The Media Propaganda Machine

Thomas Paine: American Philosopher, & Revolutionary

From 1776 through the formation of The Constitution I helped create America. Now I have returned to help save America. Please join my Facebook group American Patriots in a free and open discussion to further the cause of FREEDOM.  

The mainstream media has unquestionably become a propaganda machine for the Democrat party.  There is no denying it.  They openly display their bias every day.  That is an established fact.

Knowing the power of the press is incredibly effective in forming the social consciousness, we as American Patriots, must expose their misrepresentations at every instance.  We cannot be intimidated from speaking the truth for fear of the tech giants de-platforming our voices.  Censorship is fascism, PERIOD!

There is a consortium of tech giants, Twitter, Facebook, Google, and a few others, who control the narrative and regulate the public discourse through social media.  They are fully supported by the big networks and most major newspapers, and are collectively known as the “mainstream media” (or MSM).  Together, in complete collusion, they act as the Praetorian Guard of the DNC, offering protection from all dissenting opinion, criticism, and legal jeopardy.  They are bodyguards, promoters, and protectorates of the Marxist socialist movement.

The MSM operates under two underlying principles;

  1. “If you tell a big lie often enough, it will become the truth”

            —  Joseph Goebbels

The MSM, on a regular basis, disseminates information that has been     slanted to support the Marxist socialist agenda, combining deception and omission to portray the “story” the way they want you to perceive it.  The message could be partially true and partially false, or even a total lie, but they will repeat it ad nauseum until they are confident their audience believes it.  And they double down against any challenge, while ridiculing the opposition.

2. The MSM believes their viewers and listeners are fools. 

While the elite leftists run around crowing about how intelligent they are, their favorite media outlets give them no credit whatsoever.  They will beat a false narrative into the people, either knowingly, or in their own ignorance, expecting to win a numbers game.  They figure so many people are too stupid to do their own due diligence by researching anything, and those are the folks they are counting on to accept their portrayal of the message.  They don’t even care about push-back from their opposition.  They just call that racism, or right-wing conspiracy theories, knowing their loyalists will cheer along.  But it’s even worse than that.

Censorship is a huge element of classic fascism.  It’s not enough that the MSM is regularly distorting the facts, by misrepresentation, deception, and outright omissions with zero coverage of important events.  The big tech oligarchs have entire departments dedicated to monitoring the content of their users and filtering out opinions they disagree with.  All users, organizations, and individual posts are subject to the approval of their partisan “fact checkers”.  Almost everyone still reading this has been “incarcerated” (unfairly) in Facebook jail.  And the censorship movement is gaining momentum.

I just got this “fact checked” censorship notice this morning.

Here is the post they censored.Maybe Facebook did not announce their mistake. I don’t know. But the point of the meme is that HCQ actually could have saved lives and censorship is fascism.

Just over two years ago, The Atlantic published a piece titled, Instagram Is the Internet’s New Home for Hate. [1]

The author, Ms. Taylor Lorenz, now writing for that bastion of uber-liberalism, the Washington Post, hypothesizes that the popular social media platform Instagram is nothing more than a sounding board for right-wing conspiracy theories.  Her analysis consists of anecdotes “DM”ed to her by high school students and some of her own cursory research of the platform.  I don’t hold any financial interest in Instagram, or its’ parent organization, Meta, but this smacks of a generalized attempt to smear the credibility of the platform and all of its users because she doesn’t approve of some of the content.  According to her, most of the content is “TikTok videos and nostalgia memes with anti-vaccination rhetoric, conspiracy theories about George Soros and the Clinton family, and jokes about killing women, Jews, Muslims, and liberals.”

She must have “investigated” into this, citing an email she received from an Instagram spokesperson, who told her that the company and its parent, Facebook, “continue to study trends in organized hate and hate speech and work with partners to better understand hate organizations as they evolve.” The spokesperson added, “We ban these organizations and individuals from Instagram and also remove all praise and support when we become aware of it.”  She doesn’t reveal whether she was contacting Instagram to complain about any particular content and what they were doing about it, but we could consider that as part of her inquiry, playing more of an activist than a journalist.  The takeaway here is that she likely asked of the aforementioned jokes about killing people to spin the narrative into a more legitimate complaint because the first part of the response she writes about concerns “hate speech”, whatever that is.

What is “hate speech”, and what is not “hate speech”?  Is it legally defined by statute?  I consulted Google and found the following top results:

•  There is no legal definition of “hate speech” under U.S. law, just as there is no legal definition for evil ideas, rudeness, unpatriotic speech, or any other kind of speech that people might condemn.

•  the U.S. Supreme Court has repeatedly ruled that most of what would qualify as hate speech in other western countries is legally protected free speech under the First Amendment – see Matal v Tam (2017), whereby the Supreme Court unanimously reaffirmed that there is effectively no “hate speech” exception to the free speech rights protected by the First Amendment and that the U.S. government may not discriminate against speech on the basis of the speaker’s viewpoint.  [2]

•  There is no consensus on a definition for “hate speech” in International Human Rights Law.  Speech that is simply offensive but poses no risk to others is generally NOT considered a human rights violation. Hate Speech becomes a human rights violation if it incites discrimination, hostility or violence towards a person or a group defined by their race, religion, ethnicity or other factors. [3]

Who decides what is “hate speech”?  Apparently, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and any other public company that hosts social media platforms get to decide on their own what constitutes “hate speech”, making it a “fluid” term subject to their interpretation of anything they may dislike.  In other words, you may not think “anti-vaccination rhetoric, conspiracy theories about George Soros and the Clinton family” represent “hate speech”, and clearly it is not, but the tech giants could censor your relevant posts and even de-platform you from their site at their own whim and without explanation or recourse.

Digging deeper, Lorenz found that “social-media companies have come under fire for allowing white supremacy and other extremist ideologies to spread”.  And further, “Following just a handful of these accounts can quickly send users spiraling down a path toward even more extremist views and conspiracies, guided by Instagram’s own recommendation algorithm.”        

Oh my, “spiraling down” into some devilish abyss.  Oddly, she didn’t mention the constant bombardment by the mainstream media of the anti-American, Marxist socialist movement of left-wing extremists.

Later she says, “Given the velocity of the recommendation algorithm, the power of hashtagging, and the nature of the posts, it’s easy to see how Instagram can serve as an entry point into the internet’s darkest corners.”

You are led to the (intended) conclusion that Instagram itself is evil, representing the “darkest corners” of the internet, and should only trust established authoritative media outlets, such as the Washington Post, CNN, et al.  I think we all realize there are deceptive, misleading, and even complete lies in some of the content you will see on Instagram.  But it’s not all “disinformation” and the mainstream media certainly can’t be trusted either.  In fact, the MSM is a well-oiled propaganda machine for the DNC and their socialist agenda.

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[1] Lorenz, T., Instagram Is the Internet’s New Home for Hate, The Atlantic, March 21, 2019

[2] Wikipedia

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Illegal Immigration: The Real Story

Thomas Paine: American Philosopher, & Revolutionary

From 1776 through the formation of The Constitution I helped create America. Now I have returned to help save America. Please join my Facebook group American Patriots in a free and open discussion to further the cause of FREEDOM.  

As the media has the entire world focused on the war in Ukraine, and the sheeple are being conditioned to ignore our own border crisis, the invasion of our southern border by illegal immigrants continues, wave after wave.

The Constitution requires the President of the United States to “take care that the laws be faithfully executed” – Article II, Section 3

It is his duty to enforce immigration laws that are on the books, yet it’s somehow being completely ignored, all to the delight of the “woke” media.  Did the DNC discover some loophole?  Have they misinterpreted the laws?  Let’s examine a few actual immigration laws that have been broken on a continuing basis. 

Let’s start with 8 U.S. Code § 1201 – Issuance of visas [1]

(a) Immigrants, nonimmigrants

(1)Under the conditions hereinafter prescribed and subject to the limitations prescribed in this chapter or regulations issued thereunder, a Consular Officer may issue –

(a) to an immigrant who has made proper application therefor, an immigrant visa which shall consist of the application provided for in section 1202 of this title, visaed by such consular officer, and shall specify the foreign state, if any, to which the immigrant is charged, the immigrant’s particular status under such foreign state, the preference, immediate relative, or special immigrant classification to which the alien is charged, the date on which the validity of the visa shall expire, and such additional information as may be required;

In other words, each and every immigrant entering the United States must apply for and receive an immigrant visa through the U.S. Consulate, giving true and accurate information as to his/her nationality, and other identifying data.

8 U.S. Code § 1188 – Admission of temporary H-2A workers [2]

(a) Conditions for Approval of H-2A Petitions

(1) A petititon to import an alien as an H-2A worker may not be approved by the Attorney General unless the petitioner has applied to the Secretary of Labor for a certification that –

(a) There are not sufficient workers who are able, willing, and qualified, and who will be available at the time and place needed, to perform the labor or services involved in the petition, and

(b) The employment of the alien in such labor or services will not adversely affect the wages and working conditions of workers in the United States similarly employed.

So, we are supposed to believe that the Attorney General of the United States can prove that every H-2A worker is not affecting the wages of U.S. citizens who could be employed to perform the same work being done by immigrants.

8 U.S. Code § 1182 – Inadmissible aliens [3]

(a) Classes of Aliens Inadmissible for Visas or Admission

Except as otherwise provided in this chapter, aliens who are inadmissible under the following paragraphs are ineligible to receive visas and ineligible to be admitted to the United States:

(1) Health-related grounds

(2) Criminal and related grounds

(3)Security and related grounds

(4) Public Charge

(A) In general – Any alien who, in the opinion of the Consular Officer at the time of application for a visa, or in the opinion of the Attorney General at the time of application for admission or adjustment of status, is likely at any time to become a public charge is inadmissible, with consideration of the following factors

(I) age

(II) health

(III) family status

(IV) assets, resources, and financial status, and

(V) education and skills

(5) Labor Certification and Qualifications for Certain Immigrants

(6) Illegal Entrants and Immigration Violators

(A) Aliens present without admission or parole –

(i) In general – An alien present in the United States without being admitted or paroled, or who arrives in the United States at any time or place other than as designated by the Attorney General, is inadmissible.

Obviously, the Biden administration is not listening to CBP agents on the ground at the border, warning of illegal aliens entering the country with health issues, criminal records, and security threats.  Can we assume the Attorney General of the United States has complete knowledge of every immigrant entering the country?  How many of the 2.1 million illegal immigrants who have entered the country in Biden’s first year have been designated as inadmissible? (I’ll take the “under”)

Those are just a few examples of the statutes on the books that are being totally ignored by the Biden administration.  And no one is doing a damn thing about it.  Essentially, the President has failed to “take care that the laws be faithfully executed”, in violation of the Constitution.

I must also mention the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 [4], passed and signed by President Lyndon B. Johnson.  The law abolished the National Origins Formula, which had been the basis of U.S. immigration policy since the 1920’s.  The intent was to eliminate discrimination against eastern Europeans, and Asians, which had strict quotas.  The National Origins Formula favored northern and western Europeans and was considered racist by some politicians.  Interestingly, the bill was supported by northern Democrats and Republicans but strongly opposed by southern Democrats.  Who were the real racists then?

Statistics gathered by the Pew Research Center, a nonpartisan fact tank, [5] found that migrant encounters more than doubled in all nine sectors along the U.S. Mexico border in fiscal 2021, compared to fiscal 2020 (the fiscal years ends in September). 

All of the following is actual data, and is presented just to establish factual truth.  Anything you hear or read that skews these facts is propaganda. 

The largest numerical increase occurred in the Rio Grande sector, the easternmost section of the Texas border, with 549,077 encounters last fiscal year, up from 90,206 in 2020.  The largest proportional increase occurred in the Yuma sector, part of Arizona, where encounters increased thirteenfold, from 8,804 in fiscal 2020 to 114,488 in fiscal 2021.

In September 2021, 54% of encounters ended in expulsion, down from 74% in February 2021, Biden’s first full month in office.

Encounters of single adults rose from 317,864 in 2020 to 1,063,285 in fy 2021.

Encounters of family groups rose from 52,230 in 2020 to 451,087 in fy 2021.

Encounters of unaccompanied children rose from 30,557 in 2020 to 144,834 in 2021.

Mexico accounted for the largest percentage of the migrant influx, with 608.037 encounters, or 37% of the total.  The remaining 1,051,169 encounters (63%) were from countries other than Mexico, mainly Honduras (308,931), Guatemala (279,033), and El Salvador (95,930), by far the highest total for non-Mexican nationals in CBP records dating back to 2000.

The latest CBP data for fiscal year 2022 on migrant encounters by month:

OCT 2021 – 164,841

NOV 2021 – 174,870

DEC 2021 – 179,256

JAN 2022 – 154,745

FEB 2022 – 164,973

If we calculate the total illegal immigrant encounters from Joe Biden’s first full month in office, as his first 12 months (FEB 2021 thru JAN 2022), we get a total of 2,111,948 encounters.  Those are just the illegals encountered.  That doesn’t include those who may have successfully crossed undetected, and those illegals tend to have a good reason not to be caught.  Some of whom are trafficking lethal illegal narcotics, such as fentanyl, which have killed over 100,000 young people in the past year.

Just to put things in perspective, the liberal left and the mainstream media have everyone in an uproar over the Russian invasion of the Ukraine.  We can agree that we should be concerned about the sovereignty of the Ukraine and the atrocities inflicted on their citizens.  The massing of 150,000 Russian troops near the border was a red flag for the NATO allies.  However, in contrast, no one was alarmed at the monthly invasion of our own southern border by illegal immigrants.  In Biden’s first year, January 2022, was the lowest number of encounters by the CBP, with over 154,000 illegals encountered.  July and August of 2021 both had well over 200,000 encounters.  But, hold your tongue dear citizen, anyone mentioning the crisis at our southern border will be labelled a racist and stigmatized by the “woke” mob. 

Maybe race has nothing to do with it, as with many of their favorite positions. 

Maybe American citizens just want to feel safe in their own country. 

Maybe American citizens want to preserve their values and traditions. 

Maybe American citizens don’t think it’s a good idea for our country 30 trillion dollars in debt, to support the entire world’s population. 

Maybe American citizens don’t want foreign nationals influencing the elections of representatives they trust to protect their lives, liberties, and pursuits of happiness.

Maybe the only reason the DNC is pushing for this massive influx of foreign nationals, legal and otherwise, is to promise them free stuff and secure their vote in order to maintain Democrat control of the levers of power.

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[4] Wikipedia

[5] Gramlich, J. & Scheller, A. ; What’s Happening at the U.S.-Mexico Border in 7 Charts, Pew Research, Nov 9, 2021 ; Chart 5

Source: U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP)

Why Biden Refuses to Sanction Russian Energy

Thomas Paine: American Philosopher, & Revolutionary

From 1776 through the formation of The Constitution I helped create America. Now I have returned to help save America. Please join my Facebook group American Patriots in a free and open discussion to further the cause of FREEDOM.  

Since the Russian invasion of the Ukraine on February 24th, many Americans have been wondering why we are still buying oil from Russia.  President Biden has issued “significant sanctions” against Russia and some Russian oligarchs but refuses to sanction Russian energy.  WHY ?

UPDATE: Literally, between the time I wrote this piece and was proofing it for publication, it was announced by the White House that President Biden was going to ban oil exports from Russia, which is the subject of this post.  Things are moving quickly in foreign affairs and his declaration potentially negates my criticism, but I’ve decided to go ahead anyway to expose the deception coming from his administration and the shaky defense of their stance on the issue, and there are other elements to the story.  More on that at the end of the article.

Why hasn’t Biden reversed course and opened up our own resources towards a more energy-independent country and why are we still paying Russia to fund Putin’s war?  Some believe he’s under pressure by the Squad’s Green New Deal and the left-wing climate change agenda.  The Democrats and their propaganda machine in the MSM could take that stand and ridicule anyone who criticizes it by saying the long-term health of the planet is more important than World War III, but what is the real reason?  Despite the legitimate argument that could be made against that stand, let’s look at one simple underlying fact.

In an interview with Fox Business host Maria Bartiroma Sunday morning, Rep. Mike Gallagher (R-WI) said,

“I don’t think most Americans understand that right now, as Biden’s threatening to turn Putin into a total pariah, the Biden administration is relying on Russia to negotiate with Iran over its nuclear program. And of course, Russia has not only been blocking the IAEA investigation into Iran’s undeclared nuclear activities, but it also wants to sell uranium and weapons to Iran. If this administration announces an Iran deal brokered by Putin, that won’t just be billions of dollars for the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism, it’ll be a massive win for Vladimir Putin in the Middle East. And I guarantee you, the Biden administration will justify it by saying that because of the energy crisis, bringing 1 to 2 million barrels of Iranian crude on the global market is a good idea and will help Americans at the pump. This is insane. I beg the Biden administration to drop this dangerous fantasy of trying to resuscitate the Iran deal. It would be a win for Putin and a loss for the United States of America.” [1]

Gallagher is a member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence and the House Armed Services Committee.  He’s got “street cred”.  He is saying we are depending on Russia to reinstate the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), because Putin is blocking the IAEA from inspecting Iran’s “undeclared” nuclear sites.  The JCPOA was concerned only with Iran’s “declared” nuclear facilities, ignoring their “undeclared” sites.

Here is what you won’t see on CNN or read about in the New York Times:  Apparently, Biden is now trying to renegotiate a new agreement, that modifies the JCPOA by including those “undeclared” sites for inspection, and we need Russia to mediate on our behalf in order to get Iran to agree to those inspections.  Iran’s bargaining chip is likely a demand for removal of economic sanctions, which would make it easier for them to buy weapons and uranium from Russia. 

In case you missed it; the Biden administration is trying to reinstate the JCPOA, commonly known as the Iran Nuclear Deal, brokered by Biden’s “former” boss, Barry Soetoro, aka Barack Hussein Obama in November 2013.  I say “former” because officially, Biden served as Obama’s VP from 2009-2017, but it’s highly probable that he is still taking advice and orders from Obama today.  That’s just my opinion, but there is a lot of evidence that supports it.  For example, who would love to see Obama’s Iran Nuclear Deal reinstated more than Obama himself?  Yes, that guy whose principle senior advisor was the Iranian-born Valerie Jarrett and remains his personal confidant.  I could go on to great extent about Obama as Biden’s puppet master, but that deserves its’ own discussion. 

Trump ended our commitment to the JCPOA, to the scorn of the left.  Iran is now 9 years in on the 10-15 year restrictions imposed by the deal and much closer to nuclear “breakout”, although it’s evident they were cheating on the deal anyway.  Whether the deal is reinstated or not, Iran will have a nuclear weapon soon enough.

According to James Carafano, Lt. Col. U.S. Army (Ret.), in an interview conducted by Mark Levin, aired Sunday March 6th, the Biden administration admits that even if the deal is reinstated, that won’t deter Iran from developing the bomb.  And, as soon as Biden signs it, Russia will have a back door to the global economy, rendering our sanctions useless.  Iran will launder money for Russia in return for weapons and uranium.

That’s why Biden refuses to sanction Russian energy.  To him, his advisors, and his puppet master, a worthless agreement they admit won’t stop Iran from fast-tracking their nuclear program, is more important than reigning in out-of-control inflation that’s triggering a global economic catastrophe.  You have to conclude that’s what they want.  Otherwise, it’s literally insane.

Statistics on U.S. Oil Reserves,Consumption, and Imports

  1. As of Mar 4, 2022, the U.S. holds almost 600 million barrels of oil in the Strategic Petroleum Reserve at four undisclosed sites in Louisiana and Texas maintained by the U.S. Dept. of Energy.  The capacity in those caverns is about 714 million barrels.  Biden recently authorized the release of 60 million barrels, a roughly 10% drawdown that equates to about 3 days of consumption.
  • In 2020 the U.S. consumed about 18.186 million barrels of petroleum per day, and produced about 18.375 million bpd, which included crude oil (11.283 million bpd), natural gas liquids (5.175 million bpd), biofuels (1.024 million bpd), and refinery processing gains (0.924 million bpd),

Leaving a net surplus of about 189,000 bpd that was conceivably available for export.

But that was 2020 during the Trump administration.  It has been reported recently that we now consume about 20 million bpd, but that figure has not been confirmed, nor could I find any date from 2021.

Data from the U.S. Energy Information Administration

According to U.S. News and World Report, we exported about 8.5 million bpd with Canada and Mexico as the biggest partners in two-way trading, followed by China with 720,000 bpd, then Japan and India as the top 5, each receiving about 500,000 bpd.  These figures seem to pose a big discrepancy compared to the previous picture, but that is due to gross imports, exports and net import offsets.

  • We are currently importing about 209,000 bpd of oil from Russia, which is about 10% of our daily consumption.  The share of our total petroleum product imports can be broken down as follows:

[a] 52% from Canada – EIA data – 2020

[b] 61% from Canada – U.S. Census Bureau and Al Jazeera data – 2021

[a] 10% from Mexico – EIA data – 2020

[b] 10% from Mexico – Al Jazeera data

[a] 7% from Russia – EIA data -2020 ; 540,000 bpd

[b] 8% from Russia – EIA data – 2021 ; 672,000 bpd (199,000 bpd crude + 473,000 bpd refined products – roughly 8.6% of Russia’s crude oil and petroleum products)

[a] 7% from Saudi Arabia – EIA data – 2020

[b] 6% from Saudi Arabia –  Al Jazeera data


[b] Al Jazeera data – 2021

Notably total U.S. petroleum imports in 2020 were the lowest since 1991 and since President Biden was sworn in, our imports have increased dramatically.  Net crude oil imports rose by 19% in 2021.  That is a huge increase due to Biden’s war on energy that began on his first day in office.

The New “Axis of Evil”: This is where it gets very interesting

The American people must come to the realization that a new “Axis of Evil” has emerged in the triumvirate of Russia, China, and Iran.  Russia has already made the first big move.  As Ukrainian President Zelensky pleads for a “no fly zone” and military support, Putin saber-rattles nuclear options and warns that any interference would be an act of war.  Meanwhile, the Russians are pulverizing Ukrainian cities, targeting civilians and exhibiting a scorched earth policy carte blanche.  I agree with most Americans polled, that we should not engage with our own boots on the ground, and I understand that a no fly zone would constitute a provocation that the world could not afford to risk (Putin’s nuclear threat).  We can’t ignore the perceptions from those who have dealt with Putin in the past that he may be descending into an unbalanced state of mind.  Nor can we risk doing anything that might trigger him into acting irrationally. 

Now we are trying to “secretly” smuggle weapons into Ukraine via an undisclosed airfield near the Ukrainian border.  Exactly how “secret” is this airfield that CNN has published an article on? [2]  Let’s assume Putin can access CNN.  Maybe they shouldn’t have given him that information.  Maybe the act of publishing such a covert plan will do more harm than any benefit from the warm fuzzy feelings they got from projecting how compassionate they are to the Ukrainian people.  What if Putin decides supplying Ukrainian fighters with covert weapons is an act of war? 

So what can we do?  Putin has us by the proverbial gonads.  It has been made clear that any incursion into a NATO country will invoke Article 5 of the NATO pact, that is “an armed attack on any NATO country is considered an attack on all of NATO”.  But short of that, we are essentially helpless and must watch these atrocities unfold every day in our living rooms.  All of which portrays the United States in a weak and feckless limelight.

China is watching closely how the U.S. and our allies respond with visions of invading Taiwan in their near-term objectives.  President Xi can clearly see that Biden is in a position of weakness and he already holds leverage on Biden to the tune of $31,000,000 in nefarious business deals that benefit the Biden family.  You don’t have to take my word for it, just check out Peter Schweizer’s latest book “Red Handed”, Chaper 2, or see my post titled, “DNC Corruption

Iran is patiently waiting for the next opportunity to take “The Great Satan” down.  They have been chanting “Death to America” for decades, but time is on their side.  Islamic jihadis have been in a continuous campaign to dominate the entire globe for 1,400 years.  A few more isn’t going to stop them from taking a prominent role in world affairs, and hitching a ride created by Russia and China seems like a reasonable plan for them.  Meanwhile, they continue to develop their own nuclear weapon, with or without Biden’s approval, and a means to deliver it to Israel and beyond.  They don’t mince words when they say they aim to eliminate Israel and they are serious.  They will launch a nuclear bomb into Israel and they are working on intercontinental ballistic missiles that could target Washington, or London.  They don’t need intercontinental missiles to reach Israel, just us.  

I’m not talking about ordinary intercontinental missiles.  Have you heard about the new hypersonic missiles?  Yeah, the ones that are designed to travel at speeds faster than Mach 5 (≈3,800 mph) and have the capability to maneuver during the entire flight.  The distance from Tehran to Washington DC is 6,324 miles, equating to a travel time of approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes.  Only two countries have developed operational hypersonic missiles, China and Russia.  China imported oil from us last year.  Maybe they’ll trade a few hypersonic missiles for Iranian crude.  If the missile comes from Iran, we shoot it down, and retaliate against Tehran, Russia and China come out unscathed.   

Which brings me back to my “lightbulb” moment.  How did Iran manage to piggyback their ambitions on the expansionist plans of the Sino/Soviet coalition?

Based on Carafano’s comments, Levin termed this triumvirate as an “Axis”.

It’s been quite some time now that I’ve been trying to figure out how Obama intends to shift America’s transformation from a socialist state into an Islamic state.  Maybe this triumvirate is the vehicle that makes that possible. 

Isn’t it reasonable to assume a former President who organized a 30,000 member activist army has an agenda to follow through?

Isn’t it reasonable to assume he “suggested” Biden try to renegotiate the Iran Nuclear Deal (JCPOA), maybe even orchestrated it?

Does he see Iran making a major move towards world domination on the coattails of the Russia/China alliance?

Did anyone notice that Obama always referred to ISIS as ISIL?  He never called that terrorist organization ISIS.  He used the term ISIL every time.  ISIL stands for the Islamic State in the Levant.  The Levant is a region encompassing areas of present-day Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, and Israel before the existence of the state of Israel.  In other words, Obama does not recognize the legitimacy of the state of Israel.  It’s almost like he hates Israel more than he hates America. 

Remember when he said, “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction”? [3] 

Could Iran’s rise in power be his angle?      

Maybe he thinks he can broker a deal that will cede Europe to Russia, Asia and the South Pacific to China and North America to Iran.  It’s a step towards the ultimate Islamic goal and would surely put Obama in the annals of history, and satisfy his megalomaniacal ego.

Am I crazy?  Sounds like a right wing conspiracy theory, right? 

Except I’m not conspiring with anyone.  It takes at least two to tango.  That term was invented by the left to redirect the spotlight off of their own corruption. Sometimes a theory turns out to be true, but even if I’m wrong we can’t afford to sit by idly, watching it unfold without even trying to unseat these demented Democrats at the earliest opportunity.  I hope they don’t destroy everything while we’re waiting for that opportunity.


A few hours ago the White House announced that Biden was going to ban oil exports from Russia.  In the first segment of this article I exposed the real reason he had been holding out on that sanction, regarding his attempts to renegotiate the Iran Nuclear Deal.  His excuse for not sanctioning Russian oil before was that he wanted to limit the pain at the pump for the American people.  I guess, now that the real reason has been exposed by Mike Gallagher and others, he doesn’t care about the pain at the pump anymore and claims there are 9,000 leases that are not being utilized by the oil companies, i.e., now it’s their fault for not producing.  You’re supposed to be outraged by that.  However, it’s not unusual for 40,000 leases to be dormant at any given time, and during Trump’s last year that number was about 5,000.  What needs to be understood is that the mere agreement of signing a lease to drill for natural resources, doesn’t mean an energy company can roll in their rig the next day.  There is a lot of red tape that must be approved by the EPA, the Dept. of Energy, and the Dept. of the Interior.  And, the Biden administration has placed a lot of restrictions on the process of gaining approvals that created burdensome hurdles that must be overcome to actually begin drilling operations.  Jen Psaki didn’t mention that part.                                                  

This was my longest post by far.  I hope you got something from it.  Thanks for hanging in there if you read it all.

Comments welcome, as always.


[1] Gallagher, Mike, Press Release, February 28, 2022

[2] Liebermann, O., CNN, March 7, 2022 ; headline titled, “At a secret airfield in eastern Europe, a multinational effort to send weapons to Ukraine proceeds at high speed”

[3] Obama, B., The Audacity of Hope, page 261, quote: “I will stand with them should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.”

In an obvious spin job issued by Politifact, they claim he is not referring to Muslims, simply “U.S. citizens of Arab and Pakistani descent” in the context of saying “they need specific assurances that their citizenship really means something” in contrast to the Japanese internments during World War II.  Regardless of the spin, it’s evident that he is painting a picture of America having an evil history.  Another shameless example of the media protecting their Messiah.