the next election to take power away from the Democrats.  As it stands, they have complete control and the means to keep it to implement their communist agenda.  We the People no longer have a vote.  Our voices have been cancelled.  We are now subject to taxation without representation. 

We are being conditioned by the propaganda media complex to believe the 2020 election fraud claims can simply be dismissed as “Trump’s Big Lie”.  

We are supposed to accept the notion that election results in battleground states won by Trump in 2016 were flipped in favor of a candidate who rarely left his basement during the entire campaign. 

There were over 1,000 independent affiants who signed sworn Affidavits under penalty of perjury, that they witnessed “irregularities” in their respective voting precincts.  Could a senile old man, coddled by the media really have been so popular to earn 81 million votes, without campaigning?  Do you really believe all those “irregularities” just happened to occur where the race was predicted to be close?  What a “coincidence”.  Two, maybe three, connected oddities might be coincidences.  At some point, like five or six, odd occurrences become arrangements.  Anyone interested in the details of Trump and Republican Party lawsuits in the battleground states, regarding the 2020 election, can examine the specifics HERE [3]

It might be understandable if Trump’s performance had been poor, but the economy was robust, interest rates were low, the country had become energy independent, unemployment had been reduced to the lowest levels ever for minority groups, the military had been strengthened, and our borders were secured under his watch.  Normally, incumbents get re-elected under conditions that come close to those achievements.  Conversely, they want you to believe there was immense support for the Democrat party in the mid-term election of 2022 after two years of Biden’s terrible performance.  It simply makes no sense.  

To find out why, read my article What Happened to the Red Wave?

The DNC is the existential threat to our constitutional republic, and they are actively destroying it every day.  Not only do they attack the Constitution and the Bill of Rights with relentless determination, but they have effectively perfected the process of rigging elections to ensure permanent power

If, in fact, the Democrat party (DNC), successfully masterminded and engineered a fraudulent election, that could be considered as the most heinous crime in American history, because they disenfranchised the sacred right to vote from the legitimate 76 million Americans who voted under expectations that they were participating in a free and fair election.  The DNC has essentially conducted a bloodless coup d’état without firing a shot.

It’s classic taxation without representation.  So there’s THAT !

What Recourse Do We the People Have?

Faced with the realization that our vote has been cancelled, and a revolutionary Marxist regime has been installed to implement an anti-American agenda, what recourse do we have? 

The good news is, we don’t have to start another civil war or engage in a violent revolt.  Maybe there’s a way to end all the division and hatred created by Obama.  A way that could provide peace and tranquility for everyone, a political “divorce”, citing irreconcilable differences.  Why should we all remain “married” to each other?  Why put up with it any longer?

Democrats hate Republicans and Republicans hate Democrats.  That fact is not likely to change anytime soon failing the acceptance of a unifying leader rising amid automatic preconceived resistance.  In other words, “bloody unlikely”.  Essentially, 70% of the electorate is pissed off all the time at the “other side of the aisle”?  The two-party system is broken beyond repair.

In my opinion, a two-state solution could solve the entire problem. 

DISCLAIMER: I am not the originator of the concept of a two-state solution.  It has been proposed as a way to settle the conflict over territory in Israel, offering the West Bank to the Palestinians as an independent state.  The UN adopted the concept by resolution in 1974.  Neither side has been able to negotiate an acceptable agreement since.  But the concept remains “alive”.  I am not formally proposing a split of the United States.  All I am saying is that given the deep divide between the two political factions, with virtually zero chance of ever unifying the country again, a two-state solution seems like a potential option that could appease both sides.  If the idea ever gained traction, I could possibly support the movement.  

When the President of the United States has been installed by fraud for the purpose of furthering an agenda to “fundamentally transform” America into a socialist nation, it becomes incumbent upon every Patriot to defend the Constitution

The Declaration of Independence addresses the very situation we are facing, WHEREIN it is stated:

“That to secure these rights (Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness), Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, —That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”

We the People don’t need to “institute new Government”.  We just want the government we already have.  History tells us that Lincoln raised an army to squash the seceding southern states in the Civil War.  However, the two-state solution is not a rebel faction declaring intentions to secede from the United States.  On the contrary, it proposes a method to sustain American values and the institutions that represent our original constitutional republic, in the face of a radical movement to install an antithetical form of government guided by a cabal of actual revolutionaries who have seized the reigns of power by fraud. 

There’s just one major obstacle; We the People can’t expect those controlling the levers of power to go along with the idea.  In fact, I’d expect them to vow to crush any opposition by military force, and I’m afraid the U.S. military would follow the orders of a fraudulent Commander-in-Chief before they would question their oath of office[4]

The DNC needs the tax base of the producers to fund their bloated welfare state.  They propose guaranteed minimum incomes for as many dependent voters as they can find, or import, and they expect the wealthy and the working middle class to support them.

Despite the appeal that could grow in popularity among the masses, I’m guessing the DNC power players would rather tax the middle class into poverty and wait for their agenda to play out, rather than settle for any quick political “nirvana” offered by a two-state solution.  The DNC doesn’t really care about the people, they just want to keep them under control.  They likely prefer the iron fist over the peace pipe that dries up their cash cow.  When hard core Patriots come to that conclusion, all bets are off.   

DISCLAIMER: For the benefit of the NSA, FBI, and other intelligence agencies;

I’m not proposing any sort of revolution,  I’m not standing on busy street corners shouting out the need to overthrow the government by force. (see 18 U.S. Code § 2385).  There are several codified felonies that address revolutionary actions I am well aware of and intend to avoid at all costs.  The key requirement in most of those codes is “by force or violence”.  For me to get behind any such movement that advocates a two-state solution, the end game would need to be a negotiated settlement executed amicably and peacefully. 

I don’t have a political action committee.  I don’t belong to any terrorist group.  I don’t lead any militias.  Nor am I aware of any secret meetings to organize any clandestine operations.  I’m just exercising my first amendment right to say what I think could work to solve the deepest irreconcilable division this country has seen since the Civil War.

When Lincoln said, “a house divided against itself cannot stand”, he was talking about the ideals of freedom for all and the institution of slavery could not coexist — morally, socially, or legally — under one nation. 

Replace the word “slavery” with the phrase, “the ideology of the radical left-wing faction controlling the Democrat party”, and the quote remains relevant. 

What Is the Two-State Solution and How Would it Work?

It is not necessary for American Patriots to secede from the union, as the rebel south did in the Civil War, because We the People are the “owners” of America and have no intention of leaving our country.  The DNC is the real “rebel” force that has been in the process of “reforming” America and they appear to have permanent control the Senate and the White House.    

We the People recognize the need to restore our voices in the system we were blessed to be governed by.  It is therefore imperative that our rights be guaranteed and granted to future generations as it was always intended by the founders.  We cannot sit back and watch our country be “fundamentally transformed” by radical Marxists.

The two-state solution is not any sort of departure from the United States.  It is the expulsion of revolutionaries who have usurped the levers of power by fraud We the People are kicking them out of America and sending them into permanent exile with one irresistible benefit, we are offering territory with consideration of the states that represent traditional political strongholds, a peaceful and amicable division of the United States into two separate nations.  They would be hard-pressed to find a better deal anywhere, or at any time.  It could be much worse for them in the future, should conservatives figure out how to prevent stolen elections and the power structure shifts. 

To accomplish a territorial division, with the least amount of disruption, would entail a split of the rebel nation into two distinct regions. This new “rebel” nation established by defined international borders could be known by any name their leaders, the current high-ranking Democrats, choose.  For lack of a better term, I would suggest they honor their “supreme leader” and name it Obamastan, split into East Obamastan and West Obamastan.  Details could be negotiated by Congress and adopted by resolution.  The date the resolution is signed by the President would be known as the Date of Resolution. 

They could adopt any form of government to their liking, without interference from America.  They could control their population in any manner their leaders see fit. 

After one year from the Date of Resolution, those residing in East or West Obamastan would permanently denounce their U.S. citizenship and become citizens/subjects of Obamastan. 

East Obamastan would contain most of the northeast U.S., and West Obamastan would occupy the west coast.  Yes, it might be slightly inconvenient to travel between East and West Obamastan, but they are responsible for their own division.  It’s a fair trade-off for political “nirvana”.

All current United States citizens must choose which type of government they wish to live under and will have one year from the Date of Resolution to relocate their residence, if necessary, to their desired country.  The one-year time frame within which every citizen, and non-citizen, must make their individual decisions, shall be known as the “Transition Period”.  After the Transition Period, all people shall be determined to have made their decisions final and will be considered citizens of that respective nation.  Those who decide to occupy East or West Obamastan will forfeit their U.S. citizenship at the expiration of the Transition Period.

All remaining United States citizens occupying territory outside Obamastan will be issued a United States passport and a federally validated photo ID card that must be shown to vote, start a business, buy real estate, lease property, and other official actsAttempts to perform any of those functions without a valid ID card will result in immediate arrest warrant and deportation to the nearest border checkpoint for deportation to their country of origin or into Obamastan.

America would retain our constitutional republic form of government. There would be a new federal capital city built at a suitable centralized location and the federal government would be downsized from its current bloated bureaucracy to essential agencies.  For example, all the various cabinet positions could be consolidated into the Departments of State, Treasury, Interior, and Defense in sweeping reforms that would streamline the functioning of the government and cut waste.  Federal legislators would be elected under term limits with all members of Congress serving a maximum term of 14 years (two full terms as a Senator, or six full terms as a Representative, plus 2 years maximum for any seats filled by special election due to death, retirement, resignation, impeachment, etc.).  Any political party could be formed, and encouraged to participate, by nominating candidates that support the Constitution.  Anti-American political movements would crumble on their own.

The United States will retain and maintain its military within our borders, but we will keep a close eye on potential threats posed by using Obamastan as a “launching pad” for military operations against the United States.  Any military threat will be viewed as a potential invasion and dealt with appropriately.

Non-citizens, from Obamastan, or any other country, may travel or visit the United States on a limited basis with a maximum stay of six weeks in any continuous period, but must check in and check out at a U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) facility and have a valid passport stamped.  There are ways to track individual travelers that don’t need to be specified here, but violators would be subject to prosecution, fines, and/or future travel restrictions.

There could be trade agreements negotiated in good faith, regulated by international law.  Any trade deficits between nations would be settled annually (no accumulation of debt).  Each nation would be responsible for the welfare of its own citizenry.  The United States will offer no foreign aid to Obamastan.

Immigration to the United States would require going through the process legally.  Our borders are NOT open.  All illegal immigrants would be directed to California with relocation expenses charged to the national debt of Obamastan.

What Would the Two-State Solution Look Like?

The most sensible way to subdivide the United States into two separate independent nations, would be to acknowledge those sectors of the country where the two major political parties are dominant.  In other words, a geopolitical split that is the least disruptive to as many people as possible.  Unfortunately, no division could satisfy everyone.  Under such a plan, I would need to relocate myself, but if I can do it, anyone can.  Is political peace not worth the effort?  I’d wager that anyone who leans left, or right, stuck “behind enemy lines” could find the motivation to get out.  Apathetics could remain in place by choice.

From the electoral map of the country shown below in Figure 1, we can clearly see the west coast and the northeast are the two primary Democrat strongholds.  Only Illinois, Colorado, and New Mexico lie amidst the heartland of conservative America.  Liberals in those states, or any other, could elect to stay as U.S. citizens by choice, but why would they want to when the “utopia” of their dreams is within reach?  Why fight it any longer? 

In 2020, Biden supposedly “won” several of the Trump “red” states, but under very mysterious circumstances.  I would say, this 2016 map is more accurate in terms of true political preference and the plan is based on this map.

Figure 1: Electoral map, 2016 Presidential election

Proposed Border between America and East Obamastan

A new international border shall form the boundary between the United States of America and East Obamastan, primarily along the centerlines of watercourses and the Appalachian Trail, as follows (south to north):

From the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay between Norfolk, Virginia and the “Eastern Shore” peninsula, up the Cheaspeake Bay to the mouth of the Rappahannock River;

up the main branch of the Rappahannock to its headwaters just northeast of Chester Gap, Virginia, near the Mosby Campsite, and continuing uphill a short distance to a point in the centerline of the Appalachian Trail;

following the Appalachian Trail northeasterly through Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York to the centerline of the Hudson River under the Bear Mountain Bridge at Fort Clinton, New York, just upriver from Peekskill;

up the main branch of the Hudson River northerly to Fort Edward, New York to the centerline of the Champlain Canal;

following the Champlain Canal northeasterly to Whitehall, New York, where it meets the Vermont state line;

following the New York-Vermont state line northerly through Lake Champlain to its northern terminus at the Canadian border.


East Obamastan shall consist of the complete states of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Delaware; southeastern parts of New York, all but the northern tip of New Jersey, southeastern parts of Pennsylvania, most of Maryland, and parts of northern Virginia.

Those parts of New York and Maryland will retain their state names as part of East Obamastan.  Southeastern Pennsylvania will be renamed to something that does not connote “Penn’s Woods”.

The portion of northern Virginia north of the Rappahannock River and the “Eastern Shore” peninsula will be annexed by Maryland.  

The portion of “upstate” New York west of the Hudson and north of the Appalachian Trail will adopt a new state name and retain its capital city at Albany.

The portion of New Jersey north of the Appalachian Trail will be annexed to “upstate” New York.

The portion of western Maryland west of the Appalachian Trail will be annexed to Pennsylvania, which shall build a new capital city at a location to be determined.  The Liberty Bell shall be relocated from Philadelphia to the new capital city.  The symbol of freedom must remain in America.  Ironically, the two cities that were the “birth centers” of the American Revolution, Boston and Philadelphia, will become part of East Obamastan, a communist nation.  Such is the price of ideological warfare.

What Will the Eastern Border Look Like?

Figure 2: proposed border (approx.) between the United States of America and East Obamastan, as described above

Proposed Border between America and West Obamastan

A new international border shall form the boundary between the United States of America and West Obamastan, essentially following existing state lines, as follows (south to north):

From the Mexican border at the state line between Arizona and California;

Following the Arizona- California state line northerly up the Colorado River to the Nevada state line;

Following the Arizona-Nevada state line northerly to the Utah state line;

Following the Utah-Nevada state line northerly to the Idaho state line;

Following the Idaho-Nevada state line westerly to the Oregon state line;

Following the Idaho-Oregon state line northerly to the Washington state line;

Following the Idaho-Washington state line northerly to its northern terminus at the Canadian border.


West Obamastan shall consist of the complete states of Washington, Oregon, Nevada, California, and Hawaii.

The entire state of Alaska will remain part of the United States of America.

For Patriots/Conservatives Only (delete this chapter before sharing)

Imagine if the two-state solution gained some momentum by spreading the word to develop a groundswell.  Please share the concept among friends, family, and co-workers to gathering support.  What if the masses of Democrat voters figured out the DNC elites were only exploiting the working class to enrich themselves and started protesting their own political leaders, demanding a political “nirvana” the DNC rejects.  How awesome would that be?  Maybe I’d start selling popcorn on Amazon.



[1] Cloward-Piven Strategy ;Wikipedia 


[2]  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Right_of_revolution

(seems to have been partially taken straight from the Declaration of Independence)

[3]  Petras, George ; A Quick Guide: Trump’s Lawsuits Dispute Election Results as Presidency is Called for Biden ; USA Today ; Nov 16, 2020 https://www.usatoday.com/in-depth/news/2020/11/16/trump-election-lawsuits-republicans-battleground-states-vote-count/6177538002/

[4]  Oaths of Enlistment and Oaths of Office ; U.S. Army Center of Military History


As every American should know, the President of the United States is the Commander in Chief of all branches of the U.S. military. 

All U.S. military officers must swear to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic, that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; . . . “ 

The “military oath” has changed over the years, but essentially retains its core principles.  To examine the various oaths, visit the website, or click the link in the article. 

To obey orders that directly contradict an officer’s oath, presents the officer with a conflict; obey the order, or violate the oath.  It could be argued that honoring the oath takes precedence over orders “from the top”, particularly when the orders seem corrupt, illegal, unethical, immoral, or unconstitutional.

The DNC War on American Energy

Thomas Paine: American Philosopher, & Revolutionary

From 1776 through the formation of The Constitution I helped create America. Now I have returned to help save America. American Patriots must join together, speak out in free and open discussion to fight the “woke” anti-American mob, and further the cause of FREEDOM.

The DNC War on American Energy: A Diabolical Plot 

It’s blatantly obvious that the Obiden regime has been waging a war on American energy since his first day in office when he cancelled the Keystone XL pipeline and placed a moratorium on drill leases on federal lands.  [1]

The entire Democrat party is determined to implement the Green New Deal as quickly as possible, all in the name of “climate change”.  The practicality of transitioning away from fossil fuels “overnight”, relatively speaking, is of no concern whatsoever.  It’s all about virtue signaling how the radical left is morally superior by “saving the planet”.  Don’t even think about questioning their motives.  In fact, don’t even think at all.  They can’t be bothered by anyone interfering with such a noble cause.

On the surface, it might seem as if President Biden is now beholden to U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC), (D-NY), her associate “squad” members in Congress, and the Green New Deal (GND) they have proposed in the House, which is backed by 101 Democrat co-sponsors.  But what brought about this resolution ?  Could it be the brainchild of someone a little more intelligent than AOC ?  That’s a distinct possibility, judging from the nonsense of previous comments that can be attributed to her.  And is it simply a coincidence that the GND furthers the “climate change” agenda of Obama ?  These are questions that deserve honest answers.  There seems to be a lot more to it than just the stupid idea of a certain intellectually-challenged Congresswoman.

What we do know for sure is that the “climate change” movement has convinced the leaders of the DNC that the American energy sector must be destroyed and the United States must be weaned off fossil fuels immediately.  The “bonus” for Obama and his army of activists is that doing so will essentially cripple this country’s entire economy, ultimately leading us into communism.  Those who scoff at such a notion, merely need to look at what has happened.  Gas prices have more than doubled since Inauguration Day, inflation has soared out of control as a direct result, and supply chains have been disrupted across many segments for goods and labor needs.  And in case you missed it, the DNC has already perfected the rigging of national elections to ensure they retain permanent power. So, there’s that.

Here’s the 7-point plan: all phases are to be implemented “by any means necessary”

  1. Coordinate election officials in key states to steal the election and seize power
  2. Declare war on fossil fuels
  3. Destroy the U.S. economy through rampant inflation
  4. Disarm the people by hoarding ammunition in case the Second Amendment proves difficult to repeal
  5. Establish electric vehicles while phasing out combustion engines due to lack of affordable fuel
  6. Control and limit the mobility of the people by regulating the power grid
  7. Install a permanent communist regime  

While they are working on Phase 3, Phases 4 and 5 are well underway.  The White House doesn’t give a rat’s ass about this “temporary transition” to EVs.  They say the American people must suffer through some hard times in order to make progress on “climate change”.  It’s the only way to “save the planet”.

But if your plan is to “save the planet”, why are you trying to eliminate the production of oil on American soil and then flying Air Force One to Saudi Arabia to beg them to increase production of their oil ?  American oil and gas are both extracted safer and cleaner than foreign oil.  But it’s somehow fine and dandy as long as that oil and gas are produced on the other side of the same planet.

And now OPEC has announced that they will be cutting production by 2 million barrels per day, a move that will certainly cause further inflation at the pump, and everywhere else.  We are right back to 1973 for dependence on foreign oil.

Oops, you’re not supposed to question the authorities.  There must be other reasons why these matters are better left to the experts.  The American people are too stupid to critically think through such complex problems.

The same can be said about coal.  On the campaign trail at a Town Hall meeting in March 2016, Hillary Clinton said, “We’re going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business.”  In her subsequent book What Happened, she supposedly tried to back-peddle by claiming what she meant “was the exact opposite of what came out.”  Yeah, yeah, that’s it.  [2] 

You might recall, she was Obama’s Secretary of State during his first term (2009-2013), resigning on February 1, 2013, presumably to prepare for her own run at the presidency.  But she was clearly Obama’s hand-picked successor, the darling of the media, and the heir apparent to continue installing Obama’s socialist agenda.  Then, along came Trump, and the entire universe of liberalism went berserk.  They literally could not accept the results of the last fair election, so they were determined to get him out of their way as quickly as possible.  After two failed impeachment attempts, based on fabricated falsehoods, they decided to rig election results in several key states to steal the 2020 election, and get away with it by running out the clock.  It was only 64 days from Election Day to January 6th, when the “certified” electoral votes were officially counted by Congress.  All of Trump’s legal maneuvers were denied by the media and ignored by the Supreme Court on December 11th, as they announced the Texas case, brought on behalf of six states “had no basis”.  What ?  “No basis” ?  Are you serious ?

There were over 1,000 independent witnesses who signed sworn Affidavits under penalty of perjury, claiming they had seen “irregularities” within various polling stations.  Ballots were counted in the middle of the night after observers had been removed from the premises.  There were actual videos of impropriety.  All of it was swept under the rug as “Trump’s big lie.”

The DNC assured Biden he didn’t even need to campaign.  He was to just stay in his basement.  They had everything in control to manufacture 81,000,000 votes, or 90,000,000, if needed.  They were going to seize power “by any means necessary.”  And they did.

Who are you going to believe; an association of people who have one central objective and a lot to lose, or 1,000 completely independent witnesses ?

But I digress.  The point is that no later than 2016, it was clear Obama wanted to destroy the American energy sector, as he had Hillary attacking the coal industry.  And don’t forget, he delayed the Keystone XL and then on Nov 7, 2015, 4 months before Hillary’s Town Hall comment, he announced the Keystone pipeline was dead, once and for all, saying, it “would not make a meaningful long-term contribution to our economy”. 

When Trump approved the Keystone XL and pulled the U.S. out of Obama’s Paris Climate Accord (a.k.a. the Paris Agreement), liberal minds exploded.  On the surface, the climate accords seem like a noble gesture.  A coordinated effort to reduce, and eventually eliminate, greenhouse gases in order to minimize the effect of gradually rising temperatures worldwide.  Who wouldn’t support that?  But there is an agenda driving the narrative.

The entire movement is a hoax, designed to control the global economy while establishing the authority of the New World Order, a mysterious organization that deliberately lurks in the shadows to avoid scrutiny.  That’s another subject that screams for investigation.

Keep in mind, the underlying rationale behind the war on energy is “climate change”, formerly known as “global warming”, and factually debunked by John Coleman, founder of the Weather Channel. and credentialed meteorologist. [3]

In 2007 Coleman said, “Global Warming, i.e. Climate Change, is not about environmentalism or politics.  It is not a religion.  It is not something you “believe in.”  It is science; the science of meteorology.  This is my field of life-long expertise.  And I am telling you Global Warming are a nonevent, a manufactured crisis and a total scam.  I say this knowing you probably won’t believe me . . . “

In 2017 he was quoted saying, “The ‘tons and tons of carbon we are spewing into the atmosphere every day’, as Al Gore puts it, are actually a good thing.  In his rants that the Earth will become uninhabitable, Former Vice President Gore is referring to the carbon dioxide gas being released into the atmosphere as we power our civilization with fossil fuels.  However, it turns out that as the ‘greenhouse gases’ we release combine with nature’s carbon dioxide to make the planet greener and greener.”

Maybe the Green New Deal is a misleading title, similar to the Affordable Care Act and the Inflation Reduction Act.  Perhaps it should be called the Brown New Deal.  But before jumping on board with their agenda, maybe we should find out exactly what the Green New Deal is, and how it would really affect the planet.

What’s In The Green New Deal

What exactly is the Green New Deal ?

We’ve all heard about it and know Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) is the poster child of the narrative, but what does it really mean ? 

Well, the common sense approach would be to Google it and look for the most appropriate results, and I selected the House Resolution proposed by AOC herself, which you can review HERE[4]

Screenshot of the summary shown on the government website.

Note the 5th bullet point in the list of goals; “promoting justice and equality”.  What the Hell does that have to do with greenhouse gases and their effect on the temperature of the Earth ?

Note the 2nd bullet point in the 10-year mobilization effort; “upgrading all existing buildings . . . “  So, her plan is to retrofit every building in America to “achieve maximum energy and water efficiency.”  You have to wonder how enormous the budget would need to be to accomplish such a monumental task.  But hey, money is no obstacle to these lunatics.  Not to mention the fact that it would be literally impossible to achieve that stated goal in 10 years, or 50 years for that matter.  These folks live in Fantasyland, as if they can demand a perfect world, and ‘poof’, it just happens with no consequences.

Then there’s the 3rd bullet point; “removing pollution and greenhouse gas emissions from the transportation and agriculture sectors”.  There’s the reason Joe Obiden has attacked the American oil industry and the push for electric vehicles (EVs).  California recently passed a bill that bans the sale of new combustion engine vehicles by 2035.  The same week they announced rolling brownouts because their electric grid is already overburdened.  And this is before everybody in California is trying to charge their cars overnight.  Never mind that little problem.  The message is clear; ‘we will jam this agenda down your throats and we don’t care how difficult it will be to actually implement, or how much the American citizen must suffer along the way’.  I’m not done.  Let’s look at those beautiful $60,000 EVs in the next “chapter”.

The last (6th) bullet point claims they can “provide higher education, high-quality health care, and affordable, safe, and adequate housing to all.”

So, every person from underprivileged communities is entitled to “higher education”, regardless of merit.  Hard work and determination are to be replaced by identity politics, just to show how compassionate Democrats are.  And obviously, their gender studies and political activism courses should be free, paid by the tax payers who actually contribute to society.

All this time, I thought Obama’s Affordable Health Care Act fixed health insurance.

And exactly how does she plan to provide affordable housing for ALL when we already have a huge, growing homeless population, and a massive invasion of illegal immigrants.  They couldn’t even find beds for 50 migrants on Martha’s Vineyard.  Oh wait, it’s only 3.3 miles from the Edgartown docks to Obama’s house.  No wonder those frightening Venezuelans were deported to an onshore military base in less than 2 days.

Now she’s going to spend trillions of tax dollars to “upgrade ALL existing buildings”?  With whose money ?  (Answer: no matter how much the Treasury Dept. prints, the tax payer will feel the pain, for generations to come).  I barely have affordable housing now, and she wants to make it prohibitive.  Maybe the intention, like many other Democrat policies, is to create “equity”, by forcing the middle class out into the street, while providing “affordable” (subsidized by the tax payer) housing previously occupied by those “privileged” tax payers.  If that sounds like an unfair accusation, remember, the 5th bullet point in the list of goals, which she wrote right into the bill, is “promoting justice and equality”. 

I wouldn’t trust her to mow my lawn, let alone dictate national political agendas. 

Getting Back to That Electric Vehicle (EV): Damn Those EV Batteries

Lithium-ion batteries, invented in the late 1970s and prized for their energy density and rechargeability, are integral to two pillars of the Green New Deal: electric vehicles and power storage.

The typical battery for a 2020 model year EV contains 52 Kg of graphite, 29 Kg of nickel, 10 Kg of manganese, 8 Kg of cobalt, and 6 Kg of lithium, and other minerals and metals (let’s call them M & Ms) that total about 185 Kg (407 Lbs.), not including the M & Ms used to manufacture the electrolyte, binder, separator, and battery pack casing. [5]

Break-down of M & Ms contained in typical 2020 Electric Vehicle battery pack. Graphite and Nickel are minerals.  Manganese, Cobalt, and Lithium are metals.

Those batteries can last 10-20 years and cost about $20,000 to replace, but the warranty is typically 8 years.  At that price they should last a while, perhaps for the life expectancy of the vehicle, but what happens to them in terms of disposal?

More batteries in more landfills equals more soil contamination and more hazardous waste runoff into local watersheds.  How many liberals have fallen into line as their leaders professed to be the stewards of pollution ?  They never run short of hypocrisy.

Today, there are an estimated 15 million registered automobiles operating in the state of California alone.

So, by the time they have replaced all those “gas-guzzling” cars, California will need at least 780,000,000 Kg (858,000 tons) of graphite, 435,000,000 Kg (478,500 tons) of nickel, 150,000,000 Kg (165,000 tons) of manganese, 120,000,000 Kg (132,000 tons) of cobalt, and 90,000,000 Kg (99,000 tons) of lithium.

Is the EV Future Really Environmentally Friendly? 

And now, the $64,000 question:

How much energy is expended in producing those EV car batteries?

The answer is virtually incalculable, but here are some facts:

It takes about 400,000 gallons of water to produce 1 ton of lithium.

According to the Institute for Energy Research (IER), “mining and processing of lithium, turns out to be far more environmentally harmful than fracking.  The permanent disfiguring of the earth’s surface as we dig ever deeper for mineral resources is only part of the problem.  Water pollution is a HUGE concern.  Remember, hazardous chemicals found in groundwater will eventually find their way to the oceans too.”  [6]

I guess that’s just science they don’t want you to believe, or even find out about.

Right here in the good old United States, there is a proposed lithium mine at Thacker Pass, Nevada, which lies on Paiute Nation territory, and is public land under the auspices of the United States Bureau of Land Management (the original BLM). [7]  

Thacker Pass would not simply be a giant strip mine, but would also require an “enormous complex to extract lithium from the mined ore for its conversion into a non-volatile carbonate form to be made into batteries.”  Apparently, fracking is evil, but strip mining is fine, as long as it fits the Democrat narrative and furthers their agenda.  Even on American soil.

Geologic studies have estimated that the concentration of lithium at Thacker Pass would yield one ton of lithium for every 500 tons of earth removed.  Projecting that over a year, the mine would involve moving 20 to 30 million tons of earth to produce 60,000 tons of lithium.  And that’s just 2/3rds of the amount to replace the 15 million cars in California alone.  Nationwide, there are about 275 million registered vehicles.

And where does that 24,000,000,000 (24 BILLion) gallons of water come from ?

They would need to capture all of the water that flows over the Horseshoe Falls at Niagara for NINE hours, but that’s a moot point because the last time I looked, Niagara Falls was in New York.

Then of course, it requires machinery to move earth.  Heavy equipment that consumes diesel fuel. There would need to be at least one giant mining excavator and a fleet of rear dump trucks to transport the material to the processing facility, not to mention the energy needed to power the facility itself.

We’re talking about BIG excavators, the largest in the world.  Some examples are the Liebherr R9800 (45 m3 bucket), the Komatsu PC8000 (42 m3 bucket), and the Caterpillar 6060 (34 mbucket).  These behemoths consume about 5,000 gallons of diesel fuel per day, not to mention hydraulic oils and other petroleum products.

Then the number of rear dump trucks needed to keep the excavator busy, would depend on the distance from the excavator to the processing plant and the time required for each truck to complete a cycle.  The world’s two largest trucks are the Belaz 75710 and the Caterpillar 797F.  Each truck would consume about 740 gallons of diesel fuel per day.  

For example; the Caterpillar 797F Rear Dump can haul about 400 tons of material per load and would take about 5 buckets to fill from the Liebherr R9800 Excavator.  The excavator could scoop-swing and dump-swing back into “scoop position” in about 12 seconds, or 5 times per minute.  So each truck could be loaded in a minute.  That means the excavator could load about 60 trucks per hour at 100% efficiency.  If each truck takes 6 minutes to haul a load to the processing facility, dump, and return back into position “under the excavator”, that means the operation requires 7 trucks to keep the excavator busy (without idle time).  HOWEVER, that would be a hypothetical hauling operation on relatively level ground.  Look at the picture of the mine below, and you can see each truck would take much longer than 6 minutes to get out of the mine to the processing facility up top, and realize a mining operation would require many more trucks.  The method would be the same but the calculations are site specific depending on the actual equipment and the “cycle time” of each truck.

Oh, and don’t forget all the other heavy equipment on site to keep the mine operating.  And when the processed lithium carbonate is ready to go, it must be transported by truck, to a manufacturing facility.

Folks, I’m just talking about a single proposed lithium mine in the United States.  Over 50% of the world’s lithium deposits are currently produced in the “Lithium Triangle” of South America in portions of Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, within some of the most arid lands in the world.  Their water has been polluted for decades.

And that’s just lithium.  What about those other vital M & Ms ?  Imagine the magnitude of production that would be required world-wide to convert all land based transportation to electricity.  I realize I’ve gotten deeply “into the weeds” here, but somebody has to dig into the real environmental impact of strip mining on such a massive scale; scarification of the earth’s surface, destruction of habitat, water contamination, consumption of enormous quantities of diesel fuel dedicated to extracting the M & Ms, and other undisclosed consequences.

Remember those giant excavators I was just talking about?  Here’s one in the mine just to illustrate the size of the mine itself.
Lithium brine fields in the Atacama Desert, South America

So when they say “saving the planet”, they are either lying to us, or they’re simply dumber than a bag of hammers.

Clearly, they don’t care about the planet.  If they did, they would be protesting against the environmental hazards related to mining all the M & Ms  required to produce the batteries.  They just need to appear to be “saving the planet” by banning drilling for oil and gas on American soil, setting an example for the world, by leading us into a clean energy future.  Riiight.  Pure virtue signaling.  Don’t pay any attention to those enormous mining operations.  The real intention is to destroy the American economy, and it’s working exactly as planned.

How ‘Bout That Power Grid ? 

Let’s not forget about the plan to convert all existing power plants to “renewable” energy, and keep fossil fuels in the ground.  Our nation’s electric grid

According to the U.S. Energy Administration (USEA), “renewable” sources such as wind, hydropower, solar power, biomass, and geothermal generated about 20% of the country’s electricity in 2020.  [8]

Straight from the USEA article are two interesting quotes in successive paragraphs, to wit:

“All-electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles represent an increasing demand for electricity that could cause negative impacts on the grid. Although these new loads are not likely to strain much of our existing generation resources, high coincident peaks of EV charging in concentrated locations could strain nearby distribution equipment.”

“Demand for electricity rises and falls, depending on time of day and time of year. Electricity production, transmission, and distribution capacity must be able to meet demand during times of peak use; but most of the time, the electricity infrastructure is not operating at its full capacity. As a result, EVs are unlikely to require expanded grid capacity.”

So, the USEA admits that “local” distribution facilities, particularly in high population centers, would be “strained”, but assures us that the existing grid capacity is likely sufficient to meet enormously expanded demand.  How does that make sense ?  There is no way the existing insufficient power grid infrastructure can handle a massive increase in demand.

When I went to school, 20% meant that 80% had to come from something else, in this case, fossil fuels, specifically, natural gas and coal.

With the mid-term elections just 32 days away, the latest NPR poll suggests the number one issue concerning American voters is INFLATION [9].

Notice how the liberal NPR emphasizes the importance of abortion in their headline, which is number two overallby asignificant margin, but not viewed as importantly by Republicans and Independents combined (32%).  The chart on the left breaks down the responses by political persuasions, telling the true story (assuming you care to believe 1,236 respondents to an NPR poll).

It’s also noteworthy that Democrats basically don’t care at all about immigration or crime, 1% and 3% respectively, and that Independents join Republicans in their concerns over inflation (another 37%, or 77% combined).

In any case, it’s reasonable to recognize that inflation is a huge issue on the minds of many American voters.  And just to be clear, there is a DIRECT CORRELATION between Obiden’s war on American energy and inflation, because EVERYTHING requires fossil fuels to manufacture and distribute.  Higher fuel prices equal higher prices of ALL things.  The Green New Deal agenda is directly responsible.

At some point, you have to realize the Green New Deal might be the dumbest idea in the history of the world.  And yet, the entire DNC has fallen for it hook, line, and sinker.  They even swallowed the rod and ate the boat.  They are so stupid, they think they are “saving the planet” and feel good about themselves, all while Obama is using it to further his socialist agenda.  These are the morons the liberal left has elected, whether legitimately or by fraud, and trusted to rule us.  They MUST be stopped !

To be blunt, I hate politics and politicians.  I was completely ‘apolitical’ until Obama rose to power.  I only voted twice in my entire life before him.  Then I had to start commenting because he is that terrible for our country.  He was the first, and only, President to organize an army of activists to further his agenda, and that’s exactly what he’s doing right now.  No one could convince me that Joe Obiden is capable of coordinating such a complex master plan to destroy the economy of the United States.  No one other than Obama has the power to influence the upper echelon of the DNC.  And everything you see happening today fits perfectly into his vision of “fundamentally transforming” America into a socialist state, not by coincidence, but by design.  That is why I know, without a shadow of doubt, that Obama is running this country.

If he was doing a good job and improving the lives of American citizens of all races, creeds, and religions, I would be the first to approve of his performance.  But that is not what we are getting, is it ?  It’s going to take a tremendous effort to undo the damage he has already done.  The first step is to totally eliminate his power.  That can only be accomplished by destroying their multi-tiered anti-American platform through awareness by We the People, thoroughly defeating them at the ballot box, and thereby forcing the entire structure of the DNC to be reorganized as a more acceptable political party, if not disbanded completely.




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Notice the incredibly misleading headline that claims she was unfairly treated by the media.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

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Obama’s War Against America

Thomas Paine: American Philosopher, & Revolutionary

From 1776 through the formation of The Constitution I helped create America. Now I have returned to help save America. American Patriots must join together, speak out in free and open discussion to fight the “woke” anti-American mob, and further the cause of FREEDOM.

The Democrat party (a.k.a. the DNC) is being controlled by former President Barack Obama and their entire power structure acts in total fealty to their master. It is his “War Against America” agenda driving the country towards socialism at an alarming pace. 

A Review of Recent Political History

During the Clinton presidency the country coexisted with some degree of civility. Sure, there were differences in opinion displayed among the vocal party members, tossing political footballs “across the aisle”, but it was generally legitimate debate designed to convince their respective constituencies to support their stance on the issue at hand.  That’s exactly the way Congress was intended to perform.  Overall, the political climate was relatively calm and most of the bickering came from the extreme factions of each party, often viewed as lunacy on both sides.

When George W. Bush was elected in 2000, and for most of his 8 year term, the left expressed their discomfort for his foreign policy, particularly after he declared the “war on terrorism” following 9/11.  That’s when political tensions began to get a little more “heated”, but it was mainly coming from the left while conservatives essentially kept quiet.

Out of nowhere, Barack Obama emerged at the 2004 Democratic Convention, and was elected that November as a first-term Senator from Illinois.  The media was giddy with accolades.  The DNC groomed him to be their darling Messiah, and on February 10, 2007 he declared his intention to run for President.

There were questions raised by right-wing conservative groups about the origin of his birth, commonly known as the “birther movement”, implying he may not qualify to run for President.  The United States Constitution requires all candidates running for President to be “natural born citizens”, at least 35 years of age, and been 14 years a resident within the United States.  Some “birthers” claimed he was born in Kenya, the home of his father, and that his Hawaii Birth Certificate was a forgery.  Obama supporters immediately debunked all such accusations as racist conspiracy theories.  They rest their argument on the 14th Amendment, saying “All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States . . . “ , but are they “natural born citizens” ? 

Natural Born Citizenship

The truth of the matter is that it is irrelevant WHERE Obama was born.  You won’t see this in simple Google searches, which offer liberally biased explanations that “muddy the water” to make you think Obama was qualified.  But we can make reasonable assumptions that the Framers were well versed in English legal traditions, and it logically follows that the terms and phrases they used when drafting the Constitution were based on principles established with an English legal background.  To understand these principles is certainly more valuable in assessing the intent of 18th century statutory language, than contemporary dictionaries that have been edited over the intervening centuries. 

For the sake of this discussion, it should be noted that the English term “natural born subject” is essentially synonymous with the American term “natural born citizen”, in that the English “subjects” owe their allegiance to the King in return for protection, whereas American “citizens” owe their allegiance to the nation in return for protection of their civil liberties.

The definitive description of “natural born citizen” can be traced to 18th century schools of thought, the first being English common law.  [1]

Similarly, they would have been well aware of English statutory law, and “law-of-nations” principles, which offer slight variations in the concept of “natural” law of citizenship.

Sir William Blackstone (1723-1780), the notable English jurist and judge, wrote Commentaries on the Laws of England.  In his interpretation, a “natural born subject” was closely tied to the place of birth, with a few exceptions.  A subject born within English territory was a “natural” subject because a natural relationship was formed between the person and the monarch, who was to provide protection in return for allegiance.  The principle common law exception was for children of the King’s ambassadors born on foreign land, who were classified as “natural” subjects because the father, though living in foreign territory, owes no allegiance to the local sovereignty and the child is born under the King of England’s allegiance, as the father is representing the King.

Under the principles of English common law, Obama would be considered a natural born citizen.

However, it is established in English common law, that the newborn child is tied to the father, not the mother, and owes his allegiance to the sovereignty unto which his father is bound.  And England had a complicated statutory history regarding the term “natural born”.

Under English statutory law, Parliament could alter, amend, or re-define common law by statute. [2]  In a 1708 Act of Parliament it was determined that “The children of all natural born Subjects born out of the Ligeance [3] of Her Majesty Her Heires and Successors shall be deemed adjudged and taken to be natural born Subjects of this Kingdom to all Intents Constructions and Purposes whatsoever.”  This statute was a complete re-definition of the common law.

In 1731 Parliament passed an Act to clear up the ambiguity of the term “Children of all natural born Subjects”, as defined by the 1708 Act.  It read, “All children born out of the ligenace of the crown of England, or of Great Britain, or which shall hereafter be born out of such ligeance, whose fathers were or shall be natural-born subjects of the crown of England, or of Great Britain, at the time of the birth of such children respectively, shall and may, by virtue of the said recited clause in the said act of the seventh year of the reign of her said late Majesty (i.e., the 1708 Act) and of this present act be adjudged and taken to be, and all such children are hereby declared to be natural-born subjects of the crown of Great Britain to all intents, constructions and purposes whatsoever.”

The main point being that the 1731 Act requires that one’s father must be a natural born subject, a departure from late 17th century statutes and a significant alteration of the 1708 Act.  

Here, we don’t look at the case of Barack Obama being born on American soil (assuming his Hawaii birth is true) from the perspective of his citizenship of the United States.  We look at the circumstance of his birth on foreign soil from the perspective of his father’s allegiance.  Barack Obama Sr. was born in Kenya, a natural born subject of Great Britain who owes his allegiance to the monarch of England.  Obama is determined by the 1731 Act to be a natural born subject of Great Britain.  He may have been born “out of the Ligeance” of the crown, but his father was a natural born subject, who was never a U.S. citizen.  And the reason the Founders required natural born citizenship was to prevent the perception, and real possibility, of dual loyalty.

The reasoning behind the statutory expansion of the term “natural born subjects” in the 17th and 18th centuries had to do with the expansion of foreign travel and commerce by English subjects.  Those who were abroad were still under the protection of the monarch and owed allegiance to the crown.  Children born abroad were thus entitled to the same protections as their subject parents.  In light of these developments, traditional common law rules were not sufficient to understand the true nature of the principle of natural born subjectship, thus prompting the expansion to include a broader class of people.

If we examine the writings of the Swiss legal scholar Emer de Vattel (1714-1767), particularly his book The Law of Nations  [4], wherein he wrote, “By the law of nature alone, children follow the condition of their fathers, and enter into all their rights; the place of birth produces no change in this particular, and cannot of itself furnish any reason for taking from a child what nature has given him . . . “  [5]

Here Vattel is in agreement with the English 1731 Act of Parliament. 

It is incumbent upon those who question, or defend, Obama’s status as a natural born citizen, to understand these principles, for it was certainly the body of knowledge drawn by the framers to form the language in Article II, Section I,  Clause 5 of the Constitution, wherein it states, “No person except a natural born citizen, or a citizen of the United States at the time of the adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the office of President; . . . “

In my (almost never) humble opinion, I believe the framers considered the school of thought presented by Parliament in 1708, reiterated in 1731, and the insight provided by Vattel, all 18th century refinements to earlier common law, when they wrote the natural born citizen clause.

Yet no one stepped up to stop Obama’s candidacy on the basis of the constitutional requirement.  He was emboldened from the very beginning, and he adopted an “untouchable” persona that he exploited with increasing regularity.  It is the attitude adopted by the entire DNC hierarchy, probably under his own encouragement, flaunted against the sensibilities of the American people to this day; they believe they can do anything they want, without consequence, and they know the mainstream media will defend them from all angles.  They simply don’t care what anyone says in defiance.  In fact, they will persecute and prosecute their political enemies.

The Communist Agenda

Regardless of his eligibility, this country succumbed to the influence of his communistic agenda and we continue to descend in that direction every day.  Make no mistake, Obama has a communist agenda, that is sugar-coated by the media as “democratic socialism” to soften the impact and garner appeal from the masses of idiots who have fallen under his spell.  Look at his developmental years and some of the people who influenced him, men such as Frank Marshall Davis, and Saul Alinsky.

Davis was living in Hawaii as early as 1956 and died there in 1987.  The young impressionable Obama used to sit and listen to long talks Davis had with his grandfather, Stanley Dunham.  The FBI was tracking Davis in the 1930’s and 40’s.  He was an activist member of the Communist Party USA.  Their case file on Davis purportedly has his Communist Party Identification Number as #47544 (obtained from a “highly confidential source”)  [6].  He took the Fifth Amendment to avoid answering questions in front of the Senate Internal Security Subcommittee in 1956.  Guilty[7]

Alinsky authored the book, Rules for Radicals, a blueprint for transforming a society to socialism.  His philosophy was “the ends justify the means”, whereby a radical can justifiably break from morality to achieve the radical objective.  Alinsky could be called the Father of Community Organizing and formed political activist groups from his base in Chicago with names like Organization for Action, dedicated to attacking the power structure of the white middle class.

In the early 60’s he blamed riots across the country on “white racism” and in 1965 went to Rochester, NY to dismantle the “white power structure” by pressuring Kodak, the city’s largest employer, to hire 1,500 “unemployed blacks with limited skills and little work experience”.  [8]

I typically don’t talk about racial politics, but I only mention this because ever since Obama stepped into the spotlight, the left plays the “race card” as if it “trumps” (no pun intended) every other card in the deck.  “Shut up, you’re racist.”

In 1969 he began training young political activists, asking his students. “Why do you want to organize, goddammit?”, with the correct answer being, “power”.  [9]

Well I’ll be damned, a community organizer from Chicago who has no respect for morality, while implementing social justice through class warfare to gain power.  Sound familiar ?

Remember Obama’s 2008 speech when he said, “We are five days away from the fundamental transformation of the United States”.  No one had any idea what he was talking about.  He just sounded so eloquent.

For a deeper “dive” into the similarities between Alinsky and Obama, see my two-part series HERE 

I could go on and on but the point is, he’s a communist, masquerading as a “democrat socialist”.  His Muslim teachings have convinced him that he has time on his side.  He plays the “long game”, not expecting his “transformation” to be completed during his 8-year term.  That’s why he picked Hillary Clinton to succeed him, and after Trump’s unexpected interruption, his former “dummie”, Joe Biden in 2020.  On his 3rd day in office he formed the Political Action Group Organizing for America (OFA), then rebranded it in 2013 as Organizing for Action, a 30,000-member army of activists to further his agenda that bears a  name nearly identical to Alinsky’s Organization for Action.

Everything you see happening today is being orchestrated by Obama.  Notice how boldly the Democrats wield their power.  They have enacted policies that are literally antithetical to reasonable solutions on the various issues.  But they don’t care how much the American people suffer from the consequences.  We are witnessing Obama’s planned destruction of the America he despises so much.  It’s happening right now and it’s accelerated into “overdrive”.  He knows he’ll never be associated with this unfolding disaster.  He can blame it all on the senile moron occupying the White House.

In the final analysis, Barack Obama will end up as America’s biggest mistake unless patriots unite, rise up, and begin crushing the DNC at every opportunity.

It can be done.  It must be done.  Not that the current cast of Republicans are the greatest politicians of all time, but our mission is to defeat every Democrat, by electing anyone running against them, no matter who they are.  It doesn’t matter whether you love Trump, or hate him, if he’s the 2024 nominee, you have to vote for him.



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Illegal Immigration: The Real Story

Thomas Paine: American Philosopher, & Revolutionary

From 1776 through the formation of The Constitution I helped create America. Now I have returned to help save America. Please join my Facebook group American Patriots in a free and open discussion to further the cause of FREEDOM.  

As the media has the entire world focused on the war in Ukraine, and the sheeple are being conditioned to ignore our own border crisis, the invasion of our southern border by illegal immigrants continues, wave after wave.

The Constitution requires the President of the United States to “take care that the laws be faithfully executed” – Article II, Section 3

It is his duty to enforce immigration laws that are on the books, yet it’s somehow being completely ignored, all to the delight of the “woke” media.  Did the DNC discover some loophole?  Have they misinterpreted the laws?  Let’s examine a few actual immigration laws that have been broken on a continuing basis. 

Let’s start with 8 U.S. Code § 1201 – Issuance of visas [1]

(a) Immigrants, nonimmigrants

(1)Under the conditions hereinafter prescribed and subject to the limitations prescribed in this chapter or regulations issued thereunder, a Consular Officer may issue –

(a) to an immigrant who has made proper application therefor, an immigrant visa which shall consist of the application provided for in section 1202 of this title, visaed by such consular officer, and shall specify the foreign state, if any, to which the immigrant is charged, the immigrant’s particular status under such foreign state, the preference, immediate relative, or special immigrant classification to which the alien is charged, the date on which the validity of the visa shall expire, and such additional information as may be required;

In other words, each and every immigrant entering the United States must apply for and receive an immigrant visa through the U.S. Consulate, giving true and accurate information as to his/her nationality, and other identifying data.

8 U.S. Code § 1188 – Admission of temporary H-2A workers [2]

(a) Conditions for Approval of H-2A Petitions

(1) A petititon to import an alien as an H-2A worker may not be approved by the Attorney General unless the petitioner has applied to the Secretary of Labor for a certification that –

(a) There are not sufficient workers who are able, willing, and qualified, and who will be available at the time and place needed, to perform the labor or services involved in the petition, and

(b) The employment of the alien in such labor or services will not adversely affect the wages and working conditions of workers in the United States similarly employed.

So, we are supposed to believe that the Attorney General of the United States can prove that every H-2A worker is not affecting the wages of U.S. citizens who could be employed to perform the same work being done by immigrants.

8 U.S. Code § 1182 – Inadmissible aliens [3]

(a) Classes of Aliens Inadmissible for Visas or Admission

Except as otherwise provided in this chapter, aliens who are inadmissible under the following paragraphs are ineligible to receive visas and ineligible to be admitted to the United States:

(1) Health-related grounds

(2) Criminal and related grounds

(3)Security and related grounds

(4) Public Charge

(A) In general – Any alien who, in the opinion of the Consular Officer at the time of application for a visa, or in the opinion of the Attorney General at the time of application for admission or adjustment of status, is likely at any time to become a public charge is inadmissible, with consideration of the following factors

(I) age

(II) health

(III) family status

(IV) assets, resources, and financial status, and

(V) education and skills

(5) Labor Certification and Qualifications for Certain Immigrants

(6) Illegal Entrants and Immigration Violators

(A) Aliens present without admission or parole –

(i) In general – An alien present in the United States without being admitted or paroled, or who arrives in the United States at any time or place other than as designated by the Attorney General, is inadmissible.

Obviously, the Biden administration is not listening to CBP agents on the ground at the border, warning of illegal aliens entering the country with health issues, criminal records, and security threats.  Can we assume the Attorney General of the United States has complete knowledge of every immigrant entering the country?  How many of the 2.1 million illegal immigrants who have entered the country in Biden’s first year have been designated as inadmissible? (I’ll take the “under”)

Those are just a few examples of the statutes on the books that are being totally ignored by the Biden administration.  And no one is doing a damn thing about it.  Essentially, the President has failed to “take care that the laws be faithfully executed”, in violation of the Constitution.

I must also mention the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 [4], passed and signed by President Lyndon B. Johnson.  The law abolished the National Origins Formula, which had been the basis of U.S. immigration policy since the 1920’s.  The intent was to eliminate discrimination against eastern Europeans, and Asians, which had strict quotas.  The National Origins Formula favored northern and western Europeans and was considered racist by some politicians.  Interestingly, the bill was supported by northern Democrats and Republicans but strongly opposed by southern Democrats.  Who were the real racists then?

Statistics gathered by the Pew Research Center, a nonpartisan fact tank, [5] found that migrant encounters more than doubled in all nine sectors along the U.S. Mexico border in fiscal 2021, compared to fiscal 2020 (the fiscal years ends in September). 

All of the following is actual data, and is presented just to establish factual truth.  Anything you hear or read that skews these facts is propaganda. 

The largest numerical increase occurred in the Rio Grande sector, the easternmost section of the Texas border, with 549,077 encounters last fiscal year, up from 90,206 in 2020.  The largest proportional increase occurred in the Yuma sector, part of Arizona, where encounters increased thirteenfold, from 8,804 in fiscal 2020 to 114,488 in fiscal 2021.

In September 2021, 54% of encounters ended in expulsion, down from 74% in February 2021, Biden’s first full month in office.

Encounters of single adults rose from 317,864 in 2020 to 1,063,285 in fy 2021.

Encounters of family groups rose from 52,230 in 2020 to 451,087 in fy 2021.

Encounters of unaccompanied children rose from 30,557 in 2020 to 144,834 in 2021.

Mexico accounted for the largest percentage of the migrant influx, with 608.037 encounters, or 37% of the total.  The remaining 1,051,169 encounters (63%) were from countries other than Mexico, mainly Honduras (308,931), Guatemala (279,033), and El Salvador (95,930), by far the highest total for non-Mexican nationals in CBP records dating back to 2000.

The latest CBP data for fiscal year 2022 on migrant encounters by month:

OCT 2021 – 164,841

NOV 2021 – 174,870

DEC 2021 – 179,256

JAN 2022 – 154,745

FEB 2022 – 164,973

If we calculate the total illegal immigrant encounters from Joe Biden’s first full month in office, as his first 12 months (FEB 2021 thru JAN 2022), we get a total of 2,111,948 encounters.  Those are just the illegals encountered.  That doesn’t include those who may have successfully crossed undetected, and those illegals tend to have a good reason not to be caught.  Some of whom are trafficking lethal illegal narcotics, such as fentanyl, which have killed over 100,000 young people in the past year.

Just to put things in perspective, the liberal left and the mainstream media have everyone in an uproar over the Russian invasion of the Ukraine.  We can agree that we should be concerned about the sovereignty of the Ukraine and the atrocities inflicted on their citizens.  The massing of 150,000 Russian troops near the border was a red flag for the NATO allies.  However, in contrast, no one was alarmed at the monthly invasion of our own southern border by illegal immigrants.  In Biden’s first year, January 2022, was the lowest number of encounters by the CBP, with over 154,000 illegals encountered.  July and August of 2021 both had well over 200,000 encounters.  But, hold your tongue dear citizen, anyone mentioning the crisis at our southern border will be labelled a racist and stigmatized by the “woke” mob. 

Maybe race has nothing to do with it, as with many of their favorite positions. 

Maybe American citizens just want to feel safe in their own country. 

Maybe American citizens want to preserve their values and traditions. 

Maybe American citizens don’t think it’s a good idea for our country 30 trillion dollars in debt, to support the entire world’s population. 

Maybe American citizens don’t want foreign nationals influencing the elections of representatives they trust to protect their lives, liberties, and pursuits of happiness.

Maybe the only reason the DNC is pushing for this massive influx of foreign nationals, legal and otherwise, is to promise them free stuff and secure their vote in order to maintain Democrat control of the levers of power.

Comments welcome.


[1] https://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/8/1201

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Source: U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP)

Why Biden Refuses to Sanction Russian Energy

Thomas Paine: American Philosopher, & Revolutionary

From 1776 through the formation of The Constitution I helped create America. Now I have returned to help save America. Please join my Facebook group American Patriots in a free and open discussion to further the cause of FREEDOM.  

Since the Russian invasion of the Ukraine on February 24th, many Americans have been wondering why we are still buying oil from Russia.  President Biden has issued “significant sanctions” against Russia and some Russian oligarchs but refuses to sanction Russian energy.  WHY ?

UPDATE: Literally, between the time I wrote this piece and was proofing it for publication, it was announced by the White House that President Biden was going to ban oil exports from Russia, which is the subject of this post.  Things are moving quickly in foreign affairs and his declaration potentially negates my criticism, but I’ve decided to go ahead anyway to expose the deception coming from his administration and the shaky defense of their stance on the issue, and there are other elements to the story.  More on that at the end of the article.

Why hasn’t Biden reversed course and opened up our own resources towards a more energy-independent country and why are we still paying Russia to fund Putin’s war?  Some believe he’s under pressure by the Squad’s Green New Deal and the left-wing climate change agenda.  The Democrats and their propaganda machine in the MSM could take that stand and ridicule anyone who criticizes it by saying the long-term health of the planet is more important than World War III, but what is the real reason?  Despite the legitimate argument that could be made against that stand, let’s look at one simple underlying fact.

In an interview with Fox Business host Maria Bartiroma Sunday morning, Rep. Mike Gallagher (R-WI) said,

“I don’t think most Americans understand that right now, as Biden’s threatening to turn Putin into a total pariah, the Biden administration is relying on Russia to negotiate with Iran over its nuclear program. And of course, Russia has not only been blocking the IAEA investigation into Iran’s undeclared nuclear activities, but it also wants to sell uranium and weapons to Iran. If this administration announces an Iran deal brokered by Putin, that won’t just be billions of dollars for the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism, it’ll be a massive win for Vladimir Putin in the Middle East. And I guarantee you, the Biden administration will justify it by saying that because of the energy crisis, bringing 1 to 2 million barrels of Iranian crude on the global market is a good idea and will help Americans at the pump. This is insane. I beg the Biden administration to drop this dangerous fantasy of trying to resuscitate the Iran deal. It would be a win for Putin and a loss for the United States of America.” [1]

Gallagher is a member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence and the House Armed Services Committee.  He’s got “street cred”.  He is saying we are depending on Russia to reinstate the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), because Putin is blocking the IAEA from inspecting Iran’s “undeclared” nuclear sites.  The JCPOA was concerned only with Iran’s “declared” nuclear facilities, ignoring their “undeclared” sites.

Here is what you won’t see on CNN or read about in the New York Times:  Apparently, Biden is now trying to renegotiate a new agreement, that modifies the JCPOA by including those “undeclared” sites for inspection, and we need Russia to mediate on our behalf in order to get Iran to agree to those inspections.  Iran’s bargaining chip is likely a demand for removal of economic sanctions, which would make it easier for them to buy weapons and uranium from Russia. 

In case you missed it; the Biden administration is trying to reinstate the JCPOA, commonly known as the Iran Nuclear Deal, brokered by Biden’s “former” boss, Barry Soetoro, aka Barack Hussein Obama in November 2013.  I say “former” because officially, Biden served as Obama’s VP from 2009-2017, but it’s highly probable that he is still taking advice and orders from Obama today.  That’s just my opinion, but there is a lot of evidence that supports it.  For example, who would love to see Obama’s Iran Nuclear Deal reinstated more than Obama himself?  Yes, that guy whose principle senior advisor was the Iranian-born Valerie Jarrett and remains his personal confidant.  I could go on to great extent about Obama as Biden’s puppet master, but that deserves its’ own discussion. 

Trump ended our commitment to the JCPOA, to the scorn of the left.  Iran is now 9 years in on the 10-15 year restrictions imposed by the deal and much closer to nuclear “breakout”, although it’s evident they were cheating on the deal anyway.  Whether the deal is reinstated or not, Iran will have a nuclear weapon soon enough.

According to James Carafano, Lt. Col. U.S. Army (Ret.), in an interview conducted by Mark Levin, aired Sunday March 6th, the Biden administration admits that even if the deal is reinstated, that won’t deter Iran from developing the bomb.  And, as soon as Biden signs it, Russia will have a back door to the global economy, rendering our sanctions useless.  Iran will launder money for Russia in return for weapons and uranium.

That’s why Biden refuses to sanction Russian energy.  To him, his advisors, and his puppet master, a worthless agreement they admit won’t stop Iran from fast-tracking their nuclear program, is more important than reigning in out-of-control inflation that’s triggering a global economic catastrophe.  You have to conclude that’s what they want.  Otherwise, it’s literally insane.

Statistics on U.S. Oil Reserves,Consumption, and Imports

  1. As of Mar 4, 2022, the U.S. holds almost 600 million barrels of oil in the Strategic Petroleum Reserve at four undisclosed sites in Louisiana and Texas maintained by the U.S. Dept. of Energy.  The capacity in those caverns is about 714 million barrels.  Biden recently authorized the release of 60 million barrels, a roughly 10% drawdown that equates to about 3 days of consumption.
  • In 2020 the U.S. consumed about 18.186 million barrels of petroleum per day, and produced about 18.375 million bpd, which included crude oil (11.283 million bpd), natural gas liquids (5.175 million bpd), biofuels (1.024 million bpd), and refinery processing gains (0.924 million bpd),

Leaving a net surplus of about 189,000 bpd that was conceivably available for export.

But that was 2020 during the Trump administration.  It has been reported recently that we now consume about 20 million bpd, but that figure has not been confirmed, nor could I find any date from 2021.

Data from the U.S. Energy Information Administration


According to U.S. News and World Report, we exported about 8.5 million bpd with Canada and Mexico as the biggest partners in two-way trading, followed by China with 720,000 bpd, then Japan and India as the top 5, each receiving about 500,000 bpd.  These figures seem to pose a big discrepancy compared to the previous picture, but that is due to gross imports, exports and net import offsets.


  • We are currently importing about 209,000 bpd of oil from Russia, which is about 10% of our daily consumption.  The share of our total petroleum product imports can be broken down as follows:

[a] 52% from Canada – EIA data – 2020

[b] 61% from Canada – U.S. Census Bureau and Al Jazeera data – 2021

[a] 10% from Mexico – EIA data – 2020

[b] 10% from Mexico – Al Jazeera data

[a] 7% from Russia – EIA data -2020 ; 540,000 bpd

[b] 8% from Russia – EIA data – 2021 ; 672,000 bpd (199,000 bpd crude + 473,000 bpd refined products – roughly 8.6% of Russia’s crude oil and petroleum products)

[a] 7% from Saudi Arabia – EIA data – 2020

[b] 6% from Saudi Arabia –  Al Jazeera data

[a] https://www.eia.gov/tools/faqs/faq.php?id=727&t=6

[b] Al Jazeera data – 2021


Notably total U.S. petroleum imports in 2020 were the lowest since 1991 and since President Biden was sworn in, our imports have increased dramatically.  Net crude oil imports rose by 19% in 2021.  That is a huge increase due to Biden’s war on energy that began on his first day in office.

The New “Axis of Evil”: This is where it gets very interesting

The American people must come to the realization that a new “Axis of Evil” has emerged in the triumvirate of Russia, China, and Iran.  Russia has already made the first big move.  As Ukrainian President Zelensky pleads for a “no fly zone” and military support, Putin saber-rattles nuclear options and warns that any interference would be an act of war.  Meanwhile, the Russians are pulverizing Ukrainian cities, targeting civilians and exhibiting a scorched earth policy carte blanche.  I agree with most Americans polled, that we should not engage with our own boots on the ground, and I understand that a no fly zone would constitute a provocation that the world could not afford to risk (Putin’s nuclear threat).  We can’t ignore the perceptions from those who have dealt with Putin in the past that he may be descending into an unbalanced state of mind.  Nor can we risk doing anything that might trigger him into acting irrationally. 

Now we are trying to “secretly” smuggle weapons into Ukraine via an undisclosed airfield near the Ukrainian border.  Exactly how “secret” is this airfield that CNN has published an article on? [2]  Let’s assume Putin can access CNN.  Maybe they shouldn’t have given him that information.  Maybe the act of publishing such a covert plan will do more harm than any benefit from the warm fuzzy feelings they got from projecting how compassionate they are to the Ukrainian people.  What if Putin decides supplying Ukrainian fighters with covert weapons is an act of war? 

So what can we do?  Putin has us by the proverbial gonads.  It has been made clear that any incursion into a NATO country will invoke Article 5 of the NATO pact, that is “an armed attack on any NATO country is considered an attack on all of NATO”.  But short of that, we are essentially helpless and must watch these atrocities unfold every day in our living rooms.  All of which portrays the United States in a weak and feckless limelight.

China is watching closely how the U.S. and our allies respond with visions of invading Taiwan in their near-term objectives.  President Xi can clearly see that Biden is in a position of weakness and he already holds leverage on Biden to the tune of $31,000,000 in nefarious business deals that benefit the Biden family.  You don’t have to take my word for it, just check out Peter Schweizer’s latest book “Red Handed”, Chaper 2, or see my post titled, “DNC Corruption

Iran is patiently waiting for the next opportunity to take “The Great Satan” down.  They have been chanting “Death to America” for decades, but time is on their side.  Islamic jihadis have been in a continuous campaign to dominate the entire globe for 1,400 years.  A few more isn’t going to stop them from taking a prominent role in world affairs, and hitching a ride created by Russia and China seems like a reasonable plan for them.  Meanwhile, they continue to develop their own nuclear weapon, with or without Biden’s approval, and a means to deliver it to Israel and beyond.  They don’t mince words when they say they aim to eliminate Israel and they are serious.  They will launch a nuclear bomb into Israel and they are working on intercontinental ballistic missiles that could target Washington, or London.  They don’t need intercontinental missiles to reach Israel, just us.  

I’m not talking about ordinary intercontinental missiles.  Have you heard about the new hypersonic missiles?  Yeah, the ones that are designed to travel at speeds faster than Mach 5 (≈3,800 mph) and have the capability to maneuver during the entire flight.  The distance from Tehran to Washington DC is 6,324 miles, equating to a travel time of approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes.  Only two countries have developed operational hypersonic missiles, China and Russia.  China imported oil from us last year.  Maybe they’ll trade a few hypersonic missiles for Iranian crude.  If the missile comes from Iran, we shoot it down, and retaliate against Tehran, Russia and China come out unscathed.   

Which brings me back to my “lightbulb” moment.  How did Iran manage to piggyback their ambitions on the expansionist plans of the Sino/Soviet coalition?

Based on Carafano’s comments, Levin termed this triumvirate as an “Axis”.

It’s been quite some time now that I’ve been trying to figure out how Obama intends to shift America’s transformation from a socialist state into an Islamic state.  Maybe this triumvirate is the vehicle that makes that possible. 

Isn’t it reasonable to assume a former President who organized a 30,000 member activist army has an agenda to follow through?

Isn’t it reasonable to assume he “suggested” Biden try to renegotiate the Iran Nuclear Deal (JCPOA), maybe even orchestrated it?

Does he see Iran making a major move towards world domination on the coattails of the Russia/China alliance?

Did anyone notice that Obama always referred to ISIS as ISIL?  He never called that terrorist organization ISIS.  He used the term ISIL every time.  ISIL stands for the Islamic State in the Levant.  The Levant is a region encompassing areas of present-day Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, and Israel before the existence of the state of Israel.  In other words, Obama does not recognize the legitimacy of the state of Israel.  It’s almost like he hates Israel more than he hates America. 

Remember when he said, “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction”? [3] 

Could Iran’s rise in power be his angle?      

Maybe he thinks he can broker a deal that will cede Europe to Russia, Asia and the South Pacific to China and North America to Iran.  It’s a step towards the ultimate Islamic goal and would surely put Obama in the annals of history, and satisfy his megalomaniacal ego.

Am I crazy?  Sounds like a right wing conspiracy theory, right? 

Except I’m not conspiring with anyone.  It takes at least two to tango.  That term was invented by the left to redirect the spotlight off of their own corruption. Sometimes a theory turns out to be true, but even if I’m wrong we can’t afford to sit by idly, watching it unfold without even trying to unseat these demented Democrats at the earliest opportunity.  I hope they don’t destroy everything while we’re waiting for that opportunity.


A few hours ago the White House announced that Biden was going to ban oil exports from Russia.  In the first segment of this article I exposed the real reason he had been holding out on that sanction, regarding his attempts to renegotiate the Iran Nuclear Deal.  His excuse for not sanctioning Russian oil before was that he wanted to limit the pain at the pump for the American people.  I guess, now that the real reason has been exposed by Mike Gallagher and others, he doesn’t care about the pain at the pump anymore and claims there are 9,000 leases that are not being utilized by the oil companies, i.e., now it’s their fault for not producing.  You’re supposed to be outraged by that.  However, it’s not unusual for 40,000 leases to be dormant at any given time, and during Trump’s last year that number was about 5,000.  What needs to be understood is that the mere agreement of signing a lease to drill for natural resources, doesn’t mean an energy company can roll in their rig the next day.  There is a lot of red tape that must be approved by the EPA, the Dept. of Energy, and the Dept. of the Interior.  And, the Biden administration has placed a lot of restrictions on the process of gaining approvals that created burdensome hurdles that must be overcome to actually begin drilling operations.  Jen Psaki didn’t mention that part.                                                  

This was my longest post by far.  I hope you got something from it.  Thanks for hanging in there if you read it all.

Comments welcome, as always.


[1] Gallagher, Mike, Press Release, February 28, 2022


[2] Liebermann, O., CNN, March 7, 2022 ; headline titled, “At a secret airfield in eastern Europe, a multinational effort to send weapons to Ukraine proceeds at high speed”


[3] Obama, B., The Audacity of Hope, page 261, quote: “I will stand with them should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.”

In an obvious spin job issued by Politifact, they claim he is not referring to Muslims, simply “U.S. citizens of Arab and Pakistani descent” in the context of saying “they need specific assurances that their citizenship really means something” in contrast to the Japanese internments during World War II.  Regardless of the spin, it’s evident that he is painting a picture of America having an evil history.  Another shameless example of the media protecting their Messiah.

CDC Withholds COVID Data

Thomas Paine: American Philosopher, & Revolutionary

From 1776 through the formation of The Constitution I helped create America. Now I have returned to help save America. Please join my Facebook group American Patriots in a free and open discussion to further the cause of FREEDOM.  

Now we find out the CDC has been withholding critical data related to hospitalizations by age, race, and vaccination status.  Their official explanation is they feared the public would misinterpret the data.  Critics say that data may have worsened the pandemic as full knowledge may have helped direct resources to the most vulnerable. [1]

They have also been withholding information on cases of reinfection for fully vaccinated people unless they are hospitalized, or die; and the effectiveness of booster shots for those under age 65.

Here is an excerpt from the Gazette article with an unbelievable quote:

“Agency spokeswoman Kristen Nordlund, who spoke with the New York Times, said the CDC has been slow to put out the streams of data ‘because basically, at the end of the day, it’s not yet ready for prime time’ and the public could misconstrue it.” [2]

I’ll bet that quote was “pre-manufactured” and pre-approved.  Never mind the notion that the general public is too stupid to understand the data and might spread “disinformation”.  What about health professionals who could have used the data to formulate more effective plans?

The CDC also has a bureaucratic responsibility to alert the Department of Health and Human Services, the parent agency of the CDC, which must in turn notify the White House, about signing off on any decisions pursuant to the release of COVID data to the public.  So the White House controls the information and we can reasonably assume they have the ability to create whatever narrative they want to be made public.  For instance, if they want the mask mandates to be kept in place indefinitely, they can withhold any data that might contradict reasons for relaxing the restrictions.

Could there be a motive?


What if someone wanted to cripple our economy?

Have you noticed how easily they justified shutting businesses down?

Couldn’t that be a precursor to implementing a socialist agenda?

Oh, that’s just a “right-wing conspiracy theory”, right?

What if I told you the DNC was under the influence of a supreme leader, who has repeatedly demonstrated an unmistakable penchant for destroying the American culture and our traditional values?

I have said elsewhere, and “The Great One”, Mark Levin, has broadcast it; Democrats hate America.  They didn’t always hate America, but they do now.

Do you really think Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are running the country?  Neither one of them can barely string a coherent sentence together.  Biden has dementia and Harris is a blabbering idiot.  Do we have a “central committee”?  I don’t think so.  If not, then who is the man behind the curtain?  I could give you a lot of clues and I have a prime suspect who emerges from he shadows when the dots are connected.

Sometimes the theory isn’t conspiratorial at all.  Sometimes it’s just a theory that turns out to be true.

Comments welcome

[1] The Gazette, Feb 22, 2022


[2] ibid

Democrats Acknowledge Border Crisis

Thomas Paine: American Philosopher, & Revolutionary

From 1776 through the formation of The Constitution I helped create America. Now I have returned to help save America. Please join my Facebook group American Patriots in a free and open discussion to further the cause of FREEDOM.  

All of a sudden the Biden administration and the Democrats in lock-step, are deeply concerned over developments at the border.  They have actually admitted we have a border crisis. The White House has repeatedly said there will be “serious consequences” [1] for anyone who threatens a sovereign nation. Oh wait, you mean the Ukraine?  I thought you were talking about our own border. What about America’s sovereignty?

The Democrats don’t give a rat’s ass about America, or our citizens. They completely ignore the human invasion taking place on our own southern border.  In December, CBP conducted over 178,000 encounters with illegal immigrants along our southern border, more than the previous 3 Decembers combined, and we have absorbed over 2 million immigrants in the past year. July and August each saw over 200,000 immigrant encounters, with the August total representing a 320% increase over August 2020.  [2]

What’s their plan? Advertise the open border that the American taxpayer is funding their lives so we can give them everything for free and turn them into loyal Democrat voters, while turning a few red (or purple) states blue in the process (Arizona, Nevada, Texas).  Overwhelm the welfare system and create a massive class of dependents they can control. Not to mention all the negative consequences of accepting all these “migrants”, like criminality, human trafficking, drug running, and the economic impact of so many unskilled laborers driving down wages, flooding our schools, and health care systems, and straining our infrastructure that is already obsolete. Oh, but don’t worry!  Biden will fix all that with his “Build Back Better” plan.

Drug Overdose Deaths in the U. S. Top 100,000 Annually  [3] That’s the headline of a CDC press release, which states that opioid overdose deaths rose to 75,673 by the year ended April 2021, up nearly 35% from the same period a year earlier.  These deaths are primarily from synthetic opioids, like fentanyl and methamphetamine, courtesy of the Mexican border.  

Biden talks about sending 8,500 troops to the Ukraine to defend their sovereignty against over 100,000 Russian troops massed on their border.  We have already sent armaments in the form of anti-tank missiles and “bunker busters” to Kyiv. 

Bunker busters?  Do they expect the Russians to build concrete bunkers on the border?  Or are they to be on hand for when we invade Moscow – in winter?

Is Joe Biden sure 8,500 American soldiers can repel 100,000 invading Russians?  Does he plan to send more?  A lot more?  It doesn’t matter to him.  He doesn’t care about the 100,000 Americans dying every year from opioids.  Why should he care about American soldiers fighting a purposeless war?

These Democrats are dumber than a bag of hammers, which could be better used to beat some sense into them.   

Maybe somebody in Congress should stand up and tell these idiots how stupid this notion is.  We don’t need to sacrifice precious American blood for the protection of a country of zero strategic importance, particularly against a super-power that can match our nuclear strength.  The left was insanely warning us of Trump having his hands on the nuclear codes.  Remember that time he threatened to use them?  Me either.  Now a deranged Biden, acting on the whims of his puppet-master, is actually talking about going to war – against Russia.  And the warmongers of the Military Industrial Complex are drooling at the prospect. 

Who exactly, stands to benefit from such a ridiculous engagement? Is Biden trying to boost the profits of corporate military hardware manufacturers? Is he trying to appease his Chinese controllers? Or is he mindlessly following the orders of an “advisor”, one who wants to destroy America and its military?  And who could that be?   

These are serious questions.

Nostradamus predicted a nuclear conflict that will destroy mankind – in June 2038.  I’m not sure we will make it that long.  

What do you think? COMMENT below.

[1]  Spiering, C.,Breitbart, dated 25 Jan 2022 Vice President Kamala Harris told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on Monday, “If Russia and Vladimir Putin violate the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine there’s going to be serious consequences, and we’re very clear about that,” 


[2]  Moore, M. , New York Post, dated 15 Sep 2021


[3]  CDC/National Center for Health Statistics, updated 17 Nov 2021


Democrats Love Socialism: The Radicalization of the DNC and the MSM

Thomas Paine: American Philosopher, & Revolutionary

From 1776 through the formation of The Constitution I helped create America. Now I have returned to help save America. Please join my Facebook group American Patriots in a free and open discussion to further the cause of FREEDOM.  

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.  If you know yourself, but not the enemy, for every victory gained suffer a defeat.  If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”

  —  Sun Tzu, The Art of War

The Democrats love socialism. They are in total unison to effect the “change” promised by Barack Obama by “fundamentally transforming” America. We must understand who we are dealing with and we must be resolute in our mission.  The Democrat Party, which is governed by the Democrat National Committee (DNC), and their well-oiled propaganda machine, the mainstream media (MSM), is our ideological enemy.  It is the duty of every American Patriot to recognize the radicalization that is well underway.

The New York Times Building in NYC and reminder that their perspective is the “Wrong Way”

NOTE: when I mention the MSM, I am referring to the “alphabet” networks, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and most of the major news organizations like the New York Times, and the Washington Post, which have largely abandoned objective journalism, for blatant, opinion based editorials. They are often collectively referred to as the “legacy media”.

They are a formidable foe and it will not be easy to defeat them, but it is possible if we employ an effective stratagem.  Sun Tzu said the highest form of generalship is to block the enemy’s plans; supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy’s resistance without fighting.  It would be foolish and suicidal to send a rebel force into battle against the U.S. military.  In the American Revolution we stood face-to-face against the most powerful army in the world, and wore them down by attrition until they lost the will to continue fighting.  That tactic would not work today.

We must win the battle of words by convincing voters that traditional American values are far superior to the radical Marxist ideas emanating from the Democrat Party.

There was a time when the Democrat Party was a respectable political organization.  They brought their voting base into their camp by hailing the virtues of fighting for the little guy, the underprivileged, the oppressed and minority groups, painting themselves as the champions of all noble causes, and claiming the “moral high ground” on virtually any issue.  It always sounded so wonderful and millions were convinced their favorite candidates would “fight like Hell” to bring about the changes they promised would make life better for all Americans.  Those days are over.

Today’s DNC is being led by an extreme radical left-wing faction driving this country towards communism at a rapid pace.  The evidence is everywhere.  This is not your father’s DNC.  This is an entirely different political movement, and the sad part is, many Democrat voters don’t even realize how drastically their party has changed.  The individual voter is not to blame.  Most of them go about their ordinary lives and when the time comes to do their civic duty, they simply vote the way they always have.  It’s only natural that they remain loyal to the political persuasion they were exposed to when they were growing up. 

People become “set in their ways”, forming their worldview at a relatively early age.  Senior citizens aren’t going to sway each other politically, but younger voters who may have experienced some of the disappointment the DNC regularly offers, could be ready for a change.  Plus there will always be new voters coming of age, and those coming off the sideline for messages that resonate.  Those are hearts and minds we must win.

We must expose the DNC as a Marxist movement and convince some of their voting base that the result of their leadership is communism.  As true American patriots, our mission is to resist every machination of their agenda, formulate better ideas, and shout them from the rooftops, to defeat them at the ballot box, and place our representatives in the halls of Congress. I’m not saying you should love every Republican, but when you consider the alternative, it’s no “no-brainer”. 

The American media has openly discarded all pretext of fair, balanced journalism, and collectively morphed into a Democrat controlled propaganda machine, substituting objectivity with clearly biased opinion based “reporting”, and outright vilification of anyone who doesn’t agree with their delusional moral superiority. The media promotes the “politically correct” position on every issue, a term often applied with ludicrous reasoning and no consideration for “unintended consequences”. They constantly lobby for reforms that they believe can be implemented without serious negative reactions. We must support the efforts of any opposing voice and defend their right to express opinions that deviate from the politically correct narrative. 

Listen to everything they say, with extreme skepticism, and a critical mind.  Almost everything they say, and do, defies simple logic, or ignores the inevitable negative ramifications to the detriment of many of the people they claim to champion.

politically correct

[ puhlit-ik-lee kuhrekt ]SHOW IPASee synonyms for: politically correct / political correctness on Thesaurus.com

adjective marked by or adhering to a typically progressive orthodoxy on issues involving especially ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, or ecology: Abbreviations: PC, P.C.

NOTE:  The adjacent definition is from Dictionary.com.  Notice how their coining of the term “politically correct”, entices the audience into thinking it’s the proper position, the acceptable mindset on identity politics, and/or the right thing to do; classic brainwashing

Let’s look at two examples:

The Vax Passport: Pretzel Logic

We now find ourselves subjected to Soviet style interrogation for some of our normal activities.  Policies have already been adopted to show proof of vaccination in order to enter restaurants and sporting venues.  Proposals are well under way to implement the same restrictions for domestic flights.  You will no longer be permitted to travel freely in your own country.  Let THAT sink in a minute.

In the next breath they say the vaccination won’t prevent you from contracting COVID.  It only reduces the risk of serious illness and hospitalization. 

Talk about theater of the absurd.  Simple logic dictates that if the vaccination won’t prevent you from getting COVID, how does showing your “Vax Passport” protect other people inside a restaurant?  They won’t answer that question, because they can’t.  But they will call you an uneducated insensitive bastard and all the talking heads in the MSM will vilify you incessantly.

CNN “”expert” panel
NOTE:  by the way: it’s pretty clear by the outrageous statements you see and hear from the MSM, that they believe their viewers are too stupid to realize they are being lied to constantly.  They actually think people are supposed to agree with them on everything, remain silent and obey.  They give their viewers no respect whatsoever as critical thinkers.  How dare you question their authority.  I will have much more on the MSM in the coming weeks.

Illegal Immigration: The Ripple Effect

The “open border” policy declared by the Biden administration as soon as he stepped into office, doesn’t have anything to do with humanitarian relief for underprivileged foreign nationals seeking a better life.  It’s purely political.  Give these illegals everything for free and they will vote Democrat as long as the support continues.  Tax the wealthy more to pay for it (or, at least some of it) and let the media flout the virtues of how the DNC is so compassionate to the underprivileged and how the rich should pay their “fair share”.  What they don’t tell you is the negative impact on the economy, in the form of lower wages, the rise in crime, the extra burden on schools, hospitals and infrastructure, the health risks of unscreened immigrants released into the interior amid a pandemic.  They don’t give a damn about actual American citizens.  All they care about is maintaining their own power by importing illegitimate voters.

The war has begun.  This is a call for all true American patriots to stand up and be heard.  Do not be intimidated by their fascist tactics of ridicule and censorship.  Their support is based on deception, misrepresentation, and lies.  We hold the high moral ground.  It is our duty to defend America by saving this country from the heinous Marxist movement being ushered in by the DNC. 

Comments welcomed.