What Happened to the Red Wave?

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The Central Premise: Massive Voter Fraud – Part I in a series to be continued

In the wake of the recent mid-term elections, many Americans are asking what happened to the “red wave” ?  Weren’t Republican voters supposed to play their “silent majority” card, vote Democrats out en masse, and take over control of both chambers of Congress ?  This election was to be a referendum on the Biden administration policies, which have obviously been disastrous for every citizen in every state. 

If you put any faith in polls, which I would never recommend, a recent CNN poll found that 72% of likely voters across the nation disapproved of the direction of the country, saying things were going “pretty” or “very” badly, while just 28% of likely voters said things were going “very” or “fairly” well, suggesting “an electorate hungry for a course correction”. [1] 

And yet, “half” the country essentially just voted to support those disastrous policies that are steering us in that direction.  The numbers simply don’t make sense.

Another CNN poll found that Democratic enthusiasm is significantly lower this year than it was leading up to the 2018 mid-terms, when they took control of the House, while Republican enthusiasm shows “greater engagement”.  [2]

Now just 24% of registered Democrats are enthusiastic, down from 44% in 2018.  Among Republicans, the number has dipped narrowly, from 43% to 38%.  To believe those numbers, indicates the Democrats will lose support.  Yet, they didn’t lose any support.  They apparently held strong, so we are presented with an anomaly that begs for an explanation.  Logically, we should consider all the possibilities. 

Was the poll conducted among a random cross-section of likely voters with representation from all political affiliations ?

Were the questions in the survey confusing, or misleading ?

Could respondents have answered disingenuously (lied) for some reason, like to deliberately skew the poll, and if so, could that effort have been coordinated ?

Or, even more disturbingly, was the poll completely fabricated by CNN editors in a deliberate effort to assure Republicans they would win seats comfortably and convince them they could sit this one out, as a voter suppression campaign ?

In other words, don’t assume you can trust CNN to conduct unbiased polling.  

In fact, the entire gamut of publicized predictability of a Republican “red wave” could have been a coordinated campaign directed by the DNC.  Remember, high-ranking Democrats have close ties to media big-wigs, and never forget, there is nothing they wouldn’t do and we know they have zero integrity.

I’m not claiming it’s that evil.  I’m just saying it’s possible.  Otherwise, somebody should explain how more than 7 in every 10 honest respondents disapprove of the direction of the country, but then less than a week later, vote FOR it to continue.

Unless you live off-grid with no utilities, in a crime-free zone, grow all your own food, have a strong, steady source of income that doesn’t require you to go anywhere for readily available supplies, and your children are home-schooled, you have been negatively impacted by the Democrats war on American energy.  Everything runs on fossil fuels and everything you need costs more as a direct result of Biden’s policies.  To continue to support the Democrat party after two years of run-away inflation, sky-rocketing gas prices, rampant crime waves across most of our formerly beautiful cities, and the border invasion, is a clear indication that your mind is not functioning in your own best interests.

Why would anyone vote for such a disastrous agenda ?

And yet, it appears that millions of voters across the country have done just that.

One generalization, based on actual history, is that whenever the President is enduring unfavorable approval ratings and his policies aren’t working, the party not in power almost always gains in the mid-term elections.  Such is certainly the case for the past two years, which is why the Republican party was expected to take control of the House and the Senate by defeating Democrats in vulnerable races.  The results do NOT reflect the prevailing sentiment, nor the historical tendencies.  Yes, they gained control of the House, by a very slim margin, but the Democrats didn’t lose a single seat in the Senate.  How is that possible, given the dismal performance of the Biden administration ?  We the People want to know what happened. 

In order to analyze the election results, I need to start with a few guiding principles based on obvious and reasonable assumptions.

Firstly, we are now divided more than at any time since the Civil War, and it’s extremely unlikely that there will be any significant “cross-over” voting from either side.  I’d say the probability is near zero.

Secondly, in general, throughout the country, the Democrats and Republicans each register between 30-40% of the electorate, while the remainder are either Independent, or of a minor political party affiliation.  In any given election, the Democrats and Republicans are competing for the Independent votes.  With the deep division that we are now experiencing, this premise is reinforced, not weakened. 

Thirdly, knowing that each side is firmly entrenched, we can logically say that the voter registration rolls are baseline numbers from which each side can build, drawing on the Independent voters, and that it would be virtually impossible for either side to lose numbers from their respective bases due to the significant numbers of Independent voters.  The actual voter registration numbers and percentages are therefore the established baselines on a state-by-state basis.

If you trust the election results, Republicans will gain control of the House by only a few seats, and have gained no ground in the Senate races, perhaps even losing a seat after the Georgia run-off is conducted.  But those first six words are the key to this topic, “IF you trust the election results . . .”.

“Those who vote decide nothing.  Those who count the vote decide everything.”

  —  Joseph Stalin, Soviet Dictator (1924-1953)

I’m going to attempt to convince as many people as possible that, once again, just as they did in the 2020 Presidential election, the DNC has committed massive voter fraud in key battleground states.  This time, it was enough to hold power of the Senate.  It’s incredible that almost no one is talking about it, not even the biggest conservative media platforms.  Are they afraid they’ll be perceived as conspiracy theorists, election deniers, and have their own integrity destroyed by the establishment media ?  They act as if the election results are cannot be questioned. 

On the contrary.  Liars can figure but figures don’t lie.  When we examine the numbers closely, they just don’t reconcile with common sense in some areas, those key “battlegrounds” where fraud has likely been committed.  Sure, most states seem to have conducted free and fair elections, but have they all ?

Keep in mind, they only need to operate in a few places to swing the balance of power, and that’s where they have set up elaborate schemes to disenfranchise the sacred voting rights of tens of millions of American citizens.  I called the 2020 election thee most heinous crime in American history, for that reason.  When you nullify our vote, you have taken our citizenship, and converted us to subjects without representation or recourse.  Many crimes are gruesome indeed, but no crime is that vile.

Then I predicted the DNC would do it again in 2022, because they “worked” so hard to steal power in 2020, and they weren’t about to give it up easily.  Sure enough, it appears they have done it again, which is the central premise of this series.  What makes anyone think they are going to stop ?

The key states of Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, and Pennsylvania all deserve intense scrutiny, but I’m going to focus on Arizona and Nevada, where the most prominent “red flags” arose.  I’ll cover those two states in dedicated articles that will follow in the coming days/weeks (sorry but I’m about to depart on a 10-day vacation), then try to wrap up this series with a fourth part that rhetorically asks ‘what are we to do now?’.


Part II – Spotlight Arizona: Election Results 2022

Part III – Spotlight Nevada: Election Results 2022


[1]  Cillizza, C., CNN Editor-at-Large ; 5 Very Scary Numbers for Democrats in the New CNN Poll ; The Point with Chris Cillizza, CNN Politics ; 2 Nov 2022


[2]  Agiesta, J. & Edwards-Levy, A., CNN ; CNN Poll: Republicans, backed by Enthusiasm and Economic Concerns, Hold a Narrow Edge Ahead of Next Week’s Congressional Election ; 2 Nov 2022


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